Spoken word narration examples from Kabir Singh showcasing his poetic voice acting style & warm resonant tone through personal reflections.


What is one’s identity? What is identity? How many types of identities are there? These are a few of the questions that I’ve thought about as I’ve become a young man. To bluntly break it down–I was an East Indian kid born in India but raised in a trailer park in a predominantly Mexican and African American community. So in reflection of that- I’ve had to search for my identity for a while.

In order to identify yourself, you must be willing to search the depths of your soul. Developing personal identity can be a rewarding journey. I had to realize the importance of self-identity through years of: failure, pain, sorrow, depression, doubt etc. I’ve always used art as a way of expressing my emotions and my identity developed alongside my art. Through all the searching and contemplating I can’t help but describe my identity today with only one word– human. I don’t really like to be identified by any race, religion, culture or depiction of anything. Only human.

Identify yourself: What is the importance of developing your personal self identity? Discover my video with pdf style essay examples and meme quotes on issues and the many types of identity struggles.

I respect all different types of identities but only identify as a human. There’s something very powerful and pure about the simplicity of just being human. I feel like I can relate more to people if I weed away all the things that keep me boxed into a specific identity.

The identity struggles we face growing up can be challenging and often times painful and I’m not sure if there’s a right or wrong answer in our search. However, in my personal experience with identity struggles I can only come to the conclusion that you must identify yourself.

Be your own guru. Be your own identity. Do not be enslaved to the imagination of an avatar that people create of you.

Just be you.

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Insecurity can be a very powerful force. Insecurity can lead to confidence issues but it can also lead to moments of empowerment. Insecurity can be defined in many different ways. I know many insecure people including myself. We all have insecurities. Overcoming those insecurities can often be a challenge. Insecurities have a powerful way of injecting us with false beliefs of ourselves: the sense of belief that we may not be good enough or skinny enough or pretty enough… the list goes on.

When I was younger my list of insecurities could fill up a novel. I was insecure about everything. It showed in my confidence levels and in my communication with others. One of the most damaging results of my insecurities was loneliness. No one really wants to be around somebody that’s overwhelmingly insecure. Even though we all have insecurities, the negative energy associated with it is often undesirable.


overcoming insecurity and insecurities philosophy quotes definition and examples


There are many “overcoming insecurity” quotes out there. There are many motivational videos and books that can help build one’s insecurity into confidence. For me, overcoming my insecurities required solitude, exploring the depths of my ego, overcoming fear, participating in challenging sports and a few other things. One of the most beautiful things about insecurity is that it can be molded into confidence and self-awareness. Your insecurity does not own you.

Insecurity can hide in the deepest darkest places. Whether it’s career based, personal based and/or community based- insecurity is everywhere. The relationship we have with insecurity can grow over time. I encourage you to explore that relationship to its deepest degree. The benefits of turning insecurity into confidence can be overwhelming. Understanding that you have the power to become secure, confident, self-aware and healthy is vital to your success in this journey.

Be brave. Respect solitude. Explore your ego.

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Never stop dreaming. We hear it all the time- Never stop dreaming. But, what does that really mean? Many would argue that life is like a dream. Is life a dream? Or is life just reality? Reality vs Dreams is a spoken word poem I created when I found myself at my own crossroads with these types of questions.

When I was younger I didn’t enjoy my reality. My reality was abusive, crime ridden and full of fear and loneliness. However, in my solitude, it was my dreams that helped me through the pain. My dreams were my positive thoughts. My dreams were my true escapes. The dreams vs reality philosophy is one that I reflect on often in the darkest moments of my life. I find myself either wanting to escape my reality or pleading for a bigger dream.


reality vs dreams theory is life not but like a dream philosophy on never stop dreaming speech essay images and quotes


When I reflect on my voice over career I never imagined I would be living my reality as a full time professional voice actor. I dreamt about it all the time, but to actually live it is a whole different experience. But, it was my dreams that keep me going. It was my desire and willingness to accomplish my goals that kept my dream alive. My dream is now my reality. So, is life a dream?

Never stop dreaming. I can’t help but abide by this rule now. Everyday is a new day to dream and live a life full of all possibilities. We each possess the ability to dream and accomplish our most far out goals and endeavors. It just requires a bit of courage. Dreaming reality into existence is nothing but a belief in oneself and a few good years of hard work away.

Is life a dream? I am too inexperienced to fully realize that as of now. But, I can’t help but reflect on the old nursery rhyme we all know so well….

“Row, Row, Row your boat gently down the stream

Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily- life is but a dream.”

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How do you show love? How do you receive love? I’ve often thought about these questions as I’ve grown into a young man. I didn’t really have a relationship with love when I was growing up. I didn’t understand love. I would often hear people say “be love” or “it’s all about love” but if you have never known love, this is a distant practice. I have come to believe that love is too beautiful to not practice daily, and to love authentically, one must practice daily. Whenever life presents the moment- shine your light of love. Show love to those around you by small gestures of kindness or empathy. We must be love if we seek to understand love.

Love can be expressed in many ways. So can hate. Love trumps hate and I believe love will always trump hate. Hate is all around us, like love, it too is a daily practice. Once people begin to hate, they hate everything from small things to big things. In the end, hate is reflected inwards. Just like love, hate is an inner journey to the soul and just like love, hate is very powerful.


love is too beautiful and will always trump hate its all about understanding love show as much as you can be shine your light of love


When I was younger, I hated everything. I hated myself, I hated people, I hated nice people, I hated nice things… the story of hate goes on. It wasn’t until I reflected on the countless moments of someone showing love to me, that I began my journey to becoming more loving. Ego is the shield of love. Ego makes us love less and hate more. Ego disguises itself as love only to leave you there standing naked in sorrow. In order to be love, one must be egoless. Becoming egoless is a journey we all must aspire to travel, and the beauty is, it is a journey that never ends.

If you find yourself, like me, lost in between hate and love, don’t be afraid. The journey takes time and the mirror of the soul will break often. Love daily and love authentically.

Love trumps hate and always will.

Kabir Singh

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How does one find spiritual awakening? I’ve often thought about this but I would be a fool to say that I know the answer. However, love is the first emotion that comes to my mind. One must be love and learn how to show love. For most of my life, I didn’t know how to show love. Loving myself was the biggest challenge, let alone having the ability to love anyone else. Your love for yourself and your love for others will grow as you grow: mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically.

How did I begin loving myself? I put that mirror up and reflected on all the ways I communicated a form of negative energy. For instance, the way I would misjudge someone because of my own insecurities or the countless years I spent eating away my sadness instead of working out and taking care of my health. I would sit and complain about how no one wanted to be my friend but that was not the problem. The problem I had was- I didn’t love myself and I never searched inside myself to discover why.

Search inside yourself.

What if I told you that – inside yourself is where the ultimate love resides? Its where the diamond is. The diamond we all search for. Call it happiness. Call it success. Call it whatever you want. I believe that loving myself and loving others authentically has led to my success in business and life. Now, it’s not that easy to just go grab the diamond of love. You have to search and grow into spiritual maturity. The spiritual maturing process means observing and dealing with one’s: ego, lust, hate, envy, jealousy and a plethora of other ego dissolving challenges. Love in the brain. Love in the heart. Love Love Love!

How to search inside yourself for the diamond of love and happiness via spiritual growth awakening. Strive to show your love and be love.

When I searched inside myself and dealt with all my issues that promoted a negative energy- I found nothing but true love. Love is the key to spiritual growth. But, you have to be careful. It is often easy to fake love. To follow the illusion (maya) of love. Spiritual improvement is a slow processes and you are your own guru. You have to be loving and show your love with the utmost truth and vulnerability.

There are many ways to show your love and search inside yourself for the answers you seek. There is no right way. I started by just being kinder. Kinder in all my relationships. Kinder to my mom and sister equally as kind to a stranger. Kindness is the precursor to love. You cannot love without being kind first. I would catch myself being: negative, angry or judgmental and consciously make an effort to listen and observe first. What is spiritual growth anyways? It’s a journey filled with observation, effort, mistakes and growth. Kindness will guide you, even in the toughest times.

Again, search inside yourself. This requires some solitude and quiet time. Spirituality and practice go hand in hand. Practice your kindness, practice your love and practice your curiosity. When I reflect on my personal growth, from weight loss to financial success, I can confidently say none of it would have happened if it weren’t for the help and advice of others. The key? People showed me a lot of love. Friends, neighbors, strangers and co-workers, all loved me enough to share their time with me and look out for me when I was lost in life. Loved me enough to let me discover my spiritual awakening on my own. It’s a cycle of love. The diamond that you search for is inside of you wrapped in a blanket of ego and only love can help you touch it.

Love Love Love = Spiritual Awakening.

Artist: Kabir Singh

Musical Score/Production: Eric Tucker (Tree of Dreams Music)

Editor: Jeremy Irion

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Personal development seems like my personal “life’s purpose”. I love to learn and develop new skills. To be honest, I suck as most things. But, my hunger to improve skills and master skills keeps me progressing in almost all my endeavors. Whether it be leadership skills, voice over skills or personal skills like, learning jujitsu, skill development is a rewarding journey. To improve my skills, I have to lower my ego. One must be willing to be an amateur before he/she can seek to master their desired skill and ego is the poison to the development of most skills.

Creating a personal development plan can seem like a daunting task, but it’s very insightful. To learn a new skill, one must have a plan of learning. For instance, when I first started my career skill (voice over) I wrote down all my skill learning stages by date. For example: “By June 2011 I want to be a Professional Voice Actor”. Doing this helped me develop a curriculum for my skill enhancement and learning. Career development skills require one to be patient, observant, honest and humble.

how to learn,improve and master a new skill and develop your effective personal, professional, and career leadership skills including my definition, development, and training plan.

We all have skills to improve on. I’ve spent months, and sometimes years on just 1 skill. For example, the art and skill of communication. When I was in my teens, I sucked at communicating. I just didn’t know how to talk to people, express myself, be kind and be authentic all at the same time. It wasn’t until, I reflected on how I treated others, read communication skill development books and took online skill development courses, that I begin to communicate much more effectively. In summary- skill and professional development takes time.

I believe one should always try to develop new skills. Whether its developing employability skills or leadership skills, don’t be satisfied after you master a skill. Skill development training should be a lifelong pursuit. Now, I am well aware that some skills may take a lifetime to master, but there should always be time to learn even a non-imperative skill. You can make a list of skills to develop at work or in your personal space. Sometimes, skill development can be a mental game filled with entertainment and observation. Enjoy the process!

What is skill development? I define it as: the journey to personal growth and happiness. I tend to get lost in the learning process and the addiction to learning becomes euphoric. Be patient as you seek to become a master of skill. Be honest as you plan skill development goals and learn a new skill. If you follow in inner light and the outer light your skills will improve. Over the course of weeks, months, and years, you will become more efficient at each skill, as you dedicate to its daily practice. Some skills will fade and no longer be needed, some will be their forever. Each skill is to be honored and respected. Each skill teaches us and each skill allows us to keep our ego in check.

Enjoy the process of skill and personal development. Now- it’s the only time we have to start learning.

Voice Actor: Kabir Singh.

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Bullying at school is a very personal topic for me. I was bullied ever since I was a child. Bullying comes in many forms. Nowadays, social media has added an extra dimension to the potential effects of bullying. From physical and emotional bullying, to bullying at work and at home- the complexities of bullying can be harsh and are difficult to address. The effects of bullying on victims can last days, months or even years. For me, the effects of bullying took a gradual healing process that lead into my late twenties.

Being bullied by “The Bully” is an interesting and unfortunate human experience. As a young man growing up in the inner city environment of Los Angeles, California, I remember countless days of crying myself to sleep in hopes that the kids in school would stop bullying me. As I’ve matured into a young man, I’ve realized that the question of how to stop bullying in schools is one that lies inside the individual. I was a: lost, insecure, negative, inexperienced, obese, annoying and “soft” boy. I had no martial arts experience or training, I didn’t know how to make friends, I was always victimizing myself due to the horrific things that were occurring around me as an adolescence and I always gave up on myself and others.

video on the bully and the effects of bullying on victims...learn how to stop being bullied in middle and high school at work by adults.

Did I deserve to be bullied? Absolutely not. No child nor adult should have to suffer the pain of being bullied. However, I believe that I could have handled bullying at school better if I had a healthier lifestyle and mentality growing up. Just saying “stop bullying me” is not good enough, believe me, I tried it many times. If we as a society want to tackle the question of how to stop being bullied in school, we have to empower our young minds to develop their inner self. The inner self that deals with all the negative and harsh realities of life. The inner self that teaches one to be: strong, courageous, empathetic, loving and kind. It is my belief that the effects of bullying on victims can be an inner choice in the long term. In the short term, the effects of bullying are traumatic. But how long should that trauma last?

Please understand I am someone that has been: beaten by kids, harassed, mentally and emotionally abused for many years. But, I am also the same man now that is: positive, loving, empathetic and knows how to defend himself. The growth of the inner self has helped me grow out of the effects of being bullied. If you are someone that is looking to stop bullying and lessen the effects of bullying on victims, my advice based on my experience, is to please build your inner self through any means that allows you to cope with and surpass your suffering. In order of us to stop bullying at school and bullying at work, we must address the issues from all angles. In some cases, we cannot stop the bully and thus the bully might always remain a bully. Only we as individuals can become better and defeat the bully.

Bullying has taught me many lessons. I often find myself reflecting on the worst occurrences of being bullied only to want to forgive those that made me suffer. Why? Because being bullied has allowed me to love. Love those that bully and are bullied equally. In hopes that the act of genuine love is counteracts the hate perpetuated by bullying.

In no ways is there a right or wrong answer on the path of suffering. I am no expert in child development or education. I have no position or authority to heal the suffering victims face. I am just a guy that thought about killing himself many times when I was younger due constant bullying. But now, I am here. Happy. Loving. Strong and Empowered.

Love. Respect. Gratitude.

Artist: Kabir Singh

Music Production: Eric Tucker (treeofdreamsmusic.com)

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