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Commercial voiceover projects for universities and colleges

Commercial voiceover projects for universities and colleges are very popular throughout this country. The IUPUI voice over project is a great example of a university that rallied around student and alumni pride and created content around that concept. The university wanted a voice that would stand out as an inspiring authority figure amongst the growing student body. A voice that was authentically raw with a no b.s attitude.

I remember reading through the casting notice on Voice123 and getting very excited. As a professional voice over actor, I am enthusiastic when a project comes through with all the right details and resources. The commercial voice over session for IUPUI had the perfect combination of music, script and voiceover. Over a few hundred voice over actors online applied with many submitting their voice acting demo reel directly to the producers. With an option to do a custom audition I decided to provide a few different takes. I have been the voice of many college and universities across this country and one thing I do really well is speak to an urban, millennial & younger audience. I never speak down to them. I speak equal to them.

Commercial voiceover projects for universities and colleges

During the final session for this commercial voiceover project the producers pushed my attitude further and further in order to motivate their targeted audience. One technique they used to do this was ramp up the music and crescendo the copy in parallel with it. Many male voice actors have a hard time being vulnerable. But being vulnerable is the key to connecting with your audience. Can a voice actor show vulnerability and confidence at the same time? Absolutely. The final result came out so good that I even submitted the commercial to voice arts awards.

Whether you want to be a professional voice actor or be considered one of the thousands of home voice actors, success will lie in collaboration. I love doing live voiceover sessions because it allows me to collaborate in real-time with my buyers. Taking direction is an art and all voiceover talent should embrace it. The reason this project was successful was because I was able to take direction well. My enthusiasm became infectious once the director got involved. That was the key to a successful production and collaboration.

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