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Many of my friends would say I am a Hippie. But – compared to whom? You see, I need the non-hippie in my life so I can compare and realize that I am more of a hippie. In many ways the non-hippie friends in my life help me to strengthen my beliefs. In order to have a stronger belief one must test those beliefs with others that challenge it. The yin and the yang must co-exist.

Seek balance in all aspects of your life. Maintaining a healthy balance is a daily endeavor. However, it is the key in maintaining a healthy intellectually and spiritual presence. In order to build your perspective and strengthen your mentality as you travel this journey of life, you must embrace people who are different. It’s okay to remain inside the box of your own beliefs but one must venture out outside of the box if they wish to learn the unique lessons of life. What makes me stronger in my career, personal life and relationships, is that I openly embrace all that I experience…especially those that don’t share the same perspectives, beliefs, or customs as me. In my case, we can refer to them as the non-hippie.

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For example, a very close friend of mine is a non-hippie. He is very conservative, very rigid in his beliefs and does not endorse or like any drugs or psychedelics. Yet, he has taught me precious life lessons and has contributed significantly to my growth as a man. The wisdom that he shares with me helps me strengthen my own beliefs and at times challenge them. The non-hippie brings balance to my life and it is that opposition that makes Kabir- Kabir. And the best part is, I bring balance to his life. I share with him a different perspective of empathy and we learn together. The hippie and the non-hippie. The Democrat and Republican. The liberal and the conservative. It doesn’t matter what the title is, the idea is for all to live in harmony.  Too often we get caught up in our differences and forget about our commonalities.

If we want to grow in life: spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally– We must embrace our differences. And embrace those that challenge our beliefs. We must stay united through our differences. Bound only by love, compassion, and grace.  I don’t ever imagine a utopian world. But I do believe that we as humans have the potential to express more love than hate and if that makes me a hippie, I proudly embrace it.

The Hippie.

Kabir Singh.

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