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Everyone has an inner voice and there is an art to discovering your inner voice. I’ve spent many years participating in activities that have helped guide me in discovering my unique inner voice. Activities such as: poetry, voice acting, working out/martial arts and self-improvement. I consider myself fortunate to have the opportunities and time to pursue this journey. Using art to communicate and express your truth is a liberating and insightful experience. I have learned that the more I get to know my inner voice, the more authentic I feel. The more authentic I feel the more enjoyable life gets. My communication through art comes in the form of voice acting, poetry and philosophy. Over many years of not knowing what I was consciously doing, I’ve become very aware of my inner voice and all its dimensions. The full spectrum of human emotion can be expressed and experienced once you know your inner voice.

What is the inner voice? The inner voice is you. All of you. Your: love, sadness, empathy, lust, demons, angels and everything else that makes up your spirit and mind. How you express your inner voice is where the magic comes in. No two people are alike, thus, each has their own unique voice and method when communicating through their unique art.

South Central urban voice

While speaking at a Share Necessities event in South Central Los Angeles, I focused on using the voice- more specifically the inner voice of love, to improve one’s quality of communication. The few basic principles that make up your voice and how you express it (your tone) are building blocks of how your message gets delivered when you speak. How is your cadence? Are you speaking too fast? Too slow? How is your energy? Are you coming off sluggish or negative? Maybe you have too much energy for the occasion at hand? When delivering a message of love, we often notice a warmth and softness that translates into a wonderful energy. The opposite also may be true and all that eventually reflects in your voice and presence around people.

Finding your inner voice is a deep journey within. Discovering who you really are and using your art to communicate your truth is a transcendental experience. We often hear people say “I’m just not creative or I’m not an artist”- I smile with love and politely disagree with these people. I believe every human is an artist. We all may not be the next Mozart but we all have the ability to create. Even at the basic level, we all can create our own unique thoughts.

This speaking event at Share Necessities was a great experience for me as I start my journey of becoming a professional speaker. This non-profit reaches out to inner city residents of all ages and provides them with knowledge based activities like guided meditation, nutritional education and self-improvement workshops. They have a great heart. You can check them out here: https://www.share-necessities.org

Find and listen to your inner voice. Be brave on your journey and approach it with humility and grace. Much love.

Speaker: Kabir Singh

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