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My mom has taught me many lessons in life. Humility is one of those lessons that I have seen her lead by example by for over 65 years.  What does it mean to be humble? How does one achieve a sense of humility? My mom has lived a humble life. She was born very rich, and then became very poor, only to spend the rest of her life working as a single mom raising her children. With no education or formal English training, she spent her whole life sacrificing for her children. My mom was humbled by life. My mom’s struggle has humbled me. She handled her struggles with grace which further humbles me.

By remembering one’s struggles in life, and appreciating our blessings in life, we are able to achieve a sense of humility. But humility is something we have to work on every day. It is not easy to be grounded. It is not easy to stay humble. But it is very easy to get humbled. I have been humbled in many ways by life. The last time I was humbled was a few weeks ago when a 15-year-old Jujitsu kid wrapped me up and submitted me in less than 3 minutes. I quickly dissolved my ego and drowned in my puddle of sorrow for about 30 mins before realizing this was one of life’s most important lessons – humility. To achieve humility almost seems egotistical in its very nature.  But I have found that in the pursuit of achieving a sense of humility one is able to practice the art of defeating his or her Ego every day. This is a crucial aspect of achieving a sense of humility – you must defeat your ego daily.

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Helping my mom mop the floor at 32 years old as a very successful businessman helps me achieve humility. I remember being so poor that we couldn’t afford a mop. We would crawl on the floor and clean the floor with towels on our hands and feet.  Helping my mom clean the house and mop the floor at this point in my life, knowing that I can afford for the service to be taken care of, keeps me humble. It keeps me grounded. It teaches me lessons, such as – I should never take anything for granted in life and to enjoy the good as much as the bad. And to never allow materialism to affect how I treat people. To respect and have dignity for all labor.

Humility is a beautiful thing. Humble yourself today. Find small things you can do or think about that help you achieve a sense of appreciation for the little things in life.  Humility requires character and integrity. Humility requires honesty. Humility is reward to those that achieve its grace.

Be Humble. Stay Humble. Respect The Ride.

Kabir Singh.

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Many of my friends would say I am a Hippie. But – compared to whom? You see, I need the non-hippie in my life so I can compare and realize that I am more of a hippie. In many ways the non-hippie friends in my life help me to strengthen my beliefs. In order to have a stronger belief one must test those beliefs with others that challenge it. The yin and the yang must co-exist.

Seek balance in all aspects of your life. Maintaining a healthy balance is a daily endeavor. However, it is the key in maintaining a healthy intellectually and spiritual presence. In order to build your perspective and strengthen your mentality as you travel this journey of life, you must embrace people who are different. It’s okay to remain inside the box of your own beliefs but one must venture out outside of the box if they wish to learn the unique lessons of life. What makes me stronger in my career, personal life and relationships, is that I openly embrace all that I experience…especially those that don’t share the same perspectives, beliefs, or customs as me. In my case, we can refer to them as the non-hippie.

The Hippie voice over artist

For example, a very close friend of mine is a non-hippie. He is very conservative, very rigid in his beliefs and does not endorse or like any drugs or psychedelics. Yet, he has taught me precious life lessons and has contributed significantly to my growth as a man. The wisdom that he shares with me helps me strengthen my own beliefs and at times challenge them. The non-hippie brings balance to my life and it is that opposition that makes Kabir- Kabir. And the best part is, I bring balance to his life. I share with him a different perspective of empathy and we learn together. The hippie and the non-hippie. The Democrat and Republican. The liberal and the conservative. It doesn’t matter what the title is, the idea is for all to live in harmony.  Too often we get caught up in our differences and forget about our commonalities.

If we want to grow in life: spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally– We must embrace our differences. And embrace those that challenge our beliefs. We must stay united through our differences. Bound only by love, compassion, and grace.  I don’t ever imagine a utopian world. But I do believe that we as humans have the potential to express more love than hate and if that makes me a hippie, I proudly embrace it.

The Hippie.

Kabir Singh.

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I was bullied my entire childhood.

From grade school to high school, I remember being called a “7-11 Queer” a “P***y” and a “Sand N***er.”

I’d be lying if I said it didn’t hurt me, it did. But, I stayed quiet. Never spoke up. I was too afraid. So, I just took the words and buried them deep into my soul, in hopes that they would be silenced.

Oh, did those words have power! You don’t really believe they were ever silenced do you? Na, come one, if they were, the lesson would never be learned!

They came up and haunted me every night I cried myself to sleep, every time I ate lunch by myself and every time I looked myself in the mirror. They destroyed my: confidence, capacity to understand, and most important, my ability to communicate.

But, lets take a break from all the negativity and childhood horrors- that’s not my goal here.

My goal is to share a perspective on the power of your voice. As such, with all things in life, if a tool can be used Negatively, It may also be used Positively.

Your Voice Is A Tool:

Whether you’re Bully, a King, a President or a Humble Servant- you have a voice! Don’t take that lightly. It’s one of the pleasures of being a Human Being- the ability to communicate our thoughts and feelings.

On that note, have you ever really sat back and analyzed the anatomy of your voice?

  • Your voice is in between your Mind and your Heart. Yup, that passage of truth lies almost perfectly in the middle of your thoughts and your feelings. Connecting not only your logic, but also your emotions. What a remarkable coincidence 😉

As a professional Voice Actor and Poet, I use my tool (voice) in two distinct ways.

  1. Connect With The Listener: As a Voice Actor, my job is to deliver the words in a way which the target audience actually feels compelled to listen. They ability to connect and be heard has some power to it- in this case, the power to sell.
  2. Motivate, Inspire & Relate: As a Poet, I share my life’s struggles and experiences in a rhythmic cadence, in hopes to move my audience- mainly younger teens and adults. Poet’s used to die for their words. They can be dangerous and very powerful!

Your Voice Is Important:

Let’s step back into childhood horrors for a moment, shall we?

Do you think those kids that bullied me believed that their voice was important?

As adults we tend to forget how much weight our voice and it’s message carries. A teenage boy, probably never considers it! Now that I look back, I wish I had the courage to speak up for myself. I wish I knew the power I possessed with just my voice. Ironic considering those that bullied me made me powerless with theirs.

Remember Martin Luther King, Jr.? How about Rosa Parks? John F. Kennedy? These were men and woman who became aware of how powerful their voice was. Once they believed it, so did everyone else.

  1. Choose Your Words Wisely My Friend: Your voice can share powerful positive emotions. Like: Love, happiness, courage, pride and compassion. These emotions are imperative to human nature. Remember the first time you heard a loved one say- I love you? Not type it, or text it or tweet it- but actually say it?. Yea, that moment was important and very beautiful.
  2. It’s Your Voice and Our Perception: When you don’t hold importance to your voice, it shows. Believe me! I used to be very shy and have absolutely no confidence. How do you think people saw me? And most important, how do you think I saw myself? It’s simple- feel important and you will be important, even if it’s only for your own personal growth.

Your Voice Starts Inside:

It has taken me many years to find my voice. My Voice. What the hell does that even mean?

We all have our inner voice. That’s the voice of our: truth, struggle, happiness, sadness, confidence and all the other emotions that make our existence so pleasurable and painful at the same time.

How do you find your inner voice and why should you look?

  1. Find Your Voice In Silence: Silence is a journey. A journey into your Mind and into your Heart. Remember those two things we discussed earlier? It’s remarkable how effective silence can be. It allows you to observe your thoughts and your feelings. Once you can learn to observe those, you will start to observe yourself. And once you observe yourself- you will observe your voice.
  2. Inner Voice. Inner You: How do you discover that confidence? How do you get to know yourself better than anyone else? How do you make people listen to those important words you share? You find your inner voice in silence. That’s why all this is important. You can’t expect to discover your truth, without your voice. It’s all connected.

Too much “philosophy wanna-be poet man” for you today? Yea, trust me, I get it. It’s a lot of thoughts, feelings and ideas. But, it’s my voice. It’s my perspective. It’s my message and I hope that it helps you discover yours.

Kabir Singh: Voice Actor and Poet. www.kabirsvoice.com

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