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Never stop dreaming. We hear it all the time- Never stop dreaming. But, what does that really mean? Many would argue that life is like a dream. Is life a dream? Or is life just reality? Reality vs Dreams is a spoken word poem I created when I found myself at my own crossroads with these types of questions.

When I was younger I didn’t enjoy my reality. My reality was abusive, crime ridden and full of fear and loneliness. However, in my solitude, it was my dreams that helped me through the pain. My dreams were my positive thoughts. My dreams were my true escapes. The dreams vs reality philosophy is one that I reflect on often in the darkest moments of my life. I find myself either wanting to escape my reality or pleading for a bigger dream.

Man with lights in puddle

When I reflect on my voice over career I never imagined I would be living my reality as a full time professional voice actor. I dreamt about it all the time, but to actually live it is a whole different experience. But, it was my dreams that keep me going. It was my desire and willingness to accomplish my goals that kept my dream alive. My dream is now my reality. So, is life a dream?

Never stop dreaming. I can’t help but abide by this rule now. Everyday is a new day to dream and live a life full of all possibilities. We each possess the ability to dream and accomplish our most far out goals and endeavors. It just requires a bit of courage. Dreaming reality into existence is nothing but a belief in oneself and a few good years of hard work away.

Is life a dream? I am too inexperienced to fully realize that as of now. But, I can’t help but reflect on the old nursery rhyme we all know so well….

“Row, Row, Row your boat gently down the stream

Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily- life is but a dream.”

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