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Insecurity can be a very powerful force. Insecurity can lead to confidence issues but it can also lead to moments of empowerment. Insecurity can be defined in many different ways. I know many insecure people including myself. We all have insecurities. Overcoming those insecurities can often be a challenge. Insecurities have a powerful way of injecting us with false beliefs of ourselves: the sense of belief that we may not be good enough or skinny enough or pretty enough… the list goes on.

When I was younger my list of insecurities could fill up a novel. I was insecure about everything. It showed in my confidence levels and in my communication with others. One of the most damaging results of my insecurities was loneliness. No one really wants to be around somebody that’s overwhelmingly insecure. Even though we all have insecurities, the negative energy associated with it is often undesirable.

Overcoming insecurities

There are many “overcoming insecurity” quotes out there. There are many motivational videos and books that can help build one’s insecurity into confidence. For me, overcoming my insecurities required solitude, exploring the depths of my ego, overcoming fear, participating in challenging sports and a few other things. One of the most beautiful things about insecurity is that it can be molded into confidence and self-awareness. Your insecurity does not own you.

Insecurity can hide in the deepest darkest places. Whether it’s career based, personal based and/or community based- insecurity is everywhere. The relationship we have with insecurity can grow over time. I encourage you to explore that relationship to its deepest degree. The benefits of turning insecurity into confidence can be overwhelming. Understanding that you have the power to become secure, confident, self-aware and healthy is vital to your success in this journey.

Be brave. Respect solitude. Explore your ego.

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