What is one’s identity? What is identity? How many types of identities are there? These are a few of the questions that I’ve thought about as I’ve become a young man. To bluntly break it down–I was an East Indian kid born in India but raised in a trailer park in a predominantly Mexican and African American community. So in reflection of that- I’ve had to search for my identity for a while.

In order to identify yourself, you must be willing to search the depths of your soul. Developing personal identity can be a rewarding journey. I had to realize the importance of self-identity through years of: failure, pain, sorrow, depression, doubt etc. I’ve always used art as a way of expressing my emotions and my identity developed alongside my art. Through all the searching and contemplating I can’t help but describe my identity today with only one word– human. I don’t really like to be identified by any race, religion, culture or depiction of anything. Only human.

Identify yourself: What is the importance of developing your personal self identity? Discover my video with pdf style essay examples and meme quotes on issues and the many types of identity struggles.

I respect all different types of identities but only identify as a human. There’s something very powerful and pure about the simplicity of just being human. I feel like I can relate more to people if I weed away all the things that keep me boxed into a specific identity.

The identity struggles we face growing up can be challenging and often times painful and I’m not sure if there’s a right or wrong answer in our search. However, in my personal experience with identity struggles I can only come to the conclusion that you must identify yourself.

Be your own guru. Be your own identity. Do not be enslaved to the imagination of an avatar that people create of you.

Just be you.

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When voicing a commercial for a healthcare facility- voice talent are usually required to have a respectively “mature” sounding voice. Often times the script copy can be health sensitive and requires a compassionate and empathetic tone in nature. I tend to gravitate towards advertising copy that is sensitive and emotional. As a professional healthcare voice over artist one must be able to go to these depths of sensitivity and emotion quickly and effortlessly. A healthcare voiceover artist must also have a plethora of side skills to pull from. For example, annunciation is very important. One must also be able to pronounce difficult words frequently.

For this voiceover session with Regence Health- the client loved my original audition so much they directed my very little during the actual session. As a male healthcare voiceover actor – casting directors, can at times, be doubtful of our ability to access our emotions effectively/efficiently. However, the script was powerful which allowed me to travel that journey of emotion quite easily.

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When trying to access your emotions and sensitivity on a microphone, I have noticed that my inner thoughts can be my ally. My inner thoughts can guide me through these emotions easily if I am familiar with them. Once a voice actor gets intimate with their own inner emotions – they’re able to use them at will.

Being a professional voice actor, more specifically, a healthcare voice talent, develops over time and the maturity of oneself. As one becomes more experienced with the success and failures in life, one is able to transition those experiences and skills to the microphone. I was fortunate enough to be a voiceover talent on a few of Regence’s campaigns and each time was a pleasure as it allowed me to relate to the humanity of our daily lives.

Pro Tip: As a professional voiceover artist allow yourself to explore the depths of your emotions and get to know who you are- your light and your darkness. These emotions can be used when accessing simple or complex voiceover scripts.


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I haven’t voiced a lot of beer voiceover commercials in my career. However, I’ve always been allured by their high energy voice acting performances. Beer commercials and the beer advertising campaigns that follow- usually target young millennials nowadays. When working on this voiceover project for Sam Adams, the director did a great job of letting me know that high energy music along with a young cool and energetic voiceover was the main focus of the commercial.
Sam Adams voiceover projects and commercials have had a history of being fun and visually appealing. Some people naturally have an energetic way of communicating their emotions and feelings. I however, tend to have a very subdued and calm way of doing it. Neither is right or wrong– there just different. When a voice actor approaches a copy in a way that is much different than their normalcy allows, is a great opportunity to flex one’s range of skills. For those that know me, know that I’m softer spoken most of the time, but on the right subjects, I can be very energetic and vocal.
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When a more subdued voice talent needs to transition into a high-energy voice artist, I find that body movement, along with very specific feelings that promote energetic feelings within myself, allow me to get into character when approaching the script.
When approaching high-energy voiceover sessions, I use a method of “repeating” to build up the constant flow of vocal performance energy. I will repeat the first few words or perhaps even the sentence a few times while simultaneously increasing the energy at which it is spoken. This allows the voice talent to find the energy level that’s right for them.
Professional high-energy voiceover talent know that energy matters and takes priority over other dimensions of communication. Pace is dictated by one’s energy. Inflections are secondary to one’s energy. When a voiceover script is specifically created to be high energetic then it is the job of the voice talent to play in the range of high-energy and extremely over-the-top high-energy. Exploring along the way with the director. The end result is something similar to the spot above.
Pro Tip: Focus on the energy and explore its range when given the opportunity to do so. It’s a great practice.


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Discover Kabir Singh: Christian church worship style voice over talent video demo reel and actor for hire.
When I was younger I always wanted a brother or mentor to look up to. Being raised in a house full of all women, (mom and sisters & no father, I often searched for the masculine energy. In my low-income community there were many churches that offered big brother type youth programs. Although I never attended one- I wish I had.

Christian voiceover projects are some of my favorites to voice. I love doing church voiceover projects. They often have messages of uplifting the community, nonprofit material and goodwill. Worship voiceover casting directors usually seek out an empathic and compassionate voice. In my church voice over demo real I have many examples of the different ranges and tones a church voiceover project can explore.



Christian voice over projects often cast for young youth leaders. As a church voiceover talent- I love this role. It allows me to express my mature and emotional side. It also allows me to deliver a message of positivity as a leader in the community. When approaching worship voiceover projects, I often utilize my heart more than my mind. Love. Love tends to be the driving force behind my cadence, energy and tone. I approach each church message with the purest of love along with a gentle smile– then I begin reading the script.

I really enjoyed working on this worship voiceover project because it reminded me of my youth. It reminded me of the importance of having a mentor in one’s own community. As a professional voice actor it is a privilege to be a part of positive messages that affect the community directly and when I have an opportunity to do so I don’t take it for granted.

Pro Tip: Church voiceover projects can be a great source of frequent work. Build relationships with the community and the church members. Offer your services to their media department if they have one. There are hundreds of thousands of churches and most of them need a voice to match their branding.


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