Insecurity can be a very powerful force. Insecurity can lead to confidence issues but it can also lead to moments of empowerment. Insecurity can be defined in many different ways. I know many insecure people including myself. We all have insecurities. Overcoming those insecurities can often be a challenge. Insecurities have a powerful way of injecting us with false beliefs of ourselves: the sense of belief that we may not be good enough or skinny enough or pretty enough… the list goes on.

When I was younger my list of insecurities could fill up a novel. I was insecure about everything. It showed in my confidence levels and in my communication with others. One of the most damaging results of my insecurities was loneliness. No one really wants to be around somebody that’s overwhelmingly insecure. Even though we all have insecurities, the negative energy associated with it is often undesirable.


overcoming insecurity and insecurities philosophy quotes definition and examples


There are many “overcoming insecurity” quotes out there. There are many motivational videos and books that can help build one’s insecurity into confidence. For me, overcoming my insecurities required solitude, exploring the depths of my ego, overcoming fear, participating in challenging sports and a few other things. One of the most beautiful things about insecurity is that it can be molded into confidence and self-awareness. Your insecurity does not own you.

Insecurity can hide in the deepest darkest places. Whether it’s career based, personal based and/or community based- insecurity is everywhere. The relationship we have with insecurity can grow over time. I encourage you to explore that relationship to its deepest degree. The benefits of turning insecurity into confidence can be overwhelming. Understanding that you have the power to become secure, confident, self-aware and healthy is vital to your success in this journey.

Be brave. Respect solitude. Explore your ego.

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When a producer is looking to hire a voice actor, they often go down a deep dark hole of options. Options from amateurs to professional voice actors. After narrowing down their options and when a creative director finally gets to hire voice actors, they must assure their getting a professional worth their time and money. If a producer chooses to hire a cheap voice actor online, they may not be happy with the end result. Typically, the result is poor communication, lack of sophistication of studio quality and latency in deliverables. Producers are thus encouraged to hire voice actors that are true professionals.

A professional voice actor for hire is going to communicate in a timely manner and ask the right questions to ensure your project needs are met. The voice talent hiring process can be a tedious task. However, if the right questions are addressed to and by the voice actor in question- the result of authenticity and professionalism will reveal itself quickly. Producers are encouraged to hire voice actors that have: a working professional website, video and audio voice over demos, studio pictures and equipment and an easy way to get in contact with them directly. Time is money in this business and things need to move quickly. Amateur voice actors will lack these sophisticated offerings.


tips to hire a voice actor hiring acting talent and pro actors for hire online


There are many companies that offer voice actors for hire. Everything from to The range of voice actors for hire online are endless. The key here for any producer is to sift through the amateurs while finding the right professional. Make sure the talent understands your needs prior to any discussion of usage, contracts etc. For the right communication, it is imperative that a producer lay out the needs of their clients in a timely and concise manner each time.

When clients come to me with a voice over project, I ask a series of questions in my initial correspondence. Everything from NDA, script samples and invoice needs. This ensures communication is efficient and timely. As a professional voice actor for hire myself, I am often in the booth recording. I like to stay ahead of client needs by getting to the details quickly and with respect.

The voice talent hiring process can be a fun endeavor if you don’t fall in the pit of amateurs first. Do yourself and your project a favor by hiring voice actors that are real professionals. The end result with a professional voice over will trump the poor experience with an armature.

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Never stop dreaming. We hear it all the time- Never stop dreaming. But, what does that really mean? Many would argue that life is like a dream. Is life a dream? Or is life just reality? Reality vs Dreams is a spoken word poem I created when I found myself at my own crossroads with these types of questions.

When I was younger I didn’t enjoy my reality. My reality was abusive, crime ridden and full of fear and loneliness. However, in my solitude, it was my dreams that helped me through the pain. My dreams were my positive thoughts. My dreams were my true escapes. The dreams vs reality philosophy is one that I reflect on often in the darkest moments of my life. I find myself either wanting to escape my reality or pleading for a bigger dream.


reality vs dreams theory is life not but like a dream philosophy on never stop dreaming speech essay images and quotes


When I reflect on my voice over career I never imagined I would be living my reality as a full time professional voice actor. I dreamt about it all the time, but to actually live it is a whole different experience. But, it was my dreams that keep me going. It was my desire and willingness to accomplish my goals that kept my dream alive. My dream is now my reality. So, is life a dream?

Never stop dreaming. I can’t help but abide by this rule now. Everyday is a new day to dream and live a life full of all possibilities. We each possess the ability to dream and accomplish our most far out goals and endeavors. It just requires a bit of courage. Dreaming reality into existence is nothing but a belief in oneself and a few good years of hard work away.

Is life a dream? I am too inexperienced to fully realize that as of now. But, I can’t help but reflect on the old nursery rhyme we all know so well….

“Row, Row, Row your boat gently down the stream

Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily- life is but a dream.”

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Football voice over, particularly the NFL, is one of favorite genres of voice over projects to work on. Pro football voice over requires a certain level of gravitas and swagger. The NFL voice over requires a sound that resonates with the hard working and gritty audience it attracts. Authenticity triumphs all in this case. NFL voiceovers fuel off of attitude. It is the voice actors job to display the right attitude given a combination of: music, creative direction, visual reference and story.

I’ve had the pleasure of working on the Kansas City Chiefs voice over projects for a few years now. Each spot they create has a great story behind it. Each spot has a certain tone and cadence. The NFL voice over requires fierce pace and cadence. During the session, my approach was to connect deeply with the story. The story of the history behind the city itself. To listen for the cadence in the roars at the stadium and to feel it.

At times, football voice over projects challenge the voice actor to find a balance between being a die hard fan and an authentic sounding motivational “guru”. Really, it’s delivering with a strong sense of humility and pride. Kansas City Chiefs were very big on their connection with pride. True pride, in a quality voice over, can make even the disbeliever- believe and that’s the power of a good football voice over sound.


Kabir Singh: Kansas City Chiefs NFL pro football sports voice over actor and talent for hire


As I continue to work on my particular NFL voice over sound, I often reflect on the years it took delivering my specific cadence, tone and maturity. The practice comes in handy, if you’re ever up to it, practice reading an NFL voice over script in 3 different emotions: intimate, hard sell and real. Each one will give you a different sense of pride and spirit. It’s often called upon us as sports voiceover actors to be able to deliver these 3 particular style of reads. My personal favorite is the intimate voice over read. Intimate reads have a powerful way of delivering the right feel for a motivational football voice over commercial. The rawness, the subtly and softness all seem to blend well.

The Kansas City Chiefs voice over projects continue to help me grow as a voice actor. I am able to practice various emotions and deliveries as the team progresses and finds it truest believers. It’s a true pleasure working on these spots. They usually allow me to express my poetic side with enough gravitas to keep a healthy balance of humility and pride. Don’t be afraid to explore your own humility and pride during your next nfl voiceover read.

Get raw. Get connected. Get heard.

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