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What is it about adventure that intrigues even the most hypnotized being? Whether it be from the hypnosis of: the 9-5 job, the mundane relationship or even the feeling one gets deep inside that ignites an “inner spark” every time we encounter something pleasantly spontaneous – we love us some fucking adventure! Pepsi wanted to provoke that feeling of adventure with a bright and youthful voice that would uplift the spirit and encourage the inner adventurer in all of us. The voice over needed to sound: energetic, millennial sounding, daring, genuine and adventurous. It could not come off sounding like a: famous voice over, celebrity voice over or artificial in any way.

I have an interesting vocal range and sound. If you only judged me based on my voice, without ever knowing me or seeing me, what race or culture would you hear? When I get more energetic and peppy, I tend to sound more high pitched. I also tend to have a different type of “swag” in my voice. I still sound cool, but not so “urban” cool. Ask any famous or celebrity  voice actor if they’ve developed a healthy “vocal range” and I’m sure they will give you some experience or story worthy of listening to.

I was born in India but raised in La Puente, CA. I developed a little bit of Hispanic “swag” as well as a little bit of African-American “swag.” This mix of cultures and races created a sound that is relatable to a racially diverse audience. Pepsi liked that sound for this specific English voice over spot. It had a nonspecific geographical accent or dialect, it was genuine and left us reminiscing of our youth. Overall, it sounded human. Sounding human allows for global reach. Sounding human allows for global acceptance and global creation.

The voice in the Pepsi commercial

If you want to discover your inner adventurer or just happen to get a random “itch” to step outside of your temporary hypnosis- try to reconnect with your “human” side by – being human again. Some things I’ve done to accomplish this include:

  • Driving down to skid row in Los Angeles, CA and serve the less fortunate
  • Committing to losing weight through dieting and exercise.
  • Taking a solo trip to Peru
  • Meditating and reading about: compassion, love and empathy.

I have and will continue to spend my life working on developing my: character, thoughts and knowledge. Through this journey I will make mistakes and hopefully learn from them. I feel like every day I get a chance at life is an adventure. And while on that adventure, a sip of Pepsi just might give us that break and remind us of how precious life can be.

Disclaimer: Digital Asset is owned by Pepsi. This sample is for Voice Over Actor Commercial Demo purposes only.

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