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This Wendy’s spec commercial is a funny and clever twist for a classic fast food sandwich. Traditionally Wendy’s has been using the sweet red headed lady in their national commercials. Although wholesome, the team and I felt like that the company needed some edge. Some more personality so that it can cater to the rising millennial and urban demographic.

This spot is snarky, cool, rye, humorous, edgy and trendy. The voice over injects sparks of fun and personality.  The voice over recording session took about 2 hours. The creative director, Tim Tippets, came up with the edgy rock music and sourced some awesome b-roll footage that inspired me to play around in the vocal booth. Exploring various sounds from guy next door and college sound to serious dad and mature adult, we finally discovered a character that added just the right amount of sarcasm and smile.

Voice Over recordings should be an intimate experience. When exploring a character and his/her cadence, an actor must be free. While writing this spec spot for Wendy’s, the team and I tried many different ways to express just how spicy Wendy’s Ghost Pepper Sandwich can really be. After discovering a little bit of my inner Samuel L. Jackson, “Mutha Fucking…Ghost Pepper” was the best I could do. Hesitant at first, after adding some cool music and sound effects and creating a script that got the ad message out clearly, it all wrapped up quite nicely.

Wendy's commercial voice actor

Don’t be afraid to have fun and create for “Demonstration Only” portfolio pieces. If you have a vision for a character and want to create an idea/sound that can possibly spark the interest of the next Marketing Director at Wendy’s- you gotta put your creative soul out there in best effort. Do your due diligence and honor the company’s main marketing message and do so with respect and dignity.

When you watch this pro voice over recording for Wendy’s try to see if you can catch the subtleties in the character’s tone, personality and energy. The next time you’re in the booth and feel constricted vocally, start thinking of companies familiar to you and have some fun by creating a spec script and spot. This Wendy’s character was a cool, hip and trendy guy. He was a “bro” without being too “bro-ish.” Creating this character and working on both the creative and branding process from step 1 allowed me to focus on a specific type of industry (fast food) and really provide my clients with a pro sample of my acting abilities. This Wendy’s spec spot may not be TV family friendly, but it sure did make me very hungry!

Demo Created by: Kabir Singh and Tim Tippets (tim@timtippets.com)
A spec spot created for demo purposes only.

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I get many requests for Christian bible study voice over projects. These voice over recordings can vary in: pace, inflection, energy and cadence. Some require a pensive voice that builds in energy and some voice overs require a high energy storytelling voice. This voice over project is for the world famous mega Christian Church Saddleback Church. The church needed a professional voice that appealed to children while sharing creative biblical stories. Bible study voice over projects are fun and very positive in nature.

Voice over video projects that involve animation require me to bring out my inner “child” sometimes. If creatively appropriate, I raise my vocal pitch, put on a big smile, raise my energy, use my imagination and connect with the story. An entertaining Bible study voice must be fun and pleasant to listen to. The Story of Easter – The Last Supper was very fun to voice. Using the rough cut motion graphic animation from the voice over director, I went straight into “Kid Kabir” mode and delivered a professional voice over recording that was pleasant and creative.

Kabir's Voice Christian Worship

One challenge for me was voicing various characters for the script while being able to switch back and forth to the original narrator voice over sound. Going from kid’s bible study voice to young bible leader voice has taught me to be sharper in transitions. An effective Christian bible study voice, must in the end, effectively connect the story with the listener in a manner that is loving, positive and honest.

If you are creating a voice over recording or looking for talent to audition for your bible study voice over project a great tip I can share is give and ask to confirm pronunciations on biblical terms. There are many great resources online for cross referencing specific names and pronunciations like: Bible Pronounciations

I love doing worship media and kids bible study voice over projects. They allow me to get into character and explore my vocal range. On your journey as a professional voice over, make sure you always explore this range. I am learning of its importance daily. The sound that I am comfortable with can get mundane and boring sometimes, which in the end, will cause a creative meltdown. Be aware and reach outside the box. Doing these bible study voice overs has helped me grow as an actor, and for that I am very grateful.

Voice Actor: Kabir Singh

Client: Saddleback Church

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A live voice over session is a great learning experience.  Efficiently running a live voice over session can be challenging at times. I would like to share a few vo tips with you that have ensured my live voice over sessions run with efficiency. Clear communication, allowing oneself to be directed, knowing when to lead and when to follow and having respect for all directors involved- are all vital to running a top notch voice over business.

The landscape for voice over work is changing. A few years ago, a voice actor had to travel to a studio for a live session. Now, it’s expected that a voice talent has a home studio with seamless connect ability. From Skype to iPDTL/ISDN bridge line, a professional voice over actor must be well versed in his craft and tech. A voice over studio with a pro setup like Source Connect Standard and/or ISDN ensures that the producer has plenty of options to choose from.

Microphone for voice over

However, let’s go beyond the tech and talk business. It’s imperative that your business run smoothly. Efficiency is the name of the game. My first recommendation is having a template of questions. Having a set of pre thought out questions to ask before our live record ensures that you deliver the audio files promptly. Communication is the key to efficiency. Some of the questions I ask are: What file format would you like? Mono? Stereo? Wav? Aif? Etc.  I also like to ask if they have a video cut for reference. Additionally, I would take care of any invoicing, contracts and revision policies BEFORE the live voice over session. This will solidify you as a professional voice actor and not just another amateur.

I often get asked on how to become a voice actor, and the first thing I tell them is you must dedicate yourself to learning. Learning the craft, the technology, editing, business and a list of other countless essentials. Voice over work is everything from large clients like Nike to small clients like a startup. Different clients have different needs and the best way to get to know those that hire you is through a live record experience. You are a professional voice and must provide a professional voice over recording. Your voice over setup should include every level of live record connection. I started with just a phone patch. Now I can connect with clients across the world via tools like Source Connect and iPDTL. Be patient in your voice over journey though, there is a learning curve and all the tools combined can get pricey.

Use your voice over live record experience to build relationships. Be respectful, egoless, confident, kind and open to direction. There is power in humility. Become a voice over “master” through sheer mistakes and practice. Learning how directors direct and how actors, including myself, are sometimes in our heads too much, can result in better reads in your future live voice over sessions.

I encourage you to record live and allow the collaboration to happen openly. Opportunities for getting into voice over work have never been more readily available and lucrative. But, one must be willing to strive for excellence and remain humble on the journey.

Enjoy The Vo Hustle.

Voice Actor: Kabir Singh.

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