Life journeys & expressions from voice actor & voiceover artist Kabir Singh from mentoring to giving back to inner city communities.

I’ve become passionate about mentoring kids. Youth mentoring and speaking is one of the driving forces in my life. I often find myself either discussing poetry or philosophy in some way or form at these events. Performing poetry for kids and children at a Montessori school was an insightful and unique experience. When such young children are looking at you and waiting for your voice- you get overwhelmed with a sense of responsibility.  You essentially becoming a children’s mentor. My method of mentoring children was through a spoken word poem I performed called Choices.

My goal was to teach children that they all have choices. Choices to smile, choices is to be happy, choices to do homework and choices to express themselves and be who they are.  At first the poem was geared towards young adults but I chose to adjust the words so that it’s more fitting for poems for elementary students. Watching them recite the course to the poem as I was reading it and get excited was a unique experience for me. It made me realize the tenderness of their age. Mentoring kids and mentoring children will become my focus for the next few years as I grow my art and create content for all ages.


Youth mentoring - Learn the best short, easy rhyming children's poems for young kids and elementary students to recite in simple English


I think it’s imperative to teach our children about the choices that they have and will always have. I know when I was younger I used to take my choices for granted. As I’ve gotten older I’ve learned to appreciate the power of each choice I make.

Mentoring children through my art of poetry allowed them to feel free in expressing their art even a tender age of two or three years old.  It was beautiful to watch. I even encouraged some parents to create simple poems for kids so that they can recite them to their children. Easy poems for kids that they can follow and learn about cadence, attitude, and energy.  Poems for young children will allow them to observe the human voice and the art of writing at the same time.

You don’t have to rhyme words to be a poet. You don’t have to be a certain age to be a poet. You just have to be able to express a little bit of your thoughts and emotions. Teaching our children at a young age the art of poetry will allow them to always embrace a creative side as they get older.

Speaker and Poet: Kabir Singh

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When I was younger I was a silent salesman.  Every job that I had involved selling a product or service- but when I communicated with customers I was silent in my authenticity. I was just like every other salesman out there, nothing unique or special about my method. We’ve all experienced a great salesman- because they don’t come off as an “oil slick” salesman. Over the years I’ve discovered and worked on my authentic communication skills. Communication skills cannot be taken for granted in any industry or marketplace. It is a skill that needs to be developed over time through a journey of mistakes. Business communication is crucial in every industry no matter what one may be selling.

I had the pleasure of speaking at First Broker Reality-  an established real estate company educating and training young entrepreneurs in Pomona California. Vulnerability was the topic that I chose to speak about. Vulnerability in sales. Authenticity and vulnerability go together when you are practicing your communication skills. Whether it’s corporate speak, motivational speaking, or sales communication–there has to be a beautiful balance of authenticity and vulnerability.

I wanted to dive deeper into the question of how to improve communication skills and business communication skills by asking and discussing personal thresholds of authenticity and vulnerability amongst the participants.  Fear became an overwhelming discussion point. The fear of rejection, the fear of failure, the fear of being misunderstood and the fear of success are all restrictions on authenticity and vulnerability in the business environment.


corporate motivational speaker Kabir Singh on how to develop and improve your business sales communication skills with First Broker Realty


I never thought of myself as a sales motivational speaker or a business speaker. But as I’ve grown my voice over business I’ve inspired a few people in my discussions of healthy habits for proper business communication. It’s much deeper than just corporate speak. Business communication skills require a deeper understanding of the human voice and emotions than most of us tend to think about.  As a corporate speaker I have to communicate differently than I would if I was speaking at an event in the hood. You can speak differently and communicate authentically at the same time. But one must recognize the environment and respect its parameters when speaking.

If you are a young entrepreneur who is looking to improve your communication skills don’t start by asking how to improve your communication skills. Start by asking how to become more authentic and more vulnerable. Longevity in any sales or corporate environment will eventually end at the core of your authenticity.  No matter what you’re selling the connection between the customer and the salesman is very personal and deep. It must be respected and honored. The communication only improves when the customer feels a sense of understanding and relatability in the transaction.

Be authentic. Be vulnerable. Get the sale.

Speaker: Kabir Singh

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Everyone has an inner voice and there is an art to discovering your inner voice. I’ve spent many years participating in activities that have helped guide me in discovering my unique inner voice. Activities such as: poetry, voice acting, working out/martial arts and self-improvement. I consider myself fortunate to have the opportunities and time to pursue this journey. Using art to communicate and express your truth is a liberating and insightful experience. I have learned that the more I get to know my inner voice, the more authentic I feel. The more authentic I feel the more enjoyable life gets. My communication through art comes in the form of voice acting, poetry and philosophy. Over many years of not knowing what I was consciously doing, I’ve become very aware of my inner voice and all its dimensions. The full spectrum of human emotion can be expressed and experienced once you know your inner voice.

What is the inner voice? The inner voice is you. All of you. Your: love, sadness, empathy, lust, demons, angels and everything else that makes up your spirit and mind. How you express your inner voice is where the magic comes in. No two people are alike, thus, each has their own unique voice and method when communicating through their unique art.

Speaking the inner voice of love - learn how to find and listen to your inner voice using art as communication and expression with Share Necessities

While speaking at a Share Necessities event in South Central Los Angeles, I focused on using the voice- more specifically the inner voice of love, to improve one’s quality of communication. The few basic principles that make up your voice and how you express it (your tone) are building blocks of how your message gets delivered when you speak. How is your cadence? Are you speaking too fast? Too slow? How is your energy? Are you coming off sluggish or negative? Maybe you have too much energy for the occasion at hand? When delivering a message of love, we often notice a warmth and softness that translates into a wonderful energy. The opposite also may be true and all that eventually reflects in your voice and presence around people.

Finding your inner voice is a deep journey within. Discovering who you really are and using your art to communicate your truth is a transcendental experience. We often hear people say “I’m just not creative or I’m not an artist”- I smile with love and politely disagree with these people. I believe every human is an artist. We all may not be the next Mozart but we all have the ability to create. Even at the basic level, we all can create our own unique thoughts.

This speaking event at Share Necessities was a great experience for me as I start my journey of becoming a professional speaker. This non-profit reaches out to inner city residents of all ages and provides them with knowledge based activities like guided meditation, nutritional education and self-improvement workshops. They have a great heart. You can check them out here:

Find and listen to your inner voice. Be brave on your journey and approach it with humility and grace. Much love.

Speaker: Kabir Singh

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The darkness. It can be a scary place. For me, The Ego is where my darkness lies. Ayahuasca is the doorway to one’s ego (to one’s darkens). The infinite place where one buries his/her: fears, lies, envy, and lust among many other psychological and spiritual illusions. Ayahuasca taught me that you must live with your darkness. You must recognize the darkness. You must be comfortable with your darkness. Ayahuasca is the infinite internal mirror. The traveler will journey deep within himself into a place that has no rules. Only darkness with tunnels and glimpses of light.

The light. The place we all wish to be. Defeating one’s ego will lead you to “the light.” Ayahuasca taught me that you cannot have darkness without light and you cannot have light without darkness. The light & the dark must live in harmony. We all have darkness and light within us. This is the commonality we share as humans. I am you and you are me. It is the yin and yang inside of us that reveals the truth we all seek.

Learn how ayahuasca helped me see the darkness and light, yin and yang within myself and made me realize that I am you, you are me.

Traveling to Peru in 2010 was a calculated and well thought out decision for me. I went only for Ayahuasca. I first heard about Ayahuasca in 2007 on the Joe Rogan Podcast. But, I was nowhere near ready to travel the journey into darkness. When I finally decided to go, I prepared and researched for over 6 months. Ayahuasca must be respected. The journey is not to be taken for granted nor is it supposed to be considered “fun.” To me, Ayahuasca was going to be hard work. There was no pleasure in it. Traveling to Peru and enjoying Iquitos, was a great and memorable experience, and pleasurable in many ways. But, consuming Ayahuasca, was very hard work. The medicine takes about 45 mins to take into effect and lasts about 5 hours. It tastes like mud, clay, ash and roots all grinded together to form a thick brown glue like texture. Ayahuasca is taken in the darkness of the jungle. I believe, the best way to consume Ayahuasca is in the jungle, with a well-respected Shaman. There are many fears one will face while on Ayahuasca, one of them is staying calm under the adventurous cosmic night noises that surround the raw jungle environment.

For those that are considering the journey of Ayahuasca, I can only share my experience and truth. My truth is that, Ayahuasca can change your perspective/life. In a positive way or negative way? I don’t know. Each person’s journey is their own. If you respect the process, research, rules, medicine, preparation and journey as a whole- you have a good chance of positive growth. If you are afraid of your darkness, you should me. Fear is natural. Fear is ok. Fear is an illusion waiting to be revealed. Ayahuasca will place you at the doorsteps of your most inner fears and in my experience, it won’t give you the option of opening the door and taking a few steps. You, eventually, will be required to travel your own journey of fear.

Be brave. Be true. Be you.

Kabir Singh.

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There are two main types of hustlers in life. The surface level hustler and the deep hustler. For most of my life I have been a surface level hustler. A surface level hustler is one that only analyzes and observes on the surface level. There is no depth to the surface level hustler.  The surface level hustler only cares about the material and superficial. His/her goals are driven by illusions of grandeur.

In order to achieve any type of success one must be motivated to dig deeper than the surface. They must become a deep level hustler driven to educate yourself on your chosen task/goal to the depth of its possibility. To learn and experience everything you can in regards to that: art, activity, hobby, job, idea etc. Going deeper into its fears, its challenges and obstacles. Immerse yourself- to access the deep level mentality that will lead to your success.

Discover how to go and dig deeper, immerse and educate yourself. Don't be a surface level hustler.

I started voice acting in 2007 and I quickly learned that success did not live on the surface level. For voice acting I couldn’t just advertise myself into a job. I couldn’t just take a class and within a year start making money. All my mentors existed and played in the deep level. They were deep level hustlers. They studied and experienced voice acting 16+ hours a day. They auditioned every day, communicated with clients every day, grew their business every day. The key word being every day. This included also working on: the art of voice acting, branding, tech and finance. That is the difference between a surface level hustler and a deep level hustler. That is the difference between an amateur and a professional. In order to be a professional you must dig deep. You must strive to become a deep level hustler. Eight years into the voice acting game- I have learned that the deeper I go, the more I have yet to learn. That is the mentality one must develop in order to be successful.

To learn how to go deep and beyond the surface level one must study other deep level hustlers.  I achieved this through consultations. All business adventures have expenditures. Budget yourself for a few good consultations with successful mentors that can help you answer deep level questions regarding your art and/or business endeavor. Through consultations one can access deep level hustling. You must develop a mentality that is resilient, persistent, and visionary. Educate yourself and go deeper into your art. Sacrifice the time you have now so that you can have better control of your time in the future. Once you’re successful, hopefully your mentality of analyzing and observing life on a deeper level will guide you for the rest of your journey. Whether it be success in finance, relationships or anything else, seek to become a deep level hustler.

Kabir Singh.

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I don’t condemn bullies. I don’t hate bullies. Matter of fact, I embrace and have love for bullies. By love I really mean- empathy. Being bullied for most of my adolescence, by “The Bully” has taught me many things in life in terms of: building my character, understanding empathy, building self-confidence and discovering who “Kabir” really is. My personal experiences and stories of being bullied would make a grown man cry. But I am not a victim. Nor do I seek to be. However, having lived these situations I have learned that my stories may shed some positive light on the aftermath of the long term abuse from being bullied.

I am 32 years old.  From ages 5 to my late teens, I was bullied in one form or another. In my adolescence, a lot of my bullying was because I was an Indian kid in a predominately African American and Mexican school in La Puente, CA.  I had no father figure, no confidence in myself and did not know how to defend myself. We lived in poverty and I was raised by all women. I’ve been beaten up many times and in many different ways. From verbal abuse to physical abuse I’ve experienced it all through every grade I went through. How did I defend myself? I never did.  I was a very easy target. I had no inner courage, I was never trained on how to defend against bullies and I was too soft (mentally and physically).

The Bully - Discover my examples of how to develop, gain, get, boost, build, improve and increase inner strength, self confidence and self esteem. Learn more about finding, building, showing and having human compassion in practice as well as bettering and defending yourself against bullying.

I recall stories of having my face shoved into restroom stalls. I’ve been called every racial slur and name imaginable. I know the feeling of never being invited to a party or dance. I know what it’s like to have teachers laugh at you along with the whole class. I can clearly remember crying myself to sleep many nights because I was lonely and had no friends. This list can go on and on….

What I never experienced was Internet and cyber bullying. I can only imagine the depth of that mixed in with all the other types of possible bullying children go through nowadays. But, now as a considerably, much more positive, stronger and confident man, I can’t help but appreciate the positive outcomes of me being bullied. Being bullied has allowed me to observe the world from a more empathetic and compassionate place. Being bullied has taught me that having compassion and developing my inner strength, releases me from being the role of “victim” and the enslavement that that mentality can garner.

On the surface level one may ask: how to develop self-confidence? Or how to defend against bullies? But these answers will not solve the work that is needed within oneself. I had to find the little boy Kabir that was all curled up inside and teach him. I had to spend time with him and struggle with him. There are many ways I worked on “myself” including: fixing and building my character, serving others, building my communication skills, reading and meditating on compassion and empathy. I am still working on myself. It is through the building of self-esteem and improving one’s mental and physical state, that he/she can overcome the struggles of being bullied.

I’m relatively successful and happy in my life. I appreciate every experience, every struggle, every bully that has ever hurt me.  It is through the dark days I’ve experienced in life; I have learned the most valuable lessons from. If you or anyone you know was or is being bullied I encourage you discover your inner courage and find your compassion. To learn how to defend yourself and be a leader not a follower. I encourage you to have hope and build your character. Lead by example through the way you treat yourself and others, including your so called “opponents.” The bullied and the bully can coexist and teach each other.

May the bully one day develop empathy and teach wisdom to those that come after, for the cycle continues and the lessons await.

Kabir Singh.

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Bullying at school is a very personal topic for me. I was bullied ever since I was a child. Bullying comes in many forms. Nowadays, social media has added an extra dimension to the potential effects of bullying. From physical and emotional bullying, to bullying at work and at home- the complexities of bullying can be harsh and are difficult to address. The effects of bullying on victims can last days, months or even years. For me, the effects of bullying took a gradual healing process that lead into my late twenties.

Being bullied by “The Bully” is an interesting and unfortunate human experience. As a young man growing up in the inner city environment of Los Angeles, California, I remember countless days of crying myself to sleep in hopes that the kids in school would stop bullying me. As I’ve matured into a young man, I’ve realized that the question of how to stop bullying in schools is one that lies inside the individual. I was a: lost, insecure, negative, inexperienced, obese, annoying and “soft” boy. I had no martial arts experience or training, I didn’t know how to make friends, I was always victimizing myself due to the horrific things that were occurring around me as an adolescence and I always gave up on myself and others.

video on the bully and the effects of bullying on victims...learn how to stop being bullied in middle and high school at work by adults.

Did I deserve to be bullied? Absolutely not. No child nor adult should have to suffer the pain of being bullied. However, I believe that I could have handled bullying at school better if I had a healthier lifestyle and mentality growing up. Just saying “stop bullying me” is not good enough, believe me, I tried it many times. If we as a society want to tackle the question of how to stop being bullied in school, we have to empower our young minds to develop their inner self. The inner self that deals with all the negative and harsh realities of life. The inner self that teaches one to be: strong, courageous, empathetic, loving and kind. It is my belief that the effects of bullying on victims can be an inner choice in the long term. In the short term, the effects of bullying are traumatic. But how long should that trauma last?

Please understand I am someone that has been: beaten by kids, harassed, mentally and emotionally abused for many years. But, I am also the same man now that is: positive, loving, empathetic and knows how to defend himself. The growth of the inner self has helped me grow out of the effects of being bullied. If you are someone that is looking to stop bullying and lessen the effects of bullying on victims, my advice based on my experience, is to please build your inner self through any means that allows you to cope with and surpass your suffering. In order of us to stop bullying at school and bullying at work, we must address the issues from all angles. In some cases, we cannot stop the bully and thus the bully might always remain a bully. Only we as individuals can become better and defeat the bully.

Bullying has taught me many lessons. I often find myself reflecting on the worst occurrences of being bullied only to want to forgive those that made me suffer. Why? Because being bullied has allowed me to love. Love those that bully and are bullied equally. In hopes that the act of genuine love is counteracts the hate perpetuated by bullying.

In no ways is there a right or wrong answer on the path of suffering. I am no expert in child development or education. I have no position or authority to heal the suffering victims face. I am just a guy that thought about killing himself many times when I was younger due constant bullying. But now, I am here. Happy. Loving. Strong and Empowered.

Love. Respect. Gratitude.

Artist: Kabir Singh

Music Production: Eric Tucker (

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