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When I was younger I always wanted a brother or mentor to look up to. Being raised in a house full of all women, (mom and sisters & no father, I often searched for the masculine energy. In my low-income community there were many churches that offered big brother type youth programs. Although I never attended one- I wish I had.

Christian voiceover projects are some of my favorites to voice. I love doing church voiceover projects. They often have messages of uplifting the community, nonprofit material and goodwill. Worship voiceover casting directors usually seek out an empathic and compassionate voice. In my church voice over demo real I have many examples of the different ranges and tones a church voiceover project can explore.



Christian voice over projects often cast for young youth leaders. As a church voiceover talent- I love this role. It allows me to express my mature and emotional side. It also allows me to deliver a message of positivity as a leader in the community. When approaching worship voiceover projects, I often utilize my heart more than my mind. Love. Love tends to be the driving force behind my cadence, energy and tone. I approach each church message with the purest of love along with a gentle smile– then I begin reading the script.

I really enjoyed working on this worship voiceover project because it reminded me of my youth. It reminded me of the importance of having a mentor in one’s own community. As a professional voice actor it is a privilege to be a part of positive messages that affect the community directly and when I have an opportunity to do so I don’t take it for granted.

Pro Tip: Church voiceover projects can be a great source of frequent work. Build relationships with the community and the church members. Offer your services to their media department if they have one. There are hundreds of thousands of churches and most of them need a voice to match their branding.


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The Easter holiday is a celebration for the Christian community and it is a great time of the year. During Palm Sunday many videographers and freelancers bid to create content for Christian churches across the country and most likely they will be looking for voice over talent. Christian Bible voice over projects and Bible voice over talent are keywords and terms searched by producers. I have done over a hundred different voiceover productions for churches in the United States. When a producer is searching for their Christian voice actor, often times they will audition the script to a wide range of talent. So how does a producer narrow down the breakdown of what they envision? Well, church voiceover projects are uniquely poetic and require a certain amount of vulnerability and empathy when reading the script.

Christian Church "Our King Palm Sunday" bible voice over artist talent video demo and actor for hire

During our Palm Sunday project, the client and I had a great time discussing some of the Easter motivations and religious backgrounds. To understand the full purpose and reason behind the holiday really helped deliver an authentic message once on the microphone. Our goal as professional voice actors and actresses is to believe. We must believe in what we’re saying. We must believe, more importantly, in what we are feeling. In the Bible voiceover demo or Christian voiceover project one must always sound and be authentic. Authentic in their approach to creativity while respecting the content is crucial. Regardless of religious beliefs, it is an actor’s job to deliver authentically. The voice is a very powerful instrument and worship houses and churches all across the country use voice actors in their congregations. In what ways? In ways to uplift, deliver messages, reignite hope and belief, and connect with its members.

As the Our King Palm Sunday voice talent I had to deliver the message and ignite hope and belief to the churchgoers that were listening. To make them feel connected and to remember the purpose of Palm Sunday and the importance of the Easter weekend. The love, community and Bible studying that enriches the lives of so many during this time of year can be an infectious energy. All of that has to be reflected in my voice and done so authentically. Connecting to the spirit of Palm Sunday and Easter was relatively easy for me because I was raised around communities that participated in these events year-round. As a church voice over talent our job is to recall and reflect on the messages of Christ and the Bible, especially when given the script to do so. Approach it authentically with a kind heart and the message will be heard with a smile.

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Christian and church worship voiceover work is very popular during the months of December through May. Holidays like Christmas along with the Easter weekend produce some of the most valuable content for churches around the country. Christian voiceover and church voiceover projects usually require a few specific vocal traits. The voice must be honest, loving, warm, and sometimes very sentimental. The Christian voiceover actor must convey empathy at all times. When I get hired to do a voiceover project for a church or worship house, I first start by figuring out at want amplitude my voice should be. If the script requires a certain sentimental voice or softer voice over than my volume and amplitude must reflect intimacy. Proper microphone technique is crucial for Christian voiceover projects. For the Christ the King voiceover project – I had to reflect and hone in on my sentimental and softer attitudes in my life in order to relate to script.

What does the sentimental read require? How does an actor approach “sentimental and vulnerable” copy? Whether your project is for church voiceover or a public service announcement for cancer research–the sentimental approach can be achieved through reflection of moments in your life that may shed a “tear”. The sentimental read requires an intimate volume on microphone and an honest reflection from the actor. Vulnerability is key to being sentimental. How vulnerable can an actor be in their softer hidden spirits? Being sentimental requires an understanding of happiness, empathy, reflection, meditation, and honesty. In the end what it requires is an honest heart.

Christian church "Christ the King" voice over artist talent video demo and actor for hire

As a male voice actor, it can be challenging to reach certain sentimental levels. But, one of the keys is to embrace all the other times in your life in which being sentimental or showing vulnerability is required. It’s the training and practice of our emotions. Once you build up a history of being sentimental or vulnerable it becomes natural and it shows on microphone. You have to study off the mic in order to be present on the mic.

When performing a script or copy that requires a sentimental and loving approach, do not make the mistake of taking being sentimental as meaning the same as sadness or tears. Sometimes there’s a fine line between “sentimental” and “depressing”. It is an actor’s job to dance on that line gracefully. In voiceover work one must learn to dance gracefully within their emotions. On the microphone the beauty is all you have is your voice and no other stimuli. Sure the words will encourage and guide you- but sometimes they don’t. In church and worship voiceover projects they often do. The key to remember when dancing gracefully within your emotions is to never be attached to any of them.

Enjoy the microphone- it tells no lies.

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When you first start your journey has a voice over actor, you never really know what genre of voice overs you will enjoy the most. Over the many years of being a professional voice over talent I have fallen in love with doing voice over projects for churches and worship houses. More specifically Christian voice over projects. Many worship voice over projects utilize motion graphics to beautifully display Christ’s messages to their congregation. Depending on the specific Christian holiday, whether it be Christmas or Palm Sunday, the message can be delivered in various intensities and inflections. Church worship voice over requires a certain reflection of empathy and warmth in the voice when delivering the message. As a church voice over talent I have delivered very sensitive and soft-spoken voice over projects as well as empowering and preacher like style projects.

My worship voice over demo and church voice over demo reel is a collection of varied projects that display a range of emotions and energies. A Christian voice over actor must display authenticity when delivering messages that require powerful emotions. I love exploring those emotions because it requires me to be more sensitive and spiritual than I normally am.


christian church worship voice over talent video demo reel and actor for hire

I have worked with many mega churches throughout the United States and the amount of dedication and love the content writers put into the work is amazing. Their conviction in their beliefs and creative approaches to their stories allows me as a church voice over talent to fully explore the poetics in my voice. The cadence that delivers a poetic tone which inspires hundreds if not thousands of churchgoers on a beautiful Sunday morning is a powerful experience.

I have worked with many of the great producers and motion graphic developers form Worship House Media ( and each project requires me to explore my spirituality. Worship and Christian voice over projects have one thing in common– The love of Christ. It’s at the heart of every message and every project. That message must be conveyed authentically, emotionally and respectfully.

I am forever grateful for every Christian voice over project I receive. For every church and congregation along with their pastors that have helped me along this journey. I love doing voice over projects that require this much intensity and emotions.

Kabir Singh

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