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Technology requires humans to adapt. Adapt to the ever changing business, political, social and spiritual world. The voice over business is no different. Becoming a voice actor means you have to learn a plethora of different skills. From acting to accounting, owning a professional voice over business is serious business. I started my voice over business plan in 2010. I segmented my voice over business plan making sure it clearly outlined: Marketing, Education, Technology, Resources and Financial data. Over the years, as you learn, your priorities and budget will guide you to favor different stages of your business plan.  In the early stages of my career, education was priority. More specifically- to learn business via consultations.

With the advent of technology and the valuable business tools available for industry newcomers and professionals alike, getting into voice over work is becoming increasingly easier. But don’t be fooled by the illusion. Building and maintaining a successful voice over business is no easy task. It takes years. With no hesitation, I can say if it weren’t for the constant consultations I received from industry professionals like: J Michael Collins, Dan Leonard, Tim Tippets (the voice over guru), and various promo and animation coaches my business could not and would not run as efficiently. Each professional I consulted taught me how to run a voice over business in its many dimensions: studio technology, client relationship management, acting and finance.

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No matter what business you’re in, we are all novices at some point. It is through seeking consultations and business advice, one can slowly get better and become a master- more efficiently. It took me almost 7 years to be considered by myself and my colleagues as a professional voice over talent. Had I not sought out consultations, I believe it would have taken me many more years. As a student, you must always supplement your knowledge. Supplement your group classes and workouts with consultations. Don’t break your budget on it- just have one. The voice over hustle requires you to budget, prioritize and execute your daily goals. Don’t take it lightly, if you do, it won’t serve you well.

Professional voice over talent learn the business from those ahead of the game. Have no ego- there is always someone ahead of the game. Having business consultations with J Michael Collins was one of the best investments I made as an up and coming voice actor. Hourly consultations few times every few months was all I needed to help grow my business and more importantly- learn the business. The voice over business deserves respect. If you wish to adapt to the ever changing industry, you have to learn all the dimensions of the business from those that are slightly ahead of you. And before you know it, you are right beside them, enjoying the fruit of your labor.

The best business advice I can give to you is regardless if you’re looking to become a voice over artist or just learning a new trade- learn business via consultations and you’ll quickly master your craft. Nothing is 100% in this life, including this life. But, I can confidently say through my experience, consultations are effective, and if you prepare for them and do your due diligence, you will progress to you goals more efficiently.

Enjoy the hustle.

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