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What is one’s identity? What is identity? How many types of identities are there? These are a few of the questions that I’ve thought about as I’ve become a young man. To bluntly break it down–I was an East Indian kid born in India but raised in a trailer park in a predominantly Mexican and African American community. So in reflection of that- I’ve had to search for my identity for a while.

In order to identify yourself, you must be willing to search the depths of your soul. Developing personal identity can be a rewarding journey. I had to realize the importance of self-identity through years of: failure, pain, sorrow, depression, doubt etc. I’ve always used art as a way of expressing my emotions and my identity developed alongside my art. Through all the searching and contemplating I can’t help but describe my identity today with only one word– human. I don’t really like to be identified by any race, religion, culture or depiction of anything. Only human.

Developing self identity man with paint

I respect all different types of identities but only identify as a human. There’s something very powerful and pure about the simplicity of just being human. I feel like I can relate more to people if I weed away all the things that keep me boxed into a specific identity.

The identity struggles we face growing up can be challenging and often times painful and I’m not sure if there’s a right or wrong answer in our search. However, in my personal experience with identity struggles I can only come to the conclusion that you must identify yourself.

Be your own guru. Be your own identity. Do not be enslaved to the imagination of an avatar that people create of you.

Just be you.

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