Ayahuasca: The Dark and The Light

Ayahuasca illustration with letters

The darkness. It can be a scary place. For me, The Ego is where my darkness lies. Ayahuasca is the doorway to one’s ego (to one’s darkens). The infinite place where one buries his/her: fears, lies, envy, and lust among many other psychological and spiritual illusions. Ayahuasca taught me that you must live with your darkness. You must recognize the darkness. You must be comfortable with your darkness. Ayahuasca is the infinite internal mirror. The traveler will journey deep within himself into a place that has no rules. Only darkness with tunnels and glimpses of light.

The light. The place we all wish to be. Defeating one’s ego will lead you to “the light.” Ayahuasca taught me that you cannot have darkness without light and you cannot have light without darkness. The light & the dark must live in harmony. We all have darkness and light within us. This is the commonality we share as humans. I am you and you are me. It is the yin and yang inside of us that reveals the truth we all seek.

Ayahuasca illustration with letters

Traveling to Peru in 2010 was a calculated and well thought out decision for me. I went only for Ayahuasca. I first heard about Ayahuasca in 2007 on the Joe Rogan Podcast. But, I was nowhere near ready to travel the journey into darkness. When I finally decided to go, I prepared and researched for over 6 months. Ayahuasca must be respected. The journey is not to be taken for granted nor is it supposed to be considered “fun.” To me, Ayahuasca was going to be hard work. There was no pleasure in it. Traveling to Peru and enjoying Iquitos, was a great and memorable experience, and pleasurable in many ways. But, consuming Ayahuasca, was very hard work. The medicine takes about 45 mins to take into effect and lasts about 5 hours. It tastes like mud, clay, ash and roots all grinded together to form a thick brown glue like texture. Ayahuasca is taken in the darkness of the jungle. I believe, the best way to consume Ayahuasca is in the jungle, with a well-respected Shaman. There are many fears one will face while on Ayahuasca, one of them is staying calm under the adventurous cosmic night noises that surround the raw jungle environment.

For those that are considering the journey of Ayahuasca, I can only share my experience and truth. My truth is that, Ayahuasca can change your perspective/life. In a positive way or negative way? I don’t know. Each person’s journey is their own. If you respect the process, research, rules, medicine, preparation and journey as a whole- you have a good chance of positive growth. If you are afraid of your darkness, you should me. Fear is natural. Fear is ok. Fear is an illusion waiting to be revealed. Ayahuasca will place you at the doorsteps of your most inner fears and in my experience, it won’t give you the option of opening the door and taking a few steps. You, eventually, will be required to travel your own journey of fear.

Be brave. Be true. Be you.

Kabir Singh.

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