University of Nebraska Lincoln Voiceover Project

University of Nebraska Lincoln voice over actor

I have voiced thousands of commercials. Each voice over is treated as a unique experience. The University of Nebraska Lincoln voice over project was and is one of my most admired voice over productions. The casting specs were perfectly in line with my branded urban voice. They wanted a voice that was: poetic, raw, real and African American sounding. A voice over actor that not only understood commercial voice over but specialized in a “college sound”. The casting agents had sent out the audition to many agents including castings sites such as voice123 and I remember first auditioning for this project on voice123. Everything from the words, message and music bed were perfectly put together and presented to create a professional voice over experience. When I first started my voice over career, searching “voice over online” only produced a few results and Voice 123 was one of the first voice acting websites that I got my career started on and I treated each audition with the utmost respect.

It’s been over five years since the university of Nebraska Lincoln voiceover project. Till this day, when a producer or director find my profile on one of the numerous voice acting websites, they always refer to this specific commercial voiceover sound. What is it that makes it so special? I believe it’s the authenticity in the voice. A true professional voice actor will know how to not only sound authentic but also how to BE authentic. There are many male voice actors online with a plethora of unauthentic voices demos. In my experience the college and millennial audience requires a voice that is 100% authentic in order to effectively convey its marketing message. If you are a young voice actor out there, please consider a voice acting coach that can help you achieve your most authentic read.

University of Nebraska Lincoln voice over actor

When I submitted my audition to voice 123, I provided 3 takes for the client to vibe to. The first take was a very energetic and upbeat sound. The second take was a very pensive and quiet sound throughout the whole spot. The third take was the winner–a mix of a pensive poetic sound that built in energy and climaxed at the end. A lot of times the script will guide the different takes a professional voice over actor should give. When the producer awarded me the job she was kind enough to let me know that out of all the other voices on and I actually sound like a student. A student that had pride and was real. A voice for the students that other students can relate to. More importantly, a voice they could feel. In regards to voice123- I am forever grateful for the platform. I was even able to flip this job to my LA Agent for additional support. There are a host of voice123 reviews online, as of 2019, my review is nothing short of excellence for them.

The voiceover session went as expected and the end result was immaculate. The University of Nebraska Lincoln voiceover project still holds true to my poetic and urban sound. It is the first commercial voice over spot on my voice acting demo reel. It establishes my unique sound and poetic cadence, thus, further solidifying my marketing efforts when promoting my voice acting website and demos online.

Tip: if you get positive comments, feedback and constant praise of a specific voice over style or voice over demo, make sure you keep it and understand its power. Maximize it!

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