Learn About Professional Voice Over Actor Services, Demo Sample Reels, Cost & Rates to Hire

With the continuous advancement in technology accompanied with advertisers on demand turnaround requests for projects, the voice over industry is evolving at a rapid pace. Voice over fees have favored freelance voice talent that provide quality audio, top notch acting abilities, effective communication and timely delivery. Voice over services online are becoming oversaturated, making it difficult for producers, casting directors and agents to efficiently search for voice actors for hire.

Voice over samples are overly produced and too often over acted. A talent’s voice over demo should showcase his/her best work. Nothing subpar. It should be authentic to its artist. Kabir’s voice over demo is hip, urban, poetic and showcases a range of African American voice sounds. Kabir Singh is a professional male voice over actor based in Los Angeles, California. Quickly becoming one of America’s top voice actors for hire- Kabir’s voice is relatable, real and millennial friendly. KabirsVoice can be heard on the recent Nintendo Switch commercials airing nationally throughout the United States.

Voice talent that are becoming dependent on a single source of revenue (either from Pay 2 Play Sites, Agents or handful of local clients) are falling behind and losing track. Professional voice talent must wear many hats in today’s freelance market. From marketer to creative and CEO to secretary, the freelance voice talent must strategically tackle it all. Never relying on a single source of income. Never providing amateur sound quality. Never offering clients anything but their best performance. An actors voice over demo reel is their official calling card and resume in this industry. However, a professional voice talent should continuously update his/her demo as their resume and experience builds. Utilizing industry services such as www.voicezam.com for the latest VO technology plugins.

Clients searching for “cheap voice over” are often led to sites like fiverr.com in hopes of quality sound and professional voice talent. However, voice over services, like any other industry have various levels. A note of caution to talent that place themselves at the bottom of the ladder- the climb is much stepper as time goes on. It is always best to consider ones voice over fees, budgets and usage rights yearly to make sure value and fairness are mutually respected.

The industry is changing fast. The demands for professional voice talent and recordings is, at minimum, expected. How does one stand out amongst the crowded streets of voice over? Be yourself. Showcase and share your spirit with your audience. Authenticity is respected and appreciated in today’s marketplace. Be real, raw and observant. Set your voice over fees at a rate that equally respects the industry, client and talent.

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