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There are numerous genres of voiceover. A voice actor can get into animation, commercials, radio or even promo for example. Affiliate voiceover and promotional voice overs, more commonly referred to as “TV Promos”, are a consistently evolving class of voiceovers. Having done a few, but not many, promo demos and commercials for various radio affiliates and TV networks, I can tell you that the emergence of streaming platforms such as Netflix and Amazon prime have challenged the industry to rapidly adapt to new ways of promoting content to their audience.

Promo voiceover is very fun to do. Promotional voiceover allows a voice actor to play around with different personalities and traits that often are hidden in a typical commercial voice over spot. For example, in promo voiceover an actor must maintain a consistent energy, cadence and inflection that is unfamiliar to them.  My career is heavily based on commercial and industrial voiceovers. However, I wanted to challenge myself by entering a genre that would be different than what I’m used to. Television voiceover and network promos are much more high-energy than my typical personality, so I use this opportunity to expand my range as a voice talent.

When making my promo voiceover demo I wanted to showcase the different personalities and shades of an authentic “Kabir”.  Everything from the Spirit of wry and comedic to hopeful and very dark. The various emotions that network television shows cast nowadays allows one to explore the depths of the human personality. In my affiliate voiceover demo you will hear my authentic sound which is usually cast as “Urban and African-American”. But, you will also hear shades and variations of that “urban voice” sound.

TV commercial voice over promo and demos

I can confidently and humbly say that promo voiceover is challenging for me. It’s something that I work on and try to get better at. There are many great coaches out there that can teach you the techniques for basic promotional voiceover. But, I’m quickly learning that practice in the booth in conjunction with referencing great promo actors voice over demos is extremely beneficial.  The landscape of television voiceover is much different today than it was 15 years ago. The ability for multicultural talent such as myself to get into promo and find our own unique space within it is a true blessing.

As you travel the journey of learning and becoming better in your specific genres of voiceover- be open to new methods that might be different than what you expected. I certainly had to open my mind to a vast array of techniques that I was not used to.

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Pro Tip:  If you type “emotional color wheel” into Google you will find a great resource that can help you explore various depths of emotions within oneself. I often find myself and for my microphone referencing this color wheel of emotions in order to warm up before the session.

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Listen To Kabir’s Work

Listen To Kabir’s Work

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I love motivating students. A lot of my voice over projects request a college sound. A voice over that is: raw, real, urban, passionate, and African American (sound/dialect). This Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine voice over voice is cool, confident and mature with a touch of poetic flavor and swag. The LECOM marketing director wrote, directed and produced this piece. When I first read the script and talked to the director, I feel in love with the energy and pace of this spot. It’s fast paced and effective.

There are only a select few of produced voice over projects that I would consider “good enough” to submit to the prestigious Voice Arts Awards. This LECOM voice over spot was one of them. It felt great to be nominated for “Best Voice Over- Regional Broadcast Television” in 2017. To hear the commercial on big screen and in an auditorium was a really cool feeling.

Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine (LECOM) voice over

I wasn’t always a “motivated” guy. I lacked inspiration in many parts of my life. I loved poetry though. Poetry has always been my passion and close to my heart. My vocal cadence can be described, by many, as poetic. The slow rhythmic feel adds an interesting texture to most voice over projects. While in the booth for the LECOM voice over project, I remember breaking down the script like it was a poem, finding the stanzas and marking the inflections as best fit my voice style. The slow build in energy, pace and attitude draws the listener in before exploding into a fast pace and motivating speech. The poetry is heard in the spirit of the speaker. I had to make sure I didn’t sound “like a poet” but actually BE a poet.

I really enjoyed working on this project. One of the most fascinating things to me was Eric Nicastro. He did an excellent job writing, producing and directing this voice over project. He chose the perfect music, allowed me to be creative in the booth, wrote a great script and was awesome to work with. Much love to this guy, a true creative professional. The LECOM project is on my list of top 10 for sure. It was my first nominated voice over projects and allowed me to build a great new relationship with an awesome client. One great voice over lesson I learned was to: go with your instinct when you feel the inspiration strike. From the moment I saw the script, I knew what/how I needed to do in the booth. My first instinct was my first take and that’s the which was eventually used.

VO: Kabir Singh

Client: Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine

Director/Producer: Eric Nicastro (enicastro@lecom.edu)


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