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Personal development seems like my personal “life’s purpose”. I love to learn and develop new skills. To be honest, I suck as most things. But, my hunger to improve skills and master skills keeps me progressing in almost all my endeavors. Whether it be leadership skills, voice over skills or personal skills like, learning jujitsu, skill development is a rewarding journey. To improve my skills, I have to lower my ego. One must be willing to be an amateur before he/she can seek to master their desired skill and ego is the poison to the development of most skills.

Creating a personal development plan can seem like a daunting task, but it’s very insightful. To learn a new skill, one must have a plan of learning. For instance, when I first started my career skill (voice over) I wrote down all my skill learning stages by date. For example: “By June 2011 I want to be a Professional Voice Actor”. Doing this helped me develop a curriculum for my skill enhancement and learning. Career development skills require one to be patient, observant, honest and humble.

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We all have skills to improve on. I’ve spent months, and sometimes years on just 1 skill. For example, the art and skill of communication. When I was in my teens, I sucked at communicating. I just didn’t know how to talk to people, express myself, be kind and be authentic all at the same time. It wasn’t until, I reflected on how I treated others, read communication skill development books and took online skill development courses, that I begin to communicate much more effectively. In summary- skill and professional development takes time.

I believe one should always try to develop new skills. Whether its developing employability skills or leadership skills, don’t be satisfied after you master a skill. Skill development training should be a lifelong pursuit. Now, I am well aware that some skills may take a lifetime to master, but there should always be time to learn even a non-imperative skill. You can make a list of skills to develop at work or in your personal space. Sometimes, skill development can be a mental game filled with entertainment and observation. Enjoy the process!

What is skill development? I define it as: the journey to personal growth and happiness. I tend to get lost in the learning process and the addiction to learning becomes euphoric. Be patient as you seek to become a master of skill. Be honest as you plan skill development goals and learn a new skill. If you follow in inner light and the outer light your skills will improve. Over the course of weeks, months, and years, you will become more efficient at each skill, as you dedicate to its daily practice. Some skills will fade and no longer be needed, some will be their forever. Each skill is to be honored and respected. Each skill teaches us and each skill allows us to keep our ego in check.

Enjoy the process of skill and personal development. Now- it’s the only time we have to start learning.

Voice Actor: Kabir Singh.

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