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Philosophy of Love

These are challenging and uncertain times. A time of turbulence and unease. In the middle of a global pandemic, we are also witnessing one of the largest protest movements in U.S. history. And on the West Coast, we are experiencing some of the worst wildfires ever recorded.

It’s a time of anger and grief – but also of compassion. Because in spite of these dark times, there is still a whole lot of light. People helping each other. Lifting each other up. Fighting for each other and for brighter days ahead.

That humanity is the key. It’s the spirit that bonds us as humans—no matter what our background, age, race, religion or ideologies—and it’s what provides a path for moving forward.

Philosophy of Love

Seeking the philosophy of love

In these uncertain times, it’s no wonder people find themselves searching for answers. We’re increasingly moved by motivational art. We look for new ideas from young poets, authors and leaders. We search for the best motivational speeches YouTube has to offer. And even then, it’s not enough, because what we’re seeking is something deeper: the truth. The truth about ourselves. The truth about our emotions: Love. Empathy. Compassion.

In the video above, I share my own philosophy of love – about trying to hold onto the beauty of life as time slips through our fingers. And about how each of us can only grow and become better by helping each other and by sharing that love with the people around us.

You may call it a poem about love, or a motivational speech or a self-reflection. But really it is just me, trying to hold onto the relationships I deeply love as time slips away – and trying to find words for it all.

In many ways, I think that’s what we’re all doing right now.

Love and humanity are the answer

In these uncertain times, it’s human nature to want to pick a side. We want to feel righteous and adamant in our beliefs. But it’s too easy for that righteousness to boil over into hate and aggression and pain.

Seeking the philosophy of love does not mean picking a side. The only side we pick is the human side. Humanity and love are the answer to aggression and hate.

Finding love in our communities

You don’t have to seek the vision of young poets to find examples of love and humanity. It’s all around us.

It’s the nameless firefighters who are putting their lives on the line to protect our communities.

It’s the nurses who are caring for communities that have been ravaged by fire, illness and unrest.

It’s the young couple next door who checks on their neighbors to make sure they have food and fresh water.

It’s the person on the street who stops to help lift a fallen stranger to their feet, instead of looking the other way.

These are the signs of light in dark times. They are the simple acts of kindness and love that bring us together and help us keep pushing forward, together.

That’s the human connection. That’s the human bond. That’s the eternity of love.

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