Quicksilver Voice Over Actor – Kabir Singh

The voice of Quicksilver commercial

There are various levels to any art we wish to master. At the basic, you must first be the apprentice before you can become the master. Prior to booking this Quicksilver voice over commercial, I never officially felt like “Kabir Singh the Voice Over Guy.” This job was my first big industry/agency job. After completing it successfully, I finally felt like a real apprentice in pursuit of Mastery. It motivated me, humbled me and taught me many lessons.

There are many young English male voice artists out there. Many of which would have been a nice fit for this Quicksilver commercial. However, the director was looking for one specific quality- a poet. Why a poet? What was it about being a poet, that would be reflected in the voice? Beyond being: inspirational, energetic, youthful, urban and appealing to a surfing crowd, the voice over needed to sound poetic overall.

The voice of Quicksilver commercial

I have been writing poetry since I was a teen. I used poetry to express my inner most precious thoughts and feelings. Poetry was my only true friend. As I matured and got older, I went from writing poetry to performing poetry (spoken word). Local open mic spots in Los Angeles, California- would allow me to practice my poetic expression. When I started voice over, I quickly become aware of my Cadence. You see, poets have a specific cadence. They have a specific tempo and flavor. It’s no longer about being just a conversational voice over, it’s about being a poetic and inspiring voice over. Kabir Singh “the poet” had to be priority, not Kabir Singh “the voice over guy.”

I am forever grateful for this job. It launched my career, my relationships, my education and my hunger for success. I’m also very grateful for Bill Holmes (www.voiceoverdoctor.com). Bill Holmes helped me in ways I could never repay him back. He mentored me, educated me, guided me, and helped me get this job. His teachings in voice over are unpresented. He is a true master and I will always be grateful.

I believe everyone has a little bit of poet in them. Expressing that poet can be a challenge, but it only requires a bit of connecting with your inner self – your thoughts, feelings and observations. For me, every voice over project has some level of poetry to it. The words are poetry. The poetry can be angry, happy, sad, or even funny. How you express that poetry is where the uniqueness and art comes in. So, the next time you catch yourself speaking, see if you can spot a little bit of that poetry and cadence within you. You will be surprised at how much it can teach you about yourself.

VO: Kabir Singh

Client: Quicksilver

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