Kabir Singh – Award Winning Los Angeles Voice Actor

Kabir brings his articulate and impassioned personality to voiceover acting. At once compassionate and authentic, his voice is a perfect distillation of the person behind it. Kabir: street savvy, yet kindly authoritative and professional. His voice: all rhythmic cadence and philosophical yearning. Together: a sincere soul with multiracial, cultural, and generational influences flowing through him like poetry. This is Kabir.

Back to that voice, though: man, it comes alive in the vocal booth. His signature style is highly sought after by clients because it connects and elevates the words on the page. Something in that warm, resonant tone compels. Hypnotizes a little, maybe, but only in the best way.

Regardless of how much work has gone into his craft, how many years of preparation, what comes out during that session is real. It is pure of heart and in the moment.

This voice, this secret weapon… it’s not much of a secret.  Self-trained since 2010, Kabir has risen to one of the preeminent voices in this industry, and put his talent to work for the biggest names out there. Nike, Coca-Cola, NBA, Google… this is a client roster that Kabir has earned his way into over untold hours and sweat equity.

Yet he is equally “at home” partnering with church groups, humanitarian organizations, and those seeking to do better. Beyond a job, giving them a voice is an honor, an obligation. This is Kabir.

In addition, he serves as a mentor and coach to a close-knit group of aspiring voiceover artists. To these select few, he imparts his wisdom about not only technique and performance improvements, but also pragmatic lessons about business and self-representation. Through this, he is empowering a new generation of voice artists, from all circumstances and backgrounds, to thrive in this industry.

He also produces popular YouTube videos featuring general tips and insights for the larger voiceover community. But it goes beyond this. One video is a personal reflection about a traumatic childhood experience. Another is a challenge to all of us to be a little kinder, a little more understanding. And another is a deeply reasoned musing about one of life’s big fundamental questions.

All in that same yearning, lyrical, unequivocal voice filled with wonder and gratitude. Alive, impassioned. If there is a voice compelling enough to ask the big questions, Kabir’s is it.

We might just get an answer.