Cybersecurity Voice Over: My Demo & Tips for Commercial Voice Actors and Their Clients

A good cybersecurity commercial is one that effectively communicates the importance of cybersecurity and the risks of cyberattacks, while also highlighting the features and benefits of the product or service being advertised. For this type of ad to be successful, it’s critical to use an experienced commercial voice actor who can deliver the message in a way that’s engaging and easy to understand.

In this blog post, I break down the reasons why the “voice” of a cybersecurity commercial plays such an important role, along with the strategies I used to deliver a male voice over in the cybersecurity demo above. Ultimately, all of this relates back to the fundamentals of voice acting and the importance of hiring the right talent, as I explain below.

The unique goals of a cybersecurity commercial

Cybersecurity commercials tend to be technical in nature – or at least based on a technical subject, such as computers, networks, software, malware, etc. But that doesn’t mean that the audience needs to be tech-savvy.

The challenge for advertisers is translating the technical subject into a message that’s easy to understand, but also eye-opening. Given the real devastation that cyberattacks can cause, these ads often elicit concern and fear – and rightly so. Here’s why …

A critical need for cybersecurity

On a basic level, cybersecurity is important because it is essential for protecting personal and sensitive information from being accessed, used, stolen or destroyed by cyber criminals. For businesses, cybersecurity is critical for preventing a malicious attack that can derail operations for days or weeks.

The criminals behind these attacks use stolen data for a variety of nefarious purposes, such as identity theft or financial fraud. Additionally, cyberattacks can cause significant damage to computer systems and networks, leading to costly downtime and other problems for organizations. By implementing effective cybersecurity measures, individuals and businesses can safeguard their information and protect themselves from cyberattacks.

Some of the top cybersecurity companies in the world include:

  • Symantec
  • McAfee
  • Trend Micro
  • Kaspersky Lab
  • Check Point Software Technologies
  • FireEye
  • Palo Alto Networks
  • Cisco Systems
  • Fortinet
  • Sophos

All of these companies face the same challenges when marketing to their target audiences. For their ads to be effective, viewers need to understand the message and be motivated to take action and learn more about the product or service being advertised.

These commercials also need to be well-produced and visually appealing to grab the viewer’s attention and keep them interested. Ultimately, the goal of a good cybersecurity commercial is to educate viewers about the importance of cybersecurity and to persuade them to take the next step.

This is where the role of a commercial voice actor is so important …

The role of a commercial voice actor for cybersecurity

Given the technical nature of cybersecurity commercials, these ads tend to use more visual graphics, such as illustrations, charts, statistics and so on. Instead of live actors, these ads commonly use commercial voice actors to help make these visuals even clearer.

That’s why the voice over plays such an important role.

The voice does the heavy lifting, setting the overall pace and mood of the ad. Even when there’s loud background music, sound effects or flashy graphics, the voice over is arguably most important for delivering a cybersecurity message effectively. If the voice isn’t right, the ad misses the mark.

Cybersecurity demo: male voice over

Take a moment to watch the cybersecurity male voice over demo at the top of this post. I created this demo to illustrate what I believe are some of the most important strategies for a cybersecurity ad like this.

Here are some of the keys to my approach:

  • Confidence: For this type of ad, a commercial voice actor needs to use a confident-sounding voice. It needs to be self-assured and knowledgeable (exactly what you want in a cybersecurity company). If it lacks confidence or sounds uncertain, it will lose viewers’ trust.
  • Careful pacing and pauses: Some cybersecurity ads are jam-packed with copy. It’s the job of a commercial actor to slow things down and make sure each message is understood and absorbed by the audience. Slower pacing and brief pauses between lines can help to break up the copy (and prevent viewers from tuning out the whole thing).
  • Articulation: No matter what the ad, a female or male voice over should never sound slurred or difficult to understand. But that’s especially true for cybersecurity. We expect these companies to be experts. If the voice mumbles or mispronounces even one word, it can make viewers question the company’s legitimacy.
  • Conversational shift: Did you notice the subtle shift in tone at the 0:29 mark? The voice switches from informational to conversational – like a friend or business partner who is now speaking directly to you and being candid about the critical need for cybersecurity. In a cybersecurity ad, a conversational tone can help grab the viewer’s attention and make the voice over sound less robotic (while still gaining the audience’s trust).

Remember: these approaches are specific to this cybersecurity ad. Every commercial has its own unique needs. As an experienced commercial voice actor, I’ve worked for numerous companies, like Mazda, Nike, Google, Amazon, NBA and many others. The voice-over approach I use is different for every single one. That’s so important for the success of the advertising.

This brings us back to the heart of voice acting. So let’s step back for a second to revisit some of the fundamentals that go into these approaches.

What is voice acting?

Voice acting is the art of providing voices for advertising, animated characters, instructional media, narration and other types of media. It requires a unique set of skills and talents and can be a highly rewarding career for those who are passionate about acting and have a natural talent for using their voice.

One of the key skills for a voice actor is the ability to adapt their voice to a wide range of styles and characters. This might mean creating distinct voices for a commercial or for different characters in an animated film or television show, or changing their tone and inflection to suit different types of material. Voice actors must also be able to convey emotions and convey meaning through their voice alone, without the use of physical gestures or facial expressions.

Yes, commercial voice actors do need acting skills

In addition to having a natural talent for using their voice, voice actors must also have strong acting skills. This means being able to take on a variety of roles and create different-sounding voices for the needs of each project.

Voice actors must be able to understand and interpret a script, and use their acting skills to bring the characters and story to life. Narrators can also be thought of as characters.  After all, each narrator has a unique personality and purpose. It’s the job of a commercial voice actor to bring that “character” to life.

My advice for aspiring voice actors

Voice acting can be a highly competitive field, and aspiring voice actors must be willing to put in the time and effort to hone their skills and gain experience.

This might involve voice-acting training, attending workshops and seminars and networking with other actors and industry professionals. Many voice actors also start out by doing small, unpaid jobs or internships to gain experience and build their portfolios.

Despite the challenges, voice acting can be a highly rewarding career for those who are passionate about perfecting their craft. Not only can voice actors bring characters to life and help tell stories, but they can also work in a variety of media, including advertising, animated films, television shows, video games, audiobooks and more.

Whether you are just starting out in the field or are a seasoned professional, voice acting offers the opportunity to use your talents and passion to entertain and engage audiences around the world.

How to pick the perfect voice actor for your video production

If you’re looking to hire a commercial voice actor, I have a few important tips on selecting the right talent for the job.

Have you ever watched a video and thought, “That’s a great voice-over!”? The success of any video production project hinges on the talent chosen for the job. From actors to singers, dancers to voice-overs, each individual plays a vital role in how audiences interpret and ultimately react to your production.

Picking the right voice actor is especially important – it can make or break any attempt at bringing a script or storyboard to life. Finding that perfect match requires an understanding of what qualities make up a good voice actor. It also requires experience in recognizing these qualities during casting calls. To help guide you through this process, let’s break down the attributes that are going to get you the perfect fit for your next project …

What makes a good voice actor?

When seeking out talent for your project, there are certain qualities that you should look for when assessing voice actors.

These include:

  • Vocal range (the ability to use different tones and styles)
  • Diction (accurate pronunciation of words)
  • Delivery (conveying emotion through their vocal performance)
  • Versatility (being able to use different types of voices or play different kinds of characters).

It’s also important to consider the actor’s experience level. Experienced actors often have greater insight into how their VO approach will translate into the finished product, while less experienced actors may be more prone to mistakes.

When it comes time for casting calls, pay attention not only to how well an actor can deliver lines but also whether they’re able to take direction from producers and directors. If someone isn’t open to feedback or willing to adjust as necessary, then they may not be the best choice for your project. Additionally, keep an eye out for someone who has a real passion for their work. Someone who is passionate about voice acting will care more about the success of your project and will be more attentive to your needs.

The importance of quality audio recording

Finally, no matter how talented the voice actor is, if their audio isn’t recorded properly then their skills won’t even matter.

If the voice actor is using their own equipment, make sure they have high-quality gear (including microphones and editing software) and can deliver the final recordings in the format you require. Additionally, having multiple takes can give editors more options when piecing together scenes in post-production.


Finding the perfect voice actor is no easy task, whether it’s for a cybersecurity commercial or any other project. But by taking into account all these factors during the hiring process, you’ll be able to choose a skilled voice actor who is perfect for the role.

Remember that selecting individuals with experience and a genuine passion for voice acting is key. If you invest in quality talent then you’ll find yourself with a much better end product than if you had gone with cheaper options. For website owners looking for great video content or marketing agencies looking for top-notch productions, taking these steps will ensure that your next project exceeds all expectations.

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