Hey what’s up? My name is Kabir Singh, I’m a voice actor, poet and philosopher from Los Angeles, California. You can checkout some of my work and testimonials at KabirsVoice.com. So today I’m talking about Voice123. It’s a great site. It’s a platform where voice talent can get auditions every day, every month, every week, every year, for a fee. And in the industry it’s called pay-2-play website. There’s a few of them, today we’re focusing on Voice123.

The company’s based in Columbia, I’ve been part of the company and auditioning on their website for well over six years. So I have a lot of experience and a lot of my clients & business comes from Voice123. At least in 2019, when I’m writing this, it’s in good standing with the industry. So as one of the platinum members and as a person who uses the website daily, there’s a few things that have helped me do better on the website and i’d like to share that here. Here are a few simple tips & tricks that might help you on your journey of voice acting.

So with Voice123, you want to focus on making sure that your auditions are of quality. You’re dealing with voice over buyers on every level and sometimes you will deal with freelancers that are starting out or they’re new directors, agencies or producers & they expect your sound to be broadcast ready. That’s how the audition should definitely sound. It should sound like it’s going to get on TV broadcast right away.

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Also your profile should highlight three to five solid demos. It’s not traditional demos only, like promo demos or commercial demos. It’s niche specific demos like the “conversational read” or “urban read”. Instead of just having a single e-learning demo, break them into niche categories like “medical” vs “College” e-learning demo. It helps buyers see the tags and the metadata of Voice123 platform and apply it to their search. So have your three to five demos that are either broad demos or very niche demos and get them on your profile as soon as possible.

I love to audition daily. You want to audition daily because auditioning daily keeps that muscle going, keeps that practice going and allows you to always keep your voice in the minds of the buyers. Now, the buyer may not hear your audition because they have hundreds of submissions, but your concern should only be to perform in a timely manner.

Our job as voice actors is to purely to absorb and to let go. You absorb the content and then you let go of the content to your best ability. Along with that, some business tips that I would say are very helpful when you’re using Voice123, is that you’re dealing with clients directly. And that’s the beauty of it. You get to speak directly to producers and agents and whoever is hiring on the platform. Copywriters & casting directors etc. You get to deal with them directly. So make sure your business infrastructure is clear and setup effectively. Your email and website should be on point. Your email signature should contain different information about you. Including your studio information & how a client may connect you if they need to speak to you right away. These are different little things that makes it easy for the buyer to deal with the talent directly. Have a CRM tool in place! And if you don’t, that’s not a problem. Log in what you can on an Excel sheet. If you know the client’s website, log that website in. Come back to it quarterly and reach out if applicable.  Find ways that you can capture data and store it for your company and make sure you treat yourself like a company.

So these are some tips that I would say are very helpful on Voice123 platform. If you have any questions or if I can help you in any way on your journey, feel free to check out my website, KabirsVoice.com. A lot of people have helped me in my life and I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the help of other people. I’m very grateful.

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Hey, what’s up? My name is Kabir Singh. I’m a voice actor, poet and philosopher from Los Angeles, California. You could check out some of the work and testimonials at Kabirsvoice.com. I appreciate your time. Today, we’re talking about Bodalgo.com. I’ve been a member on Bodalgo.com for well over four years. It’s been a great experience to learn on the platform and to learn about the different types of clients that are buying around the world because Bodalgo is based in Germany.

I would say that compared to the other larger platforms, like Voices.com, Voice123 and  Voiceovers.com, Bodalgo.com, is much smaller and niche specific. However, it really capitalizes in that niche. Specifically, they’re based in Germany. So you get a lot of clients that are from all over Europe, England, Ireland, Germany and a few other countries. And that’s what I love about Bodalgo.com. Is that if you have a strong U.S. business but you don’t have an overseas presence- It lets you tap into that market.

The auditions are much less frequent compared to other larger voice over platforms. You’re not getting daily auditions by the dozens here. However, you will find quality and trustworthy auditions. I mean, the guy who runs it does an excellent job. Armin, does an excellent job as a CEO. He’s very trustworthy. He’s very loved in the industry. So, he treats his platform with a lot of respect.

Learn about my honest Bodalgo.com vo website reviews including jobs and auditions.

I encourage you to try the platform, experience it. I’ll book a job maybe once every few months on the website. And sometimes, they’re small jobs. Sometimes they’re big jobs. I mean, the last one I booked, was a very good video game job. So, It serves its purpose. Especially if you’re looking to tap into the international market. Then I encourage you to check out Bodalgo.com. Because it’ll let you do so in a very graceful way.

Learn a few different cultural communication words and techniques. At first, I did a bad job of understanding how people in Germany or England may communicate via email. It’s a subtle difference but it can be the difference in repeat business. It’s a good thought to experience and get better at communicating with international clients. You’ll hear terms that they may use or that you may not use and vice versa.

Another great tip, is with your demos, you wanna make sure that they’re not too long. On Bodalgo, I like to keep my demos nice and short. 60 seconds, maybe 90 seconds. But have a variety of them. Because with overseas clients, they wanna hear your vocal range. And they wanna see it in specific genres of VO. Maybe they’re doing explainer videos. Maybe they’re doing commercials. But, they’re very specific types in each country. Basic knowledge in dialects, accents, cultural references will all go a long way when dealing with international clients.

Do a good job of tagging your demos on the website. But, have them be very short and snappy. Other tips, I would say- Stay in contact with the Bodalgo blog, it’s excellent. Stay in contact with Armin, if you can. Follow his journey. Because again, the website is loved and adored in 2019 by a lot of the community members. Enjoy it, check it out, Bodalgo.com. For more information on me, check out Kabirsvoice.com. Peace.

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Hey, what’s up? My name is Kabir Singh. I’m a voice actor, poet and a philosopher from Los Angeles, California. You can check out some of the work at kabirsvoice.com. Today, we’re gonna be talking about voiceovers.com. It’s a new and emerging platform in 2019 for voice actors to find high quality voice over projects.

Voiceovers.com was started by Matt Dubois and he’s a very nice guy. I’ve spoken to him, and as of 2019, he’s trustworthy and loved by the industry. The site has a lot of potential to grow and excel the careers of independent voice actors while still partnering up with your agents. Which is a big deal, especially if you’re familiar with the current climate in the voiceover industry.

Right now, traditional agents and technology are merging to create something that will benefit all. Full disclosure I’m a gold member in 2019. Speaking to Matt and the team at voiceovers.com it’s been a tremendously beneficial experience. Their platform is very nice, I love the color scheme and I love the technology in the backend.  

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They have really cool tools like the D-Cipher Rate Guide- these are tools that will help voice actors really get their rates in line with expectations of buyers. There’s an old school and new school way of thinking and doing business in the industry. What I like about voiceovers.com, is that it’s beginning to merge the old school with the new school and I’m looking forward to the quality auditions on the website. Their team is doing a tremendous job of ranking first page on Google and spending a lot of money to do so. I can’t speak on it too much because it just launched. But, I can say as of right now in 2019, we have a positive outlook and I think it’s gonna be a great experience for every voice actor to one day be on the platform.

Again, you want to keep your hands partnering with these platforms and serve them, so that they can serve you- but do it with respect, do it with dignity and do it humility. If transparency is what you seek, then you’ll get it here. So check out voiceovers.com and see if its a good fit for you as you travel on your voice over journey. My name is Kabir Singh & you can check out some of my work at kabirsvoice.com, peace.

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