One of the Top American Voice Actors

Kabir Singh is a Los Angeles-based voice over talent who has become one of the most sought-after American voice actors today.

Recognized among the top American voice actors in the industry, Kabir Singh has provided professional voice over work for some of the world’s most beloved brands, as well as small businesses, nonprofits and clients in numerous industries.

Kabir’s voice can be heard on a variety of professional voice over projects across all forms of media, including:

A voice that resonates

Kabir’s urban and multicultural voice provides a fresh and hip sound to the new demands of the modern and ever-changing advertising industry.

Kabir’s poetic cadence and cool sound easily sets him apart from amateur online voice talent, placing him among the best American voice actors today. KabirsVoice is raw, real and relatable. KabirsVoice has range. Kabir’s voice can connect with college students, young adults, urban youth and corporate America.

One of the most recognized American voice actors

With a fully equipped professional recording studio and editing team, Kabir’s voice has been heard on national campaigns throughout the United States and Europe.

Having voiced spots for companies such as Nike, Nintendo, Pandora and Google, Kabir’s mix and flavor of urban sounds provides clients with a diverse sample and range of voices. With thousands of Facebook followers, Kabir’s passion for spreading positivity reflects in his work. A Voice Artist, Poet and Philosopher, Kabir continues to rank among top American voice actors and talents in the country.

A voice that’s familiar, relatable and versatile

Kabir’s voice over demos showcase a range of clients, sounds and personalities. Kabir’s voice and sound is ethnically familiar and pleasant. Warm and genuine enough for clients such as The Boys and Girls Club of America, but also raw and gritty enough for The Memphis Grizzlies (NBA).  Kabir’s is The Voice of Millennials.

Having voiced numerous projects for major universities and colleges, Kabir’s relatable and conversational sound inspires and motivates students to chase their dreams. Described by one of his clients as “The ideal and perfect voice for connecting with urban, African American and college students in today’s market, Kabir is a creative professional and voice acting expert.”

Kabir’s versatility as a male voice over talent makes him an ideal choice for a wide range of brands, businesses and projects. Many clients and producers choose Kabir when searching voice actors online for an “urban voice over sound” but Kabir’s versatility makes his voice relatable to a diverse range of audiences. This relatability is why Kabir’s voice resonates with so many people.

A skilled male voice actor for Amazon, T-Mobile and more

Kabir is also the current voice for Customer Service and IVR modules for T-Mobile. He is known for his friendly urban sound with a smile and generosity that the listener can hear and feel. In 2021, Kabir also had the privilege of being selected as the exclusive voice actor for Amazon Prime Day ads in the United States.

Recognized as a top voice talent and one of the most versatile American voice actors today, with representation throughout the country, Kabir’s team can handle most voice over projects within 48 hours’ notice. Kabir’s studio is equipped with various connectivity options for live sessions. Some of which include: Skype, iPDTL, Source Connect Standard and phone patch!

A personal note from Kabir

Thank you for checking out my website and considering me for your next voice over project. I am humbled to be compared to some of the most famous American voice actors today, and I’m grateful to my many clients who have trusted me to be the voice of their brands over the years.

As a voice artist, I know you have a lot of talent to choose from out there. There is no shortage of male voice actors in this industry who are vying for your partnership. While I have worked hard to join an elite group of American voice actors, I don’t take that distinction for granted. This is why I treat every project, every client and every producer with the respect and attention they deserve. Once we’ve had the opportunity to speak about your voice over needs and you’ve reviewed some of my demos, I believe you’ll see the level of professionalism and pride that I put into all aspects of my work. I may be known for my voice and vocal flexibility, but beyond those talents, it’s my dedication to clients’ needs that separates me from the numerous other American and English voice actors in the industry.

Thank you again for your consideration – I look forward to working with you!

Kabir Singh

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