Technology requires humans to adapt. Adapt to the ever changing business, political, social and spiritual world. The voice over business is no different. Becoming a voice actor means you have to learn a plethora of different skills. From acting to accounting, owning a professional voice over business is serious business. I started my voice over business plan in 2010. I segmented my voice over business plan making sure it clearly outlined: Marketing, Education, Technology, Resources and Financial data. Over the years, as you learn, your priorities and budget will guide you to favor different stages of your business plan.  In the early stages of my career, education was priority. More specifically- to learn business via consultations.

With the advent of technology and the valuable business tools available for industry newcomers and professionals alike, getting into voice over work is becoming increasingly easier. But don’t be fooled by the illusion. Building and maintaining a successful voice over business is no easy task. It takes years. With no hesitation, I can say if it weren’t for the constant consultations I received from industry professionals like: J Michael Collins, Dan Leonard, Tim Tippets (the voice over guru), and various promo and animation coaches my business could not and would not run as efficiently. Each professional I consulted taught me how to run a voice over business in its many dimensions: studio technology, client relationship management, acting and finance.

Voice over hustle consultations microphone

No matter what business you’re in, we are all novices at some point. It is through seeking consultations and business advice, one can slowly get better and become a master- more efficiently. It took me almost 7 years to be considered by myself and my colleagues as a professional voice over talent. Had I not sought out consultations, I believe it would have taken me many more years. As a student, you must always supplement your knowledge. Supplement your group classes and workouts with consultations. Don’t break your budget on it- just have one. The voice over hustle requires you to budget, prioritize and execute your daily goals. Don’t take it lightly, if you do, it won’t serve you well.

Professional voice over talent learn the business from those ahead of the game. Have no ego- there is always someone ahead of the game. Having business consultations with J Michael Collins was one of the best investments I made as an up and coming voice actor. Hourly consultations few times every few months was all I needed to help grow my business and more importantly- learn the business. The voice over business deserves respect. If you wish to adapt to the ever changing industry, you have to learn all the dimensions of the business from those that are slightly ahead of you. And before you know it, you are right beside them, enjoying the fruit of your labor.

The best business advice I can give to you is regardless if you’re looking to become a voice over artist or just learning a new trade- learn business via consultations and you’ll quickly master your craft. Nothing is 100% in this life, including this life. But, I can confidently say through my experience, consultations are effective, and if you prepare for them and do your due diligence, you will progress to you goals more efficiently.

Enjoy the hustle.

Voice Actor: Kabir Singh

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I get many requests for Christian bible study voice over projects. These voice over recordings can vary in: pace, inflection, energy and cadence. Some require a pensive voice that builds in energy and some voice overs require a high energy storytelling voice. This voice over project is for the world famous mega Christian Church Saddleback Church. The church needed a professional voice that appealed to children while sharing creative biblical stories. Bible study voice over projects are fun and very positive in nature.

Voice over video projects that involve animation require me to bring out my inner “child” sometimes. If creatively appropriate, I raise my vocal pitch, put on a big smile, raise my energy, use my imagination and connect with the story. An entertaining Bible study voice must be fun and pleasant to listen to. The Story of Easter – The Last Supper was very fun to voice. Using the rough cut motion graphic animation from the voice over director, I went straight into “Kid Kabir” mode and delivered a professional voice over recording that was pleasant and creative.

Kabir's Voice Christian Worship

One challenge for me was voicing various characters for the script while being able to switch back and forth to the original narrator voice over sound. Going from kid’s bible study voice to young bible leader voice has taught me to be sharper in transitions. An effective Christian bible study voice, must in the end, effectively connect the story with the listener in a manner that is loving, positive and honest.

If you are creating a voice over recording or looking for talent to audition for your bible study voice over project a great tip I can share is give and ask to confirm pronunciations on biblical terms. There are many great resources online for cross referencing specific names and pronunciations like: Bible Pronounciations

I love doing worship media and kids bible study voice over projects. They allow me to get into character and explore my vocal range. On your journey as a professional voice over, make sure you always explore this range. I am learning of its importance daily. The sound that I am comfortable with can get mundane and boring sometimes, which in the end, will cause a creative meltdown. Be aware and reach outside the box. Doing these bible study voice overs has helped me grow as an actor, and for that I am very grateful.

Voice Actor: Kabir Singh

Client: Saddleback Church

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Personal development seems like my personal “life’s purpose”. I love to learn and develop new skills. To be honest, I suck as most things. But, my hunger to improve skills and master skills keeps me progressing in almost all my endeavors. Whether it be leadership skills, voice over skills or personal skills like, learning jujitsu, skill development is a rewarding journey. To improve my skills, I have to lower my ego. One must be willing to be an amateur before he/she can seek to master their desired skill and ego is the poison to the development of most skills.

Creating a personal development plan can seem like a daunting task, but it’s very insightful. To learn a new skill, one must have a plan of learning. For instance, when I first started my career skill (voice over) I wrote down all my skill learning stages by date. For example: “By June 2011 I want to be a Professional Voice Actor”. Doing this helped me develop a curriculum for my skill enhancement and learning. Career development skills require one to be patient, observant, honest and humble.

Voice over skills neon light

We all have skills to improve on. I’ve spent months, and sometimes years on just 1 skill. For example, the art and skill of communication. When I was in my teens, I sucked at communicating. I just didn’t know how to talk to people, express myself, be kind and be authentic all at the same time. It wasn’t until, I reflected on how I treated others, read communication skill development books and took online skill development courses, that I begin to communicate much more effectively. In summary- skill and professional development takes time.

I believe one should always try to develop new skills. Whether its developing employability skills or leadership skills, don’t be satisfied after you master a skill. Skill development training should be a lifelong pursuit. Now, I am well aware that some skills may take a lifetime to master, but there should always be time to learn even a non-imperative skill. You can make a list of skills to develop at work or in your personal space. Sometimes, skill development can be a mental game filled with entertainment and observation. Enjoy the process!

What is skill development? I define it as: the journey to personal growth and happiness. I tend to get lost in the learning process and the addiction to learning becomes euphoric. Be patient as you seek to become a master of skill. Be honest as you plan skill development goals and learn a new skill. If you follow in inner light and the outer light your skills will improve. Over the course of weeks, months, and years, you will become more efficient at each skill, as you dedicate to its daily practice. Some skills will fade and no longer be needed, some will be their forever. Each skill is to be honored and respected. Each skill teaches us and each skill allows us to keep our ego in check.

Enjoy the process of skill and personal development. Now- it’s the only time we have to start learning.

Voice Actor: Kabir Singh.

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College voice over commercials seem to all have one goal- to inspire. Inspire their current students, faculty and future graduates. That inspiration can come in various digital forms, but as a professional voice actor my job is to create that inspiration through the art of spoken word. University voice over projects require a sense of pride and embellishment of truth. The pride the college has of its rich history and culture and the truth it wishes to engrain in the minds of its prospective audience. A hopeful truth that will inspire students to discover who they are and what they wish to become. Liberty University is a very prestigious school with a prideful message and marketing campaign. The director and producers of the spot specifically wanted the Liberty University voice over to sound: raw, real, and motivational. They didn’t just want another college voice. They wanted a leader. They university voice had to empower his/her listeners and lead them to believe in the mission of the college.

Liberty University college voice over football stadium

As a professional university voice over artist I have to respect the mission the university outlines. Respect its purpose and understand its unique voice. Each education voice over piece is unique in its delivery. Some college voice over projects require a fast paced cadence with a powerful delivery. While other university voice over projects require a more pensive and intimate approach. As an experienced college voice over talent, I can naturally switch back and forth or blend these approaches when in front of the microphone. Especially when I am given a voice over script that builds in energy and inflection. Liberty University’s approach to their university voice over project was: urban, empowering and real.

The more colleges and universities create visual displays of their brand mission and messages the quicker they will be able to win the hearts and minds of our youth. But, there is a caveat. It must be real. It must be authentic. It must be relatable. Everything from the voice to the music- it must all service not only what’s now, but what’s 5 years from now. My job as a college voice over artist is to combine my heart and spirit with that of the universities. This Liberty University voice over project was a great experience in blending spirits and purpose. A prestigious school with a rich academic history and a powerful spiritual alumni network mixed with a motivated young man from the streets of Los Angeles, California- the combination is raw, gritty and real.

Voice Over: Kabir Singh

Client: Liberty University

Production: Liberty University Marketing Department

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Bullying at school is a very personal topic for me. I was bullied ever since I was a child. Bullying comes in many forms. Nowadays, social media has added an extra dimension to the potential effects of bullying. From physical and emotional bullying, to bullying at work and at home- the complexities of bullying can be harsh and are difficult to address. The effects of bullying on victims can last days, months or even years. For me, the effects of bullying took a gradual healing process that lead into my late twenties.

Being bullied by “The Bully” is an interesting and unfortunate human experience. As a young man growing up in the inner city environment of Los Angeles, California, I remember countless days of crying myself to sleep in hopes that the kids in school would stop bullying me. As I’ve matured into a young man, I’ve realized that the question of how to stop bullying in schools is one that lies inside the individual. I was a: lost, insecure, negative, inexperienced, obese, annoying and “soft” boy. I had no martial arts experience or training, I didn’t know how to make friends, I was always victimizing myself due to the horrific things that were occurring around me as an adolescence and I always gave up on myself and others.

Bully punching the ground

Did I deserve to be bullied? Absolutely not. No child nor adult should have to suffer the pain of being bullied. However, I believe that I could have handled bullying at school better if I had a healthier lifestyle and mentality growing up. Just saying “stop bullying me” is not good enough, believe me, I tried it many times. If we as a society want to tackle the question of how to stop being bullied in school, we have to empower our young minds to develop their inner self. The inner self that deals with all the negative and harsh realities of life. The inner self that teaches one to be: strong, courageous, empathetic, loving and kind. It is my belief that the effects of bullying on victims can be an inner choice in the long term. In the short term, the effects of bullying are traumatic. But how long should that trauma last?

Please understand I am someone that has been: beaten by kids, harassed, mentally and emotionally abused for many years. But, I am also the same man now that is: positive, loving, empathetic and knows how to defend himself. The growth of the inner self has helped me grow out of the effects of being bullied. If you are someone that is looking to stop bullying and lessen the effects of bullying on victims, my advice based on my experience, is to please build your inner self through any means that allows you to cope with and surpass your suffering. In order of us to stop bullying at school and bullying at work, we must address the issues from all angles. In some cases, we cannot stop the bully and thus the bully might always remain a bully. Only we as individuals can become better and defeat the bully.

Bullying has taught me many lessons. I often find myself reflecting on the worst occurrences of being bullied only to want to forgive those that made me suffer. Why? Because being bullied has allowed me to love. Love those that bully and are bullied equally. In hopes that the act of genuine love is counteracts the hate perpetuated by bullying.

In no ways is there a right or wrong answer on the path of suffering. I am no expert in child development or education. I have no position or authority to heal the suffering victims face. I am just a guy that thought about killing himself many times when I was younger due constant bullying. But now, I am here. Happy. Loving. Strong and Empowered.

Love. Respect. Gratitude.

Artist: Kabir Singh

Music Production: Eric Tucker (

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I’ve been a professional voice over artist since 2012. I’ve recorded thousands of voice over projects for companies big and small alike. I have learned and developed many voice over recording and creative techniques. One of the most effective and imperative tools a professional voice over talent can possess is the ability to do a live recorded voice over session. I recommend that all clients, especially new ones, to participate in a live recorded session with voice talent. Technology has made it very convenient to do so.

When you’re looking for voice actors for hire it can be difficult getting your vision to mesh with their creative. I offer new clients a 15-minute consultation in which we discuss the creative and the vision as one. We talk about: the energy of the read, the cadence and the music/visual components. This consultation also allows both parties to gage if the project is a good fit for them. When a producer looks to hire voice actors online, their met with a wide array of options ranging from amateur to professional voice over artist. It is best practice to pay for quality. By quality I mean quality of: sound, communication and creative professionalism. A quality voice talent mixed with a quality voice over session can yield incredible results.

Kabir Singh Voice Actor Face Photo

As a pro voice over talent you are essentially paying for my “spirit”. My spirit which is reflected through my voice and your words. I bring the right emotions at the right time. When empathy is needed I can adjust the warmth in my voice. When empowerment is needed, I can become more authoritative and inspiring. Our job as a voice talent is to hone our emotions and be able to express them in a matter of seconds.

If you looking for a voice over artist that partners with your team of creatives and builds on our vision, then please contact me to setup a complimentary consultation. Regardless if you hire voice over talent routinely or this is your first time, I will make sure to serve and cater to fit your needs and deadlines. Voice actors wanted for explainer videos, commercials and eLearning will be the future of our industry and each genre is unique in its delivery. Get to know your voice over talent and their unique sense of “spirit”. Not all voice actors for hire are the same. Most of the time, you really do get what you pay for in life. I strive myself on being reliable and striving for perfection when dealing with creative visions.

I appreciate every client and every opportunity. If I meet the specs, please consider me as your top choice for voice over talent.

Do not hesitate to contact me at

Voice Artist: Kabir Singh

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A live voice over session is a great learning experience.  Efficiently running a live voice over session can be challenging at times. I would like to share a few vo tips with you that have ensured my live voice over sessions run with efficiency. Clear communication, allowing oneself to be directed, knowing when to lead and when to follow and having respect for all directors involved- are all vital to running a top notch voice over business.

The landscape for voice over work is changing. A few years ago, a voice actor had to travel to a studio for a live session. Now, it’s expected that a voice talent has a home studio with seamless connect ability. From Skype to iPDTL/ISDN bridge line, a professional voice over actor must be well versed in his craft and tech. A voice over studio with a pro setup like Source Connect Standard and/or ISDN ensures that the producer has plenty of options to choose from.

Microphone for voice over

However, let’s go beyond the tech and talk business. It’s imperative that your business run smoothly. Efficiency is the name of the game. My first recommendation is having a template of questions. Having a set of pre thought out questions to ask before our live record ensures that you deliver the audio files promptly. Communication is the key to efficiency. Some of the questions I ask are: What file format would you like? Mono? Stereo? Wav? Aif? Etc.  I also like to ask if they have a video cut for reference. Additionally, I would take care of any invoicing, contracts and revision policies BEFORE the live voice over session. This will solidify you as a professional voice actor and not just another amateur.

I often get asked on how to become a voice actor, and the first thing I tell them is you must dedicate yourself to learning. Learning the craft, the technology, editing, business and a list of other countless essentials. Voice over work is everything from large clients like Nike to small clients like a startup. Different clients have different needs and the best way to get to know those that hire you is through a live record experience. You are a professional voice and must provide a professional voice over recording. Your voice over setup should include every level of live record connection. I started with just a phone patch. Now I can connect with clients across the world via tools like Source Connect and iPDTL. Be patient in your voice over journey though, there is a learning curve and all the tools combined can get pricey.

Use your voice over live record experience to build relationships. Be respectful, egoless, confident, kind and open to direction. There is power in humility. Become a voice over “master” through sheer mistakes and practice. Learning how directors direct and how actors, including myself, are sometimes in our heads too much, can result in better reads in your future live voice over sessions.

I encourage you to record live and allow the collaboration to happen openly. Opportunities for getting into voice over work have never been more readily available and lucrative. But, one must be willing to strive for excellence and remain humble on the journey.

Enjoy The Vo Hustle.

Voice Actor: Kabir Singh.

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I was bullied my entire childhood.

From grade school to high school, I remember being called a “7-11 Queer” a “P***y” and a “Sand N***er.”

I’d be lying if I said it didn’t hurt me, it did. But, I stayed quiet. Never spoke up. I was too afraid. So, I just took the words and buried them deep into my soul, in hopes that they would be silenced.

Oh, did those words have power! You don’t really believe they were ever silenced do you? Na, come one, if they were, the lesson would never be learned!

They came up and haunted me every night I cried myself to sleep, every time I ate lunch by myself and every time I looked myself in the mirror. They destroyed my: confidence, capacity to understand, and most important, my ability to communicate.

But, lets take a break from all the negativity and childhood horrors- that’s not my goal here.

My goal is to share a perspective on the power of your voice. As such, with all things in life, if a tool can be used Negatively, It may also be used Positively.

Your Voice Is A Tool:

Whether you’re Bully, a King, a President or a Humble Servant- you have a voice! Don’t take that lightly. It’s one of the pleasures of being a Human Being- the ability to communicate our thoughts and feelings.

On that note, have you ever really sat back and analyzed the anatomy of your voice?

  • Your voice is in between your Mind and your Heart. Yup, that passage of truth lies almost perfectly in the middle of your thoughts and your feelings. Connecting not only your logic, but also your emotions. What a remarkable coincidence 😉

As a professional Voice Actor and Poet, I use my tool (voice) in two distinct ways.

  1. Connect With The Listener: As a Voice Actor, my job is to deliver the words in a way which the target audience actually feels compelled to listen. They ability to connect and be heard has some power to it- in this case, the power to sell.
  2. Motivate, Inspire & Relate: As a Poet, I share my life’s struggles and experiences in a rhythmic cadence, in hopes to move my audience- mainly younger teens and adults. Poet’s used to die for their words. They can be dangerous and very powerful!

Your Voice Is Important:

Let’s step back into childhood horrors for a moment, shall we?

Do you think those kids that bullied me believed that their voice was important?

As adults we tend to forget how much weight our voice and it’s message carries. A teenage boy, probably never considers it! Now that I look back, I wish I had the courage to speak up for myself. I wish I knew the power I possessed with just my voice. Ironic considering those that bullied me made me powerless with theirs.

Remember Martin Luther King, Jr.? How about Rosa Parks? John F. Kennedy? These were men and woman who became aware of how powerful their voice was. Once they believed it, so did everyone else.

  1. Choose Your Words Wisely My Friend: Your voice can share powerful positive emotions. Like: Love, happiness, courage, pride and compassion. These emotions are imperative to human nature. Remember the first time you heard a loved one say- I love you? Not type it, or text it or tweet it- but actually say it?. Yea, that moment was important and very beautiful.
  2. It’s Your Voice and Our Perception: When you don’t hold importance to your voice, it shows. Believe me! I used to be very shy and have absolutely no confidence. How do you think people saw me? And most important, how do you think I saw myself? It’s simple- feel important and you will be important, even if it’s only for your own personal growth.

Your Voice Starts Inside:

It has taken me many years to find my voice. My Voice. What the hell does that even mean?

We all have our inner voice. That’s the voice of our: truth, struggle, happiness, sadness, confidence and all the other emotions that make our existence so pleasurable and painful at the same time.

How do you find your inner voice and why should you look?

  1. Find Your Voice In Silence: Silence is a journey. A journey into your Mind and into your Heart. Remember those two things we discussed earlier? It’s remarkable how effective silence can be. It allows you to observe your thoughts and your feelings. Once you can learn to observe those, you will start to observe yourself. And once you observe yourself- you will observe your voice.
  2. Inner Voice. Inner You: How do you discover that confidence? How do you get to know yourself better than anyone else? How do you make people listen to those important words you share? You find your inner voice in silence. That’s why all this is important. You can’t expect to discover your truth, without your voice. It’s all connected.

Too much “philosophy wanna-be poet man” for you today? Yea, trust me, I get it. It’s a lot of thoughts, feelings and ideas. But, it’s my voice. It’s my perspective. It’s my message and I hope that it helps you discover yours.

Kabir Singh: Voice Actor and Poet.

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