Voice Over Actor for Under Armour

Under Armour voice actor

This professional voice over for Under Armour is a motivating, urban driven and athlete focused spec commercial. It’s raw energy with a “in your face” attitude. As a professional voice talent I have to dig deep into the stylization of a project. I have to consider the pace and inflection independently and cohesively at the same time. For the Under Armour voice, I knew that in order to inspire highly inspired athletes, I would need to go beyond even their level of energy. The pace at which I performed would dictate that.

I wasn’t always good at “motivating.” In fact, I spent most of my teenage years as an unmotivated, fat and lazy kid. I never worked out, even when I tried, I wouldn’t push myself. I needed motivation. I starved for it, without knowing I was hungry for it. Fast forward a few years and now at 31 years old, I motivate myself and others around me daily. I have more motivating and inspiring days then I do bad ones. Sometimes there are those exceptional days where I actually do feel like an Under Armour athlete. It may only last a few hours, but it feels great. I harness those feelings and emotions and saves them.

Under Armour voice actor

Having a “professional voice” will only take you so far in this career. Offering voice over services online will only be as entertaining as your auditions are. But where do you find the true excitement and adventure? In emotions and thoughts. Life is my Netflix. The good, the bad, the right and the wrong. I try to harness all these observations and experiences in life and use them in my “toolbox of acting”. While in the booth recording this voice over for Under Armour’s spec commercial, I physically made myself feel like an athlete. Sweating and physically performing athletic moves in my confined space. That is what guided my performance in this spot.

As a professional voice over artist, allow yourself to grow- mentally, physically, spiritually and intellectually. Be motivated and inspired daily. Live by the mentality of an Under Armour Athlete. To do so, one must realize that our biggest enemy is often ourselves. We stop ourselves from our own growth in life. We bury our inner athlete. It took me many years to even discover my inner athlete and now I do my best to nurture him daily. That inner fire is the fuel we all crave from time to time and thus, when privileged enough to experience it, we must honor it.

Demo Created by: Kabir Singh and Tim Tippets (tim@timtippets.com)
A spec spot created for demo purposes only.

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