The T-Mobile Voice Over Guy

T-Mobile voice over guy

I remember working for Radio Shack when I was about 16 years old. It was my first job and I was selling T-Mobile cell phones. I was also a Tmobile customer. Fast forward 15 years and I’m still a T-Mobile customer. The cycle of life can be unpredictable and I have learned that my journey as a voice actor will be filled with moments that are surreal.

I remember seeing an audition for “iVR/customer service representative” and almost passing it up.  Not because I was too good for it, but on the contrary, I felt like I had little to no experience with the “telephony” genre. There was no name attached to the client. The budget was to be determined and the audition details were minimal. What would eventually become my official T-Mobile audition lasted about five rounds. I remember when I booked the job, I couldn’t help but to first sit and reflect on my RadioShack days. Working for minimum wage and barely affording to even pay for a cell phone at that time.

T-Mobile voice over guy

So now, I tell myself that I have to be appreciative of these moments. These moments that I’m allowed to experience so graciously in life. I see them as a privilege. It’s a good feeling to climb the ladder of success in life. Everyone’s definition of success is different and should be. When I became the T-Mobile guy, and the official TMobile customer service and IVR voice–I felt like I had reached the top of the ladder. I didn’t care if it lasted forever or just for a moment- I was finally successful. I remember days in my life being so poor that my mom struggled to feed us and now to be working with major corporations as their go to voice actor is something that humbles me and makes me proud of my accomplishments.

Like all things in life–evolution will take place and trends will change. I know I won’t be the t-mobile IVR voice forever, but that realization is what keeps me hungry. Hungry to learn and grow my business. You see, to me success is always right around the corner. It may be achieved and enjoyed for a moment and then one must continue to learn and grow. And to always strive for a new success.  I am enjoying the journey of being the T-Mobile guy. I hope to be the company’s main voice one day and do all of their commercials and campaigns. It is a role that I appreciate, respect, and enjoy doing. And I’m still a very happy T-Mobile customer.

Kabir Singh.

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