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The Easter holiday is a celebration for the Christian community and it is a great time of the year. During Palm Sunday many videographers and freelancers bid to create content for Christian churches across the country and most likely they will be looking for voice over talent. Christian Bible voice over projects and Bible voice over talent are keywords and terms searched by producers. I have done over a hundred different voiceover productions for churches in the United States. When a producer is searching for their Christian voice actor, often times they will audition the script to a wide range of talent. So how does a producer narrow down the breakdown of what they envision? Well, church voiceover projects are uniquely poetic and require a certain amount of vulnerability and empathy when reading the script.

Our King Palm Sunday voice actor

During our Palm Sunday project, the client and I had a great time discussing some of the Easter motivations and religious backgrounds. To understand the full purpose and reason behind the holiday really helped deliver an authentic message once on the microphone. Our goal as professional voice actors and actresses is to believe. We must believe in what we’re saying. We must believe, more importantly, in what we are feeling. In the Bible voiceover demo or Christian voiceover project one must always sound and be authentic. Authentic in their approach to creativity while respecting the content is crucial. Regardless of religious beliefs, it is an actor’s job to deliver authentically. The voice is a very powerful instrument and worship houses and churches all across the country use voice actors in their congregations. In what ways? In ways to uplift, deliver messages, reignite hope and belief, and connect with its members.

As the Our King Palm Sunday voice talent I had to deliver the message and ignite hope and belief to the churchgoers that were listening. To make them feel connected and to remember the purpose of Palm Sunday and the importance of the Easter weekend. The love, community and Bible studying that enriches the lives of so many during this time of year can be an infectious energy. All of that has to be reflected in my voice and done so authentically. Connecting to the spirit of Palm Sunday and Easter was relatively easy for me because I was raised around communities that participated in these events year-round. As a church voice over talent our job is to recall and reflect on the messages of Christ and the Bible, especially when given the script to do so. Approach it authentically with a kind heart and the message will be heard with a smile.

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