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When voicing a commercial for a healthcare facility- voice talent are usually required to have a respectively “mature” sounding voice. Often times the script copy can be health sensitive and requires a compassionate and empathetic tone in nature. I tend to gravitate towards advertising copy that is sensitive and emotional. As a professional healthcare voice over artist one must be able to go to these depths of sensitivity and emotion quickly and effortlessly. A healthcare voiceover artist must also have a plethora of side skills to pull from. For example, annunciation is very important. One must also be able to pronounce difficult words frequently.

For this voiceover session with Regence Health- the client loved my original audition so much they directed my very little during the actual session. As a male healthcare voiceover actor – casting directors, can at times, be doubtful of our ability to access our emotions effectively/efficiently. However, the script was powerful which allowed me to travel that journey of emotion quite easily.

Healthcare and medical voice talent

When trying to access your emotions and sensitivity on a microphone, I have noticed that my inner thoughts can be my ally. My inner thoughts can guide me through these emotions easily if I am familiar with them. Once a voice actor gets intimate with their own inner emotions – they’re able to use them at will.

Being a professional voice actor, more specifically, a healthcare voice talent, develops over time and the maturity of oneself. As one becomes more experienced with the success and failures in life, one is able to transition those experiences and skills to the microphone. I was fortunate enough to be a voiceover talent on a few of Regence’s campaigns and each time was a pleasure as it allowed me to relate to the humanity of our daily lives.

Pro Tip: As a professional voiceover artist allow yourself to explore the depths of your emotions and get to know who you are- your light and your darkness. These emotions can be used when accessing simple or complex voiceover scripts.

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