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When I was younger I always wanted a brother or mentor to look up to. Being raised in a house full of all women, (mom and sisters & no father, I often searched for the masculine energy. In my low-income community there were many churches that offered big brother type youth programs. Although I never attended one- I wish I had.

Christian voiceover projects are some of my favorites to voice. I love doing church voiceover projects. They often have messages of uplifting the community, nonprofit material and goodwill. Worship voiceover casting directors usually seek out an empathic and compassionate voice. In my church voice over demo real I have many examples of the different ranges and tones a church voiceover project can explore.



Christian voice over projects often cast for young youth leaders. As a church voiceover talent- I love this role. It allows me to express my mature and emotional side. It also allows me to deliver a message of positivity as a leader in the community. When approaching worship voiceover projects, I often utilize my heart more than my mind. Love. Love tends to be the driving force behind my cadence, energy and tone. I approach each church message with the purest of love along with a gentle smile– then I begin reading the script.

I really enjoyed working on this worship voiceover project because it reminded me of my youth. It reminded me of the importance of having a mentor in one’s own community. As a professional voice actor it is a privilege to be a part of positive messages that affect the community directly and when I have an opportunity to do so I don’t take it for granted.

Pro Tip: Church voiceover projects can be a great source of frequent work. Build relationships with the community and the church members. Offer your services to their media department if they have one. There are hundreds of thousands of churches and most of them need a voice to match their branding.


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When you first start your journey has a voice over actor, you never really know what genre of voice overs you will enjoy the most. Over the many years of being a professional voice over talent I have fallen in love with doing voice over projects for churches and worship houses. More specifically Christian voice over projects. Many worship voice over projects utilize motion graphics to beautifully display Christ’s messages to their congregation. Depending on the specific Christian holiday, whether it be Christmas or Palm Sunday, the message can be delivered in various intensities and inflections. Church worship voice over requires a certain reflection of empathy and warmth in the voice when delivering the message. As a church voice over talent I have delivered very sensitive and soft-spoken voice over projects as well as empowering and preacher like style projects.

My worship voice over demo and church voice over demo reel is a collection of varied projects that display a range of emotions and energies. A Christian voice over actor must display authenticity when delivering messages that require powerful emotions. I love exploring those emotions because it requires me to be more sensitive and spiritual than I normally am.


christian church worship voice over talent video demo reel and actor for hire

I have worked with many mega churches throughout the United States and the amount of dedication and love the content writers put into the work is amazing. Their conviction in their beliefs and creative approaches to their stories allows me as a church voice over talent to fully explore the poetics in my voice. The cadence that delivers a poetic tone which inspires hundreds if not thousands of churchgoers on a beautiful Sunday morning is a powerful experience.

I have worked with many of the great producers and motion graphic developers form Worship House Media ( and each project requires me to explore my spirituality. Worship and Christian voice over projects have one thing in common– The love of Christ. It’s at the heart of every message and every project. That message must be conveyed authentically, emotionally and respectfully.

I am forever grateful for every Christian voice over project I receive. For every church and congregation along with their pastors that have helped me along this journey. I love doing voice over projects that require this much intensity and emotions.

Kabir Singh

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