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    Great Attitude. Professional and communicates very well. Kabir is The Voice Of T-Mobile (Telephony/Customer Service) and we couldn’t ask for a better talent or experience.

    Love working with Kabir. Always a pro… fast… thorough… really makes sure we have not just everything we need but more than what we need.
    Love the sound and feel of his voice…

    Working with Kabir was a pleasure! A professional and fun experience. Super helpful, talented and down-to-earth guy that made an effort to be sure we were happy with the end result.

    Kabir was very easy to work with. He was very prompt in his replies and had us listen in live while he recorded. He was very understanding when it took awhile to get approval and to release payment. Should the need arrive, we would work with Kabir again.

    Kabir is great to work with. He takes direction really, really well, and wants to ensure his clients receive the best final output. We have used Kabir for several projects over the years — highly recommend!

    I thoroughly enjoyed Mr. Singh’s very professional work flow. His input and collaboration were helpful in delivering a quality product. I will work with him again in the future and would highly recommend him for your projects.

    Kabir was excellent to work with. We were able to schedule a time to Skype so that I could be present while he did the recording. He nailed each take and then once we were satisfied he did a few other takes in different styles. We ended up using one of those other styles he asked us to try out because it was so good. I would definitely work with Kabir again.

    Kabir is one of the most amazing talents I have had the opportunity to work with. He delivers a smooth, natural & passionate read, and is very diverse in his experience making him a perfect candidate for any VO project. I wouldn’t have changed a thing, thank you so much for your amazing work Kabir!

    Kabir was The Voice of KCC for 2016. He added poetry to our spots. There were some really great reads. Creative. Professional. Great attitude.

    POETIC. REAL. RAW. Kabir is authentic and your hear it in his reads. Unique blend of talent and humility. Love working with him on a regular basis.

    Kabir is very good at what he does. Asks the RIGHT questions. Saves our company time and money though his efficiency and communication. Highly recommended when searching for Cool, Hip, Young, Flavorful VO Talent.

    Kabir takes direction really well. He is very efficient at adjusting the read to a directors liking. He is very easy to work with and is a down to earth young man.

    Quick. Easy to work with and just a really cool guy.

    Kabir is the raddest. Working with him is a total pleasure, and quick. Asks all the right questions to get the job done with excellence, I highly recommend.