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Urban. I hear that word a lot in the voiceover industry nowadays.  When I first started my voiceover career, I never expected to be one of the top professional urban voice over talent in the industry.  Having voiced urban style reeds for companies such as Pepsi, NBA, NFL and many others–I quickly became one of the go to male voice actors on the internet. Having an urban voice is merely not good enough. Along with an urban voice over demo, an urban voice over artist must have swag, style and personality.

Over the years, my urban flavor has been adjusted to meet the client’s needs. Some voice over spots require a less urban approach while others require a more street urban approach. For example, Gatorade might require a more street athlete urban approach, while Bank of America, might require a less street athlete urban approach. As a professional urban voice talent one must be able to tweak the cadence, attitude and swag as needed. Bud Light needed an urban voice talent with balance. A voice actor that could walk the think line of cocky and cool authentically. This super bowl spot for Bud Light was a great way to showcase just the right urban flavor.

Bud Light voice over commercial

I cannot express how many times during live sessions, I have had to candidly discuss my race, vocal print and style to a client. I get it- I am an East Indian born, Hispanic looking young guy that talks with a lot of urban, African American culture and flavor. It can get confusing but its all in good nature. It is my experiences in urban environments and neighborhoods that influenced my speech patterns. One vocal quality that clients expressed they were attracted to with my voice is not that it’s just urban, but rather, its authentically urban and surprisingly unique. The poetic cadence and the natural pauses all attribute to a conversational voice over read that is relatable and pleasant.

This session with Bud Light was, in all honesty, quiet pleasant. I just had to be myself. I had to be my urban self. The self that was born in a trailer park, raised with Hispanics and African Americans and the self that kept it real. Spots like this come easy to me. It’s my “thing.” As I expand my urban voice over services online, I hope to offer only authenticity. Always keeping it real, urban or not. My goal is to serve my clients and respect their creative perspective.

Enjoy the Vo Hustle. Stay true to your vocal quality. Be unapologetically authentic. To become an urban voice over specialist one must study the personalities and characteristics of modern actors (on screen and off). Including rappers, athletes and commentators. Urban is not just a type, it’s a lifestyle. Urban is a feeling and truth. Loosen up and enjoy the lessons of the journey.

Voice Over: Kabir Singh

Client: Bud Light

Production: theinfiniteagency.com

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