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There are two main types of hustlers in life. The surface level hustler and the deep hustler. For most of my life I have been a surface level hustler. A surface level hustler is one that only analyzes and observes on the surface level. There is no depth to the surface level hustler.  The surface level hustler only cares about the material and superficial. His/her goals are driven by illusions of grandeur.

In order to achieve any type of success one must be motivated to dig deeper than the surface. They must become a deep level hustler driven to educate yourself on your chosen task/goal to the depth of its possibility. To learn and experience everything you can in regards to that: art, activity, hobby, job, idea etc. Going deeper into its fears, its challenges and obstacles. Immerse yourself- to access the deep level mentality that will lead to your success.

Surface level hustler voice over actor

I started voice acting in 2007 and I quickly learned that success did not live on the surface level. For voice acting I couldn’t just advertise myself into a job. I couldn’t just take a class and within a year start making money. All my mentors existed and played in the deep level. They were deep level hustlers. They studied and experienced voice acting 16+ hours a day. They auditioned every day, communicated with clients every day, grew their business every day. The key word being every day. This included also working on: the art of voice acting, branding, tech and finance. That is the difference between a surface level hustler and a deep level hustler. That is the difference between an amateur and a professional. In order to be a professional you must dig deep. You must strive to become a deep level hustler. Eight years into the voice acting game- I have learned that the deeper I go, the more I have yet to learn. That is the mentality one must develop in order to be successful.

To learn how to go deep and beyond the surface level one must study other deep level hustlers.  I achieved this through consultations. All business adventures have expenditures. Budget yourself for a few good consultations with successful mentors that can help you answer deep level questions regarding your art and/or business endeavor. Through consultations one can access deep level hustling. You must develop a mentality that is resilient, persistent, and visionary. Educate yourself and go deeper into your art. Sacrifice the time you have now so that you can have better control of your time in the future. Once you’re successful, hopefully your mentality of analyzing and observing life on a deeper level will guide you for the rest of your journey. Whether it be success in finance, relationships or anything else, seek to become a deep level hustler.

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