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A live voice over session is a great learning experience.  Efficiently running a live voice over session can be challenging at times. I would like to share a few vo tips with you that have ensured my live voice over sessions run with efficiency. Clear communication, allowing oneself to be directed, knowing when to lead and when to follow and having respect for all directors involved- are all vital to running a top notch voice over business.

The landscape for voice over work is changing. A few years ago, a voice actor had to travel to a studio for a live session. Now, it’s expected that a voice talent has a home studio with seamless connect ability. From Skype to iPDTL/ISDN bridge line, a professional voice over actor must be well versed in his craft and tech. A voice over studio with a pro setup like Source Connect Standard and/or ISDN ensures that the producer has plenty of options to choose from.

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However, let’s go beyond the tech and talk business. It’s imperative that your business run smoothly. Efficiency is the name of the game. My first recommendation is having a template of questions. Having a set of pre thought out questions to ask before our live record ensures that you deliver the audio files promptly. Communication is the key to efficiency. Some of the questions I ask are: What file format would you like? Mono? Stereo? Wav? Aif? Etc.  I also like to ask if they have a video cut for reference. Additionally, I would take care of any invoicing, contracts and revision policies BEFORE the live voice over session. This will solidify you as a professional voice actor and not just another amateur.

I often get asked on how to become a voice actor, and the first thing I tell them is you must dedicate yourself to learning. Learning the craft, the technology, editing, business and a list of other countless essentials. Voice over work is everything from large clients like Nike to small clients like a startup. Different clients have different needs and the best way to get to know those that hire you is through a live record experience. You are a professional voice and must provide a professional voice over recording. Your voice over setup should include every level of live record connection. I started with just a phone patch. Now I can connect with clients across the world via tools like Source Connect and iPDTL. Be patient in your voice over journey though, there is a learning curve and all the tools combined can get pricey.

Use your voice over live record experience to build relationships. Be respectful, egoless, confident, kind and open to direction. There is power in humility. Become a voice over “master” through sheer mistakes and practice. Learning how directors direct and how actors, including myself, are sometimes in our heads too much, can result in better reads in your future live voice over sessions.

I encourage you to record live and allow the collaboration to happen openly. Opportunities for getting into voice over work have never been more readily available and lucrative. But, one must be willing to strive for excellence and remain humble on the journey.

Enjoy The Vo Hustle.

Voice Actor: Kabir Singh.

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