What is Truth? Poetry & Spoken Word by Voice Artist Kabir Singh

Truth Is …

As a voiceover artist, poet and philosopher, it’s important to me to put my thoughts to words. I am constantly exploring different ideas, feelings and viewpoints. Putting it all down “on paper” or expressing my poems through spoken word helps me to dig deeper into those thoughts. So naturally, this process can bring up lots of different emotions.

If you’re familiar with some of my poetry, then you know that I’ve explored themes of positivity, compassion and encouragement. I’ve shared my views on race, religion and humanity. I’ve created videos that incorporate blues and hip hop or even news clips of historic events to help me express these ideas and bring them to life.

But the truth is this journey is not always easy…

The path isn’t always clear. My outlook isn’t always so positive. And like most poets, I’m not always satisfied with the end result, whether it’s my creative work, my career as a voice actor or life itself.

One of my latest poems, “Truth Is,” touches on these themes a little bit. You can read the text of the poem below and see my spoken word performance in the videos posted above. But I also want to share a bit about what this poem means to me.

I think most people can relate to the words of this poem, even if they don’t always say them out loud or express them in the same way. But again, for me personally, it’s important to explore those inner dialogues and bring them out through my poetry, even when they touch on darker subjects.

Here is my poem, “Truth Is.” Hope you enjoy it …


by Kabir Singh

The truth is I feel unfulfilled.
The truth is I’m becoming ungrateful.
The truth is I am jealous.

The truth is I do crave attention.
The truth is I do want change.
The truth is I am tired of the same old same.

The truth is I am afraid. The truth is I dance with shame.
The truth is I look for others to blame.
The truth is life is turning into a game.
The truth is I struggle to maintain.
The truth is I lust for the poison of fame.

The truth is every breath I take is a reflection of the grave.
The truth is I am my own master and I am my own slave.

The truth is – truth- is my only hope for change.
The truth is if my life was a book I would burn every last page.

The truth is I must fight to maintain.
The truth is I must be brave.
The truth is we are one of the same.

The truth is love is part of the pain.
The truth is no one will remember my name.
The truth is – in the end – only truth remains.

What is truth?

On the most basic level, this poem is about me being truthful with myself. It’s about uncovering the truth within, and how that truth can manifest itself in emotions like fear, shame and jealousy.

As Plato once wrote, “Poetry is nearer to vital truth than history.”

Aristotle expressed a similar view: “Poetry is finer and more philosophical than history; for poetry expresses the universal, and history only the particular.”

In other words, poetry is a clearer expression of the human experience – raw, undistorted and unobstructed. So for me, it’s the ideal art form and outlet for expressing my own truths.

In the end, only truth remains

Introspection and self-critique are a natural human process. I think that’s especially true for poets and other artists whose art is meant to be seen, heard and experienced by others. We can’t help but evaluate ourselves against the success of our peers. But more than that, we are our own worst critics.

So if I ask myself, “What is truth?” … and if I really dig deep to uncover my own truths … then it’s only natural that I lay bare feelings of being “unfulfilled,” of being “ungrateful,” of wanting more.

But also, importantly, “truth is my only hope for change.” Because if I can’t be truthful with myself, then the path forward will never be clear.

So how can you apply the moral compass of truth in your daily existence, either as a professional voice actor or as an individual experiencing all the complexities of life? My advice is to put the mirror up and be not afraid of what you see. Following the moral compass of truth requires one to objectively look at the world, but more importantly at oneself, in the most honest and unbiased way. As a voice actor or in any of your professional endeavors, allow the truth to guide how you treat your clients and how you handle the many hurdles along the way.

This poem was inspired by my years of putting that mirror up. The years of me failing and working on my shortcomings. This poem and spoken word piece is a reflection of my current struggles and mental health. It is honest and truthful in all of its essence.

The melodrama that we face on an everyday basis can take its toll on our spirit. Be forgiving, be loving, be truthful and be empathetic.

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