Motivational voice overs can be a very powerful way to connect with an audience. When it’s done properly, a good motivational read can have a deep impact on people across all ages, colors and backgrounds.

But the opposite is also true: when a voice over misses the mark, it can ruin the whole message. A bad delivery doesn’t just fail to inspire. It can come across as cheesy.

So, what are the dynamics of a motivational voice over? What motivates us vs. what makes us cringe? What inspires us vs. what leaves a bad impression?

As a professional voice actor, I’ve done motivational voiceovers for many companies, including Pepsi, Nike and the Kansas City Chiefs, to name a few. Here’s what I’ve learned about what makes these voice overs effective, and what doesn’t.

A shared human experience

Why are motivational voice overs so powerful? It’s because every human can relate to the feeling of being inspired. We all understand it on a deep human level.

What motivates us may be different for each person. But that feeling of being motivated and compelled to action is a shared human experience. It’s endearing to us and our spirit.

This is also why inspirational voice overs are commonly used by a variety of organizations, from athletic brands to churches. When they hit the mark, they’re more than just inspiring. They’re moving, emotional and memorable.

Intimate reflection

A good motivational voice over creates the opportunity for reflection.

For the voice actor, this can mean getting closer to the microphone, maybe speaking a bit softer, like you’re having an intimate conversation. That delivery is just as important as the message. Done well, the voice over makes you reflect on things about life, a goal, a lifestyle, a product – whatever the objective may be.

But the beautiful thing about motivational voiceovers is what happens next.

Building intensity and passion

The voice over becomes even more powerful as it builds in intensity. It starts out soft and intimate, then it gets more passionate … and more passionate … and more passionate … until you reach a final climactic moment of triumph – the moment where all that initial reflection shifts into inspiration and action.

For the voice actor, cadence and timing are so important here. An inspirational voice gains momentum in line with the message and the music. There’s a push—building to a more powerful voice—and then a release.

That’s the dynamics of a good motivational voice over.

Now, I want to talk a little more about what these voice overs can accomplish, whether it’s an advertising voiceover, sports voiceover or a VO for other projects.

Motivation to act

Every human knows what it’s like to feel a little ounce of motivation. To inject that motivation into your message, it needs to be done in a way that we can feel and relate to the beauty and the grace of a voice that builds and makes you reflect.

That voice is what gives people the motivation to take action … to make one more day better … to make a life change … to try something new … to look in the mirror and be proud of who they are.

Each message will have its own specific goal. But the voice is what really drives it home, resonates with the audience and gets them to take the next step.

That’s the power and the beauty of a motivational voice over.


PRO TIP: Always consider the relatability of the voice. Motivational messages are even more effective when the audience thinks, “Hey, that sounds like me. I can do this too…”


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One of the first and most common interactions that a customer has with a company is hearing a recorded voicemail greeting or a “please hold” message. These recorded messages are arguably one of the most important pieces of branding that a business produces. So, why don’t companies put more thought into them?

At a time when first impressions are everything, having a professional voicemail greeting is so important. A good customer support voiceover, or IVR, can create an instant connection with customers in ways you might not think about. It sets the tone for the rest of the “conversation”—on the phone and beyond.

What makes a good voicemail greeting?

As the official customer service IVR voice for T-Mobile and an experienced voice actor who has recorded countless voicemail greetings for companies and personal brands over the years, I’ve learned quite a bit about these messages. Here are some of the most important elements that brands (and their voice actors) need to consider.

1) Relatability

When people call a customer service number, they generally expect to reach a recorded message before speaking to a person. Regardless of why they’re calling, these first few seconds are a critical opportunity to relate with the caller.

To make a connection, the voicemail greeting needs to be relatable in terms of both the message and the voice. The greeting should be unique to the product, service, brand or department that the person is calling about.

For example, a bank’s customer service greeting probably won’t sound the same as an NBA team’s customer support voice. Your goal is to make the caller feel, “They understand me, my concerns and who I am” … even if that thought is subconscious.

There are some techniques that a voice actor can do to reinforce this relatability. For example, expressing a smile in the voice can make the greeting sound kinder and more caring. On the flipside, you don’t want to inflect the words too hard or push a hard-sell message – both are off-putting and not conducive to a gentle, graceful relationship with the caller.


2) Quality over quantity

You only have 15, maybe 30 seconds to make an impact. Nobody wants to listen to a long recorded message. They want to speak to someone. So, it’s important to make these 15-30 seconds count.

The voice and message must be respectful of the caller’s time and needs. Let them know there’s an open line of communication, even if the company can’t be reached at that moment. Direct them to a call-back number, a live chat, a website address – anything to reassure the caller, “We’re here for you.”


3) Being current

Voicemail greetings should be reflective of the moment. They need to evolve as times change.

For example, at a time of so much uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus crisis, a professional voicemail greeting needs to be more humble and emphatic. While a happy-go-lucky voice may have worked last year, that may no longer be appropriate. Now, customers are more likely to respond better to a more grounded and down-to-earth voice.

A voicemail greeting should not be static. To remain current, it should continue to adapt over time.


PRO TIP: Voice actors can express a sense of warmth by standing a little closer to the mic. This can make the greeting sound more personal and intimate without requiring more volume or harsher inflection.


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When a producer is looking to hire a voice actor, they often go down a deep dark hole of options. Options from amateurs to professional voice actors. After narrowing down their options and when a creative director finally gets to hire voice actors, they must assure their getting a professional worth their time and money. If a producer chooses to hire a cheap voice actor online, they may not be happy with the end result. Typically, the result is poor communication, lack of sophistication of studio quality and latency in deliverables. Producers are thus encouraged to hire voice actors that are true professionals.

A professional voice actor for hire is going to communicate in a timely manner and ask the right questions to ensure your project needs are met. The voice talent hiring process can be a tedious task. However, if the right questions are addressed to and by the voice actor in question- the result of authenticity and professionalism will reveal itself quickly. Producers are encouraged to hire voice actors that have: a working professional website, video and audio voice over demos, studio pictures and equipment and an easy way to get in contact with them directly. Time is money in this business and things need to move quickly. Amateur voice actors will lack these sophisticated offerings.


tips to hire a voice actor hiring acting talent and pro actors for hire online


There are many companies that offer voice actors for hire. Everything from to The range of voice actors for hire online are endless. The key here for any producer is to sift through the amateurs while finding the right professional. Make sure the talent understands your needs prior to any discussion of usage, contracts etc. For the right communication, it is imperative that a producer lay out the needs of their clients in a timely and concise manner each time.

When clients come to me with a voice over project, I ask a series of questions in my initial correspondence. Everything from NDA, script samples and invoice needs. This ensures communication is efficient and timely. As a professional voice actor for hire myself, I am often in the booth recording. I like to stay ahead of client needs by getting to the details quickly and with respect.

The voice talent hiring process can be a fun endeavor if you don’t fall in the pit of amateurs first. Do yourself and your project a favor by hiring voice actors that are real professionals. The end result with a professional voice over will trump the poor experience with an armature.

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Hey what’s up? My name is Kabir Singh, I’m a voice actor, poet and philosopher from Los Angeles, California. You can checkout some of my work and testimonials at So today I’m talking about Voice123. It’s a great site. It’s a platform where voice talent can get auditions every day, every month, every week, every year, for a fee. And in the industry it’s called pay-2-play website. There’s a few of them, today we’re focusing on Voice123.

The company’s based in Columbia, I’ve been part of the company and auditioning on their website for well over six years. So I have a lot of experience and a lot of my clients & business comes from Voice123. At least in 2019, when I’m writing this, it’s in good standing with the industry. So as one of the platinum members and as a person who uses the website daily, there’s a few things that have helped me do better on the website and i’d like to share that here. Here are a few simple tips & tricks that might help you on your journey of voice acting.

So with Voice123, you want to focus on making sure that your auditions are of quality. You’re dealing with voice over buyers on every level and sometimes you will deal with freelancers that are starting out or they’re new directors, agencies or producers & they expect your sound to be broadcast ready. That’s how the audition should definitely sound. It should sound like it’s going to get on TV broadcast right away.

Learn about my honest voice123 vo website reviews including jobs, careers and auditions.

Also your profile should highlight three to five solid demos. It’s not traditional demos only, like promo demos or commercial demos. It’s niche specific demos like the “conversational read” or “urban read”. Instead of just having a single e-learning demo, break them into niche categories like “medical” vs “College” e-learning demo. It helps buyers see the tags and the metadata of Voice123 platform and apply it to their search. So have your three to five demos that are either broad demos or very niche demos and get them on your profile as soon as possible.

I love to audition daily. You want to audition daily because auditioning daily keeps that muscle going, keeps that practice going and allows you to always keep your voice in the minds of the buyers. Now, the buyer may not hear your audition because they have hundreds of submissions, but your concern should only be to perform in a timely manner.

Our job as voice actors is to purely to absorb and to let go. You absorb the content and then you let go of the content to your best ability. Along with that, some business tips that I would say are very helpful when you’re using Voice123, is that you’re dealing with clients directly. And that’s the beauty of it. You get to speak directly to producers and agents and whoever is hiring on the platform. Copywriters & casting directors etc. You get to deal with them directly. So make sure your business infrastructure is clear and setup effectively. Your email and website should be on point. Your email signature should contain different information about you. Including your studio information & how a client may connect you if they need to speak to you right away. These are different little things that makes it easy for the buyer to deal with the talent directly. Have a CRM tool in place! And if you don’t, that’s not a problem. Log in what you can on an Excel sheet. If you know the client’s website, log that website in. Come back to it quarterly and reach out if applicable.  Find ways that you can capture data and store it for your company and make sure you treat yourself like a company.

So these are some tips that I would say are very helpful on Voice123 platform. If you have any questions or if I can help you in any way on your journey, feel free to check out my website, A lot of people have helped me in my life and I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the help of other people. I’m very grateful.

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Hey, what’s up? My name is Kabir Singh. I’m a voice actor, poet and philosopher from Los Angeles, California. You could check out some of the work and testimonials at I appreciate your time. Today, we’re talking about I’ve been a member on for well over four years. It’s been a great experience to learn on the platform and to learn about the different types of clients that are buying around the world because Bodalgo is based in Germany.

I would say that compared to the other larger platforms, like, Voice123 and,, is much smaller and niche specific. However, it really capitalizes in that niche. Specifically, they’re based in Germany. So you get a lot of clients that are from all over Europe, England, Ireland, Germany and a few other countries. And that’s what I love about Is that if you have a strong U.S. business but you don’t have an overseas presence- It lets you tap into that market.

The auditions are much less frequent compared to other larger voice over platforms. You’re not getting daily auditions by the dozens here. However, you will find quality and trustworthy auditions. I mean, the guy who runs it does an excellent job. Armin, does an excellent job as a CEO. He’s very trustworthy. He’s very loved in the industry. So, he treats his platform with a lot of respect.

Learn about my honest vo website reviews including jobs and auditions.

I encourage you to try the platform, experience it. I’ll book a job maybe once every few months on the website. And sometimes, they’re small jobs. Sometimes they’re big jobs. I mean, the last one I booked, was a very good video game job. So, It serves its purpose. Especially if you’re looking to tap into the international market. Then I encourage you to check out Because it’ll let you do so in a very graceful way.

Learn a few different cultural communication words and techniques. At first, I did a bad job of understanding how people in Germany or England may communicate via email. It’s a subtle difference but it can be the difference in repeat business. It’s a good thought to experience and get better at communicating with international clients. You’ll hear terms that they may use or that you may not use and vice versa.

Another great tip, is with your demos, you wanna make sure that they’re not too long. On Bodalgo, I like to keep my demos nice and short. 60 seconds, maybe 90 seconds. But have a variety of them. Because with overseas clients, they wanna hear your vocal range. And they wanna see it in specific genres of VO. Maybe they’re doing explainer videos. Maybe they’re doing commercials. But, they’re very specific types in each country. Basic knowledge in dialects, accents, cultural references will all go a long way when dealing with international clients.

Do a good job of tagging your demos on the website. But, have them be very short and snappy. Other tips, I would say- Stay in contact with the Bodalgo blog, it’s excellent. Stay in contact with Armin, if you can. Follow his journey. Because again, the website is loved and adored in 2019 by a lot of the community members. Enjoy it, check it out, For more information on me, check out Peace.

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Hey, what’s up? My name is Kabir Singh. I’m a voice actor, poet and a philosopher from Los Angeles, California. You can check out some of the work at Today, we’re gonna be talking about It’s a new and emerging platform in 2019 for voice actors to find high quality voice over projects. was started by Matt Dubois and he’s a very nice guy. I’ve spoken to him, and as of 2019, he’s trustworthy and loved by the industry. The site has a lot of potential to grow and excel the careers of independent voice actors while still partnering up with your agents. Which is a big deal, especially if you’re familiar with the current climate in the voiceover industry.

Right now, traditional agents and technology are merging to create something that will benefit all. Full disclosure I’m a gold member in 2019. Speaking to Matt and the team at it’s been a tremendously beneficial experience. Their platform is very nice, I love the color scheme and I love the technology in the backend.  

Learn about my honest vo website reviews including jobs and auditions.

They have really cool tools like the D-Cipher Rate Guide- these are tools that will help voice actors really get their rates in line with expectations of buyers. There’s an old school and new school way of thinking and doing business in the industry. What I like about, is that it’s beginning to merge the old school with the new school and I’m looking forward to the quality auditions on the website. Their team is doing a tremendous job of ranking first page on Google and spending a lot of money to do so. I can’t speak on it too much because it just launched. But, I can say as of right now in 2019, we have a positive outlook and I think it’s gonna be a great experience for every voice actor to one day be on the platform.

Again, you want to keep your hands partnering with these platforms and serve them, so that they can serve you- but do it with respect, do it with dignity and do it humility. If transparency is what you seek, then you’ll get it here. So check out and see if its a good fit for you as you travel on your voice over journey. My name is Kabir Singh & you can check out some of my work at, peace.

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I am still learning how to play this game. I’m not really use to awards and recognitions so receiving the award for outstanding spoken word performance took me by surprise. SOVAS and the voice arts awards are becoming industry leaders in the areas of voice over conference and talent recognition. The 2018 Voice Arts Awards, held at the Warner Brothers Studio was a great experience for me to be a part of. Having been nominated in the past for outstanding spoken word performance and commercial voice over, this year was truly highlighted with the 30 seconds I got to speak on stage after the announcement decision was made.

The Society of Voice Arts and Sciences honored many great people this year, including: Van Jones and Sigourney Weaver.  My first time on stage was my chance to showcase myself in front of my colleagues and show my appreciation for the countless people that have helped me travel this journey thus far. Voice Arts Awards or not, I am and will always be indebted to people like: J Michael Collins, Tim Tippets, Bill Holmes, Marc Cashman along with my team of agents across the country who played a vital role in helping me grow various aspects of my business. SOVAS taught me not to take people like these for granted. It taught me to appreciate my small victories in a battlefield of many losses. I am grateful for the voice arts awards for curating an atmosphere and community in which we all come together and appreciate the human voice.

Kabir Singh: winner of the 2018 Voice Arts Outstanding Spoken Word Performance Award from the Society of Voice Arts and Sciences (SOVAS)

The award for outstanding spoken word and performance was given to me for The Mastery Of Skills (

It is a poem/motivational piece on the process of inner growth and the mastery of a skill. The journey never ends and the learning is only beginning.

It’s a beautiful thing.

Kabir Singh.

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This is a game for hustlers. A freelancer is, in his/her most raw state, a straight up hustler. A hustler in the most positive light. As a freelance voice over actor, I must constantly remind myself that those looking for voice actors are also, themselves, freelancers. That commonality is a crucial bond often overlooked during times of passionate negotiations. I certainly can recall many times I have overlooked this commonality. Voice Actors are needed just as much as Producers/Directors/Editors are needed. Collaboration reigns supreme.

I have done voice over projects for many big named companies and often times, voice over rates and prices require detailed negotiations. As professional voice over talents, we have to tread that fine line between value and humility. How do we increase our perceived value while still remaining humble and appreciative of our opportunities? Having Mutual Respect between Client and Talent is often the answer. I respect my clients. I respect their budgets. I respect their usage needs. I respect their turnaround times. When a client comes to me seeking a quote for a project, I ask them a few detailed questions regarding: editing needs, usage, client and project details etc. After going through my “process” I provide a quote and wait for approval. 90% of the time, clients consider my rate fair and accept. Over the years, I have simplified my “process” so it fosters and creates: mutual respect, humility and value. I don’t ask for more than the market can bare. I also don’t ask so little that I drive down the value and going market rate. This is very important. Regardless of where you are in your career, you should always seek to raise your rates annually so you are keeping quality standards in the market. Supply and demand are key. My minimum studio fee has tripled since I started doing voice overs. As I grow as an actor and gain more experience, this upward trend will respectfully continue.

If you are looking for professional voice over talent, find the best voice over artist actor rates, fees, cost, and prices information.

Those looking for voice talent will come across a plethora of options. From talent on Pay-To-Play sites (Fiverr, Voices.Com, Voice123) to vast talent rosters being represented by local/regional/national agents. Given this, a talent must always keep in mind his/her competition. What are they charging? Why are they being paid what they charge? What “value added” services are they offering as part of their quote?

Even though voice over costs have fallen over the years, you always want to remain competitive in the marketplace. With the rapid advancement in technology, P2P sites, and overall talent supply- the industry has been hit hard. However, adaptability to this new market has shown great results. One of my mentors, J. Michael Collins (, has transitioned very successfully into becoming a master demo producer and creator to serve this new supply of talent. The point being that even though talent rates have fallen, there are still many opportunities available. Whether your desire is to be a voice over talent, demo producer, director or agent- the industry is waiting for young hustlers to move it forward.

So as you grow in your career, strive to be competitive. Strive to better the industry and strive to better yourself and the relationships with those whom you do business with.

VO and Creator: Kabir Singh

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Technology requires humans to adapt. Adapt to the ever changing business, political, social and spiritual world. The voice over business is no different. Becoming a voice actor means you have to learn a plethora of different skills. From acting to accounting, owning a professional voice over business is serious business. I started my voice over business plan in 2010. I segmented my voice over business plan making sure it clearly outlined: Marketing, Education, Technology, Resources and Financial data. Over the years, as you learn, your priorities and budget will guide you to favor different stages of your business plan.  In the early stages of my career, education was priority. More specifically- to learn business via consultations.

With the advent of technology and the valuable business tools available for industry newcomers and professionals alike, getting into voice over work is becoming increasingly easier. But don’t be fooled by the illusion. Building and maintaining a successful voice over business is no easy task. It takes years. With no hesitation, I can say if it weren’t for the constant consultations I received from industry professionals like: J Michael Collins, Dan Leonard, Tim Tippets (the voice over guru), and various promo and animation coaches my business could not and would not run as efficiently. Each professional I consulted taught me how to run a voice over business in its many dimensions: studio technology, client relationship management, acting and finance.

becoming a voice actor, getting into professional voice over talent work, and how important consultations are in developing business plan as a voice artist

No matter what business you’re in, we are all novices at some point. It is through seeking consultations and business advice, one can slowly get better and become a master- more efficiently. It took me almost 7 years to be considered by myself and my colleagues as a professional voice over talent. Had I not sought out consultations, I believe it would have taken me many more years. As a student, you must always supplement your knowledge. Supplement your group classes and workouts with consultations. Don’t break your budget on it- just have one. The voice over hustle requires you to budget, prioritize and execute your daily goals. Don’t take it lightly, if you do, it won’t serve you well.

Professional voice over talent learn the business from those ahead of the game. Have no ego- there is always someone ahead of the game. Having business consultations with J Michael Collins was one of the best investments I made as an up and coming voice actor. Hourly consultations few times every few months was all I needed to help grow my business and more importantly- learn the business. The voice over business deserves respect. If you wish to adapt to the ever changing industry, you have to learn all the dimensions of the business from those that are slightly ahead of you. And before you know it, you are right beside them, enjoying the fruit of your labor.

The best business advice I can give to you is regardless if you’re looking to become a voice over artist or just learning a new trade- learn business via consultations and you’ll quickly master your craft. Nothing is 100% in this life, including this life. But, I can confidently say through my experience, consultations are effective, and if you prepare for them and do your due diligence, you will progress to you goals more efficiently.

Enjoy the hustle.

Voice Actor: Kabir Singh

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I’ve been a professional voice over artist since 2012. I’ve recorded thousands of voice over projects for companies big and small alike. I have learned and developed many voice over recording and creative techniques. One of the most effective and imperative tools a professional voice over talent can possess is the ability to do a live recorded voice over session. I recommend that all clients, especially new ones, to participate in a live recorded session with voice talent. Technology has made it very convenient to do so.

When you’re looking for voice actors for hire it can be difficult getting your vision to mesh with their creative. I offer new clients a 15-minute consultation in which we discuss the creative and the vision as one. We talk about: the energy of the read, the cadence and the music/visual components. This consultation also allows both parties to gage if the project is a good fit for them. When a producer looks to hire voice actors online, their met with a wide array of options ranging from amateur to professional voice over artist. It is best practice to pay for quality. By quality I mean quality of: sound, communication and creative professionalism. A quality voice talent mixed with a quality voice over session can yield incredible results.

find a talented, professional voice over (VO) artist actor wanted and needed for hire online

As a pro voice over talent you are essentially paying for my “spirit”. My spirit which is reflected through my voice and your words. I bring the right emotions at the right time. When empathy is needed I can adjust the warmth in my voice. When empowerment is needed, I can become more authoritative and inspiring. Our job as a voice talent is to hone our emotions and be able to express them in a matter of seconds.

If you looking for a voice over artist that partners with your team of creatives and builds on our vision, then please contact me to setup a complimentary consultation. Regardless if you hire voice over talent routinely or this is your first time, I will make sure to serve and cater to fit your needs and deadlines. Voice actors wanted for explainer videos, commercials and eLearning will be the future of our industry and each genre is unique in its delivery. Get to know your voice over talent and their unique sense of “spirit”. Not all voice actors for hire are the same. Most of the time, you really do get what you pay for in life. I strive myself on being reliable and striving for perfection when dealing with creative visions.

I appreciate every client and every opportunity. If I meet the specs, please consider me as your top choice for voice over talent.

Do not hesitate to contact me at

Voice Artist: Kabir Singh

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