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There are numerous genres of voiceover. A voice actor can get into animation, commercials, radio or even promo for example. Affiliate voiceover and promotional voice overs, more commonly referred to as “TV Promos”, are a consistently evolving class of voiceovers. Having done a few, but not many, promo demos and commercials for various radio affiliates and TV networks, I can tell you that the emergence of streaming platforms such as Netflix and Amazon prime have challenged the industry to rapidly adapt to new ways of promoting content to their audience.

Promo voiceover is very fun to do. Promotional voiceover allows a voice actor to play around with different personalities and traits that often are hidden in a typical commercial voice over spot. For example, in promo voiceover an actor must maintain a consistent energy, cadence and inflection that is unfamiliar to them.  My career is heavily based on commercial and industrial voiceovers. However, I wanted to challenge myself by entering a genre that would be different than what I’m used to. Television voiceover and network promos are much more high-energy than my typical personality, so I use this opportunity to expand my range as a voice talent.

When making my promo voiceover demo I wanted to showcase the different personalities and shades of an authentic “Kabir”.  Everything from the Spirit of wry and comedic to hopeful and very dark. The various emotions that network television shows cast nowadays allows one to explore the depths of the human personality. In my affiliate voiceover demo you will hear my authentic sound which is usually cast as “Urban and African-American”. But, you will also hear shades and variations of that “urban voice” sound.

TV commercial voice over promo and demos

I can confidently and humbly say that promo voiceover is challenging for me. It’s something that I work on and try to get better at. There are many great coaches out there that can teach you the techniques for basic promotional voiceover. But, I’m quickly learning that practice in the booth in conjunction with referencing great promo actors voice over demos is extremely beneficial.  The landscape of television voiceover is much different today than it was 15 years ago. The ability for multicultural talent such as myself to get into promo and find our own unique space within it is a true blessing.

As you travel the journey of learning and becoming better in your specific genres of voiceover- be open to new methods that might be different than what you expected. I certainly had to open my mind to a vast array of techniques that I was not used to.

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Pro Tip:  If you type “emotional color wheel” into Google you will find a great resource that can help you explore various depths of emotions within oneself. I often find myself and for my microphone referencing this color wheel of emotions in order to warm up before the session.

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Listen To Kabir’s Work

Listen To Kabir’s Work

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Every creative knows the value of a well put together portfolio.

But what really makes a good portfolio of work? Each industry is different. Each art is different. Various creative endeavors will require a vast array of samples. For Voice Actors, our Voice Over Demo is one of our most important creative assets.

However, in this new era of media, one cannot rely solely on audio voice over demo reels. A professional voice over reel MUST be accompanied by a professional Voice Over Visual Demo. A compilation of professionally produced voice over demo examples and visuals.

Kabir Singh Voice Actor Face Photo

My pro voice over demo showcases commercial voice over samples. A fresh voice over mix of urban and Poetic qualities and sounds. Having been the voice of The Kansas City Chiefs, Credit Karma, Nintendo Switch, T-Mobile Customer Service/Telephony and numerous other national advertising campaigns, I wanted to make sure my voice demo reflected a solid range of vocal qualities and acting samples.

My Voice Over Demo Reel samples recent clients and award winning spec-commercials like Wendy’s and Under Armour.

Well known in the industry as the premier voice for connecting with college students and millennials, one of my favorite pieces of work was done for The University of Nebraska Lincoln. It is a motivating, poetic and urban commercial for high school graduates and young adults.  You can hear it at the opening of my commercial demo. This spot has gotten me more repeat clients and auditions than anything I’ve done in the past 5 years. Clients love the poetic cadence and feel of this spot. It is definitely one of my signature sounds.

However, every voice actor must explore the limits of his/her emotional boundaries to keep things interesting and fresh. For me, the 5th spot on my demo, the spec commercial for Acura, is a great example. The Acura voice needed to be sexy. Very sexy. Michael B Jordan sexy to be exact. A smooth and precise voice that cuts through the fast-paced visuals. This spot was mature sounding with a sultry African American voice. To say it was outside my wheelhouse, in the beginning, would be an understatement. I’m not that guy. I keep my sexy voice inside. But, challenging myself to go outside my comfort zone and perform a more mature and sexy voice, really allowed me to explore my acting abilities.

One last thing every Voice Over Demo Reel should do is sound authentic. Real to your sound. Your feel and your personality. When I first started my career, I wasted lots of money on a voice over show reel that was sub-par. It didn’t sound like me because I still hadn’t found ME! Finding your sound takes time, it takes listening. My goal for my visual voice demo was to showcase vocal range, without losing any authenticity.

Through the creative processes of working on 4 Custom spec commercials (Acura, Wendy’s, Under Armour and Boys and Girls Club) I was able to gain insight and perspective into the wants/needs of the client. From dissecting every line in the copy, to choosing impactful music and sound effects- working with pro voice over talent and tech expert Tim Tippets (VO Tech Guru), I was able to release a voice over reel that has created many new opportunities for me. Further establishing me as “The Voice of Millennials. Cool. Urban. A College Sound.”

Demo Created by: Kabir Singh and Tim Tippets (tim@timtippets.com)

A spec spot created for demo purposes only.

A compilation of KabirsVoice Clients and a few spec spots created for demo purposes only (Acura, Wendy’s, Boys & Girls Club, Under Armour).

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Watch this professional voice over demo reel to view pro voice over showreel samples and examples from KabirsVoice.com.

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