Affirmations & insider tips from Kabir Singh sharing how to become a voice actor & perfect the craft of professional voice over acting.

Comfort feels fucking great. I love comfort, you love comfort- everyone, at some point in their lives, enjoys comfort. Some of us seek comfort daily. Comfort however, like many things in life, should be enjoyed in good balance with its “counterpart.”

Discomfort (uncomfortable). The dark side. The place we all hate going. The place that makes us scared. Makes us feel lonely and lost. Unlike comfort, discomfort challenges one’s spirit and heart. It is through being uncomfortable during various difficult physical endeavors or mental challenges that I have reaped the most rewards. Feeling discomfort is essential to one’s growth. Through the struggles of life, whether it be financial or one of the multitude of various uncomfortable situations humans may encounter daily, one is faced with the choice of either staying comfortable or traveling the journey of discomfort. There is no right answer. Only opportunity.

Discover how to stay hungry my friends. Watch this video and take the steps to get out and be outside of your comfort zone.

That Journey to comfort is where “Hustle” lies. Hustle can be interpreted in many ways. For our purposes, lets define Hustle as: the daily grind. The forward progress to bettering one’s life: mentally, physically, spiritually and financially. By being a daily hustler you are staying hungry. Hungry for life. Hungry for positive growth. You step out of your comfort zone by challenging yourself and working on your discipline. Your comfort zone is where hustle goes to die. Hustle dies in the land of comfort. Get out of your comfort zone and you will be successful. Step out of your comfort zone and face your deepest fears. It is through facing your fears- growth and success are achieved.

My Hustle involves many activities, hobbies and failures. Here are a few things I did to get out of my comfort zone. The ones I enjoyed a lot, I committed to and studied deeper.

·      Learn MMA and Brazilian Jujitsu

·      15 min Stand Up Comedy performance

·      Practice Hot Yoga

·      Diet and Exercise to lose 50 lbs.

·      Left my comfortable “9-5” Job and learned Voice Acting from the beginning steps.

None of my little “wins” in life would have been possible if I stayed comfortable. If I stayed in the comfort of my own sorrows, insecurities, failures and disappointments. You must get the fuck out of your comfort zone. You must stay hungry my friends. This life is too precious to waste and to be comfortable all the time. I know it’s scary, I know it’s lonely, but the lessons and rewards make the journey worth traveling.

Kabir Singh.

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