The online marketplace for voice overs is constantly evolving. Every year new sites replace old sites promising a vast area of casting, auditions and talent. On the journey of voice acting online, talent will come across 3 main voice acting casting sites:, voice123 and I had my share of experience on all of these sites. used to be a place where all up-and-coming voice actors started a career. Throughout the years the company,, has been plagued with negative reviews. Reviews that can be found simply by doing a Google search. But the truth is, wasn’t always a place that was looked down upon by the voiceover industry. The website in fact, partnered with many Industry leaders including agents and casting directors in the early years. The Spring Moves commercial voiceover campaign was auditioned on and then flipped to an agent locally.

Commercial voice over campaigns all require a certain tone & energy in their delivery. It is the job of a professional voice over to harness and provide variations of this energy and tone. The producers at Spring Moves wanted a really urban sound. They wanted a young energetic athlete that was bold and courageous, to deliver their final copy. At first the producers expressed their hesitation with casting voice acting online, since it was the early days of the technology, however when they heard my audition they stopped their search for male voice actors. Music commercial voiceover is a popular demand in the new age of the internet. With devices and streaming services that constantly try to gain the attention of its consumers, much of the content being produced- combines masterful music with masterful voice acting. A commercial voice should sound trendy for its era. For instance, my voice print is a millennial and urban sound that is popular in 2019.

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The final commercial voiceover for Spring Moves displayed a voice that was raw and poetic. With amazing visuals that motivated its audience to get out and move. The producers did a great job in directing the session and bringing out my inner athlete. It doesn’t really matter where you start your career. Voice123 or the opportunities for commercial voiceover campaigns are plentiful. If you’re going to learn how to be a voiceover actor- you should also learn how to run a voiceover business. Understand how to navigate the industry formalities and pay respect to the agents that work hard to get your foot in the door.

No two voice over actors are alike. Each of us has a unique sound and perspective and when we get our chance on the microphone, it is our job to hone in and master that sound. Campaigns such as Spring Moves allowed me to master my urban and poetic sound, and today, it is a branded signature sound.

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I have voiced thousands of commercials. Each voice over is treated as a unique experience. The University of Nebraska Lincoln voice over project was and is one of my most admired voice over productions. The casting specs were perfectly in line with my branded urban voice. They wanted a voice that was: poetic, raw, real and African American sounding. A voice over actor that not only understood commercial voice over but specialized in a “college sound”. The casting agents had sent out the audition to many agents including castings sites such as voice123 and I remember first auditioning for this project on voice123. Everything from the words, message and music bed were perfectly put together and presented to create a professional voice over experience. When I first started my voice over career, searching “voice over online” only produced a few results and Voice 123 was one of the first voice acting websites that I got my career started on and I treated each audition with the utmost respect.

It’s been over five years since the university of Nebraska Lincoln voiceover project. Till this day, when a producer or director find my profile on one of the numerous voice acting websites, they always refer to this specific commercial voiceover sound. What is it that makes it so special? I believe it’s the authenticity in the voice. A true professional voice actor will know how to not only sound authentic but also how to BE authentic. There are many male voice actors online with a plethora of unauthentic voices demos. In my experience the college and millennial audience requires a voice that is 100% authentic in order to effectively convey its marketing message. If you are a young voice actor out there, please consider a voice acting coach that can help you achieve your most authentic read.

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When I submitted my audition to voice 123, I provided 3 takes for the client to vibe to. The first take was a very energetic and upbeat sound. The second take was a very pensive and quiet sound throughout the whole spot. The third take was the winner–a mix of a pensive poetic sound that built in energy and climaxed at the end. A lot of times the script will guide the different takes a professional voice over actor should give. When the producer awarded me the job she was kind enough to let me know that out of all the other voices on and I actually sound like a student. A student that had pride and was real. A voice for the students that other students can relate to. More importantly, a voice they could feel. In regards to voice123- I am forever grateful for the platform. I was even able to flip this job to my LA Agent for additional support. There are a host of voice123 reviews online, as of 2019, my review is nothing short of excellence for them.

The voiceover session went as expected and the end result was immaculate. The University of Nebraska Lincoln voiceover project still holds true to my poetic and urban sound. It is the first commercial voice over spot on my voice acting demo reel. It establishes my unique sound and poetic cadence, thus, further solidifying my marketing efforts when promoting my voice acting website and demos online.

Tip: if you get positive comments, feedback and constant praise of a specific voice over style or voice over demo, make sure you keep it and understand its power. Maximize it!

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Commercial voiceover projects for universities and colleges are very popular throughout this country. The IUPUI voice over project is a great example of a university that rallied around student and alumni pride and created content around that concept. The university wanted a voice that would stand out as an inspiring authority figure amongst the growing student body. A voice that was authentically raw with a no b.s attitude.

I remember reading through the casting notice on Voice123 and getting very excited. As a professional voice over actor, I am enthusiastic when a project comes through with all the right details and resources. The commercial voice over session for IUPUI had the perfect combination of music, script and voiceover. Over a few hundred voice over actors online applied with many submitting their voice acting demo reel directly to the producers. With an option to do a custom audition I decided to provide a few different takes. I have been the voice of many college and universities across this country and one thing I do really well is speak to an urban, millennial & younger audience. I never speak down to them. I speak equal to them.

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During the final session for this commercial voiceover project the producers pushed my attitude further and further in order to motivate their targeted audience. One technique they used to do this was ramp up the music and crescendo the copy in parallel with it. Many male voice actors have a hard time being vulnerable. But being vulnerable is the key to connecting with your audience. Can a voice actor show vulnerability and confidence at the same time? Absolutely. The final result came out so good that I even submitted the commercial to voice arts awards.

Whether you want to be a professional voice actor or be considered one of the thousands of home voice actors, success will lie in collaboration. I love doing live voiceover sessions because it allows me to collaborate in real-time with my buyers. Taking direction is an art and all voiceover talent should embrace it. The reason this project was successful was because I was able to take direction well. My enthusiasm became infectious once the director got involved. That was the key to a successful production and collaboration.

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When clients hire voice actors, they may not always know exactly what they are looking for. Producers are inflexed with constant banner ads that say “voice actors for hire” yet finding the right voice for the project can often be a serious adventure. With the plethora of casting sites such as and Voice123, many producers end up casting multiple talent for the same spot before narrowing down their final choice.

The Olympia Washington voiceover project was a pleasure to work on. The producers were very kind and generous in their direction. They narrowed their final decision down to myself and another female talent. As any professional voiceover actor may know, sometimes the right voice is not always the voice you imagined. As strong as the female talent was, the producers felt that my smart millennial sound along with the strength of a male voice actor really lifted the spot to life. Just having a good sounding commercial voice is not good enough. Voice over actors most also have: range, acting skills, communication skills, good studio setups and copy compression skills. The producer felt I was a good combination of all those skills.

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The smart and cool millennial sound is very popular nowadays. In certain industries such as: tourism, beverages, fashion and education- the smart millennial voice outshines the rest. For those that hire voiceover talent regularly, you are well versed in listing clear and specific casting specs. All in the hopes that once you put all the pieces together you realize your production is exactly what you imagined. Hiring voice actors online has never been easier. This was one of the first projects for State tourism board and they were extremely satisfied with the end of production.

The inspiring and motivational content created by the producers did a great job in showcasing my range within such specific vocal print–Young Millennial. My goal is to show this range in every voice acting demo reel I create. To showcase that my voice can be poetic and raw but it can also be intelligent and honest.

Don’t be afraid to show your vocal range. It’s what makes you – you.

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The Easter holiday is a celebration for the Christian community and it is a great time of the year. During Palm Sunday many videographers and freelancers bid to create content for Christian churches across the country and most likely they will be looking for voice over talent. Christian Bible voice over projects and Bible voice over talent are keywords and terms searched by producers. I have done over a hundred different voiceover productions for churches in the United States. When a producer is searching for their Christian voice actor, often times they will audition the script to a wide range of talent. So how does a producer narrow down the breakdown of what they envision? Well, church voiceover projects are uniquely poetic and require a certain amount of vulnerability and empathy when reading the script.

Christian Church "Our King Palm Sunday" bible voice over artist talent video demo and actor for hire

During our Palm Sunday project, the client and I had a great time discussing some of the Easter motivations and religious backgrounds. To understand the full purpose and reason behind the holiday really helped deliver an authentic message once on the microphone. Our goal as professional voice actors and actresses is to believe. We must believe in what we’re saying. We must believe, more importantly, in what we are feeling. In the Bible voiceover demo or Christian voiceover project one must always sound and be authentic. Authentic in their approach to creativity while respecting the content is crucial. Regardless of religious beliefs, it is an actor’s job to deliver authentically. The voice is a very powerful instrument and worship houses and churches all across the country use voice actors in their congregations. In what ways? In ways to uplift, deliver messages, reignite hope and belief, and connect with its members.

As the Our King Palm Sunday voice talent I had to deliver the message and ignite hope and belief to the churchgoers that were listening. To make them feel connected and to remember the purpose of Palm Sunday and the importance of the Easter weekend. The love, community and Bible studying that enriches the lives of so many during this time of year can be an infectious energy. All of that has to be reflected in my voice and done so authentically. Connecting to the spirit of Palm Sunday and Easter was relatively easy for me because I was raised around communities that participated in these events year-round. As a church voice over talent our job is to recall and reflect on the messages of Christ and the Bible, especially when given the script to do so. Approach it authentically with a kind heart and the message will be heard with a smile.

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Most University voice over projects require one thing in common – pride. The voice must reflect a sense and feeling of pride. Not arrogance and not ego. Just an authentic voice of pride for the community, history, and alumni of the school. The Temple University voiceover project had a lot of pride in it. Their infamous symbol is the owl. Everything from the mascot to their slogan is structured around this owl- Stella. The voice over producers of the project wanted to feel pride and authenticity but also the spirit of a young millennial student voice. Often times producers will let a voice over talent know what their target demographic is and when they first hear your voice in the audition they already have a direction in mind.

The Temple University College voice, according to the producers, had to be relatable to a multicultural audience. What is it about the voice that reflects a multicultural audience? Sometimes it’s just the informality of it. A lot of times multicultural societies, such as the ones I grew up in, have speech patterns that are informal. Lots of contractions and mumbled slang are used. When I approached the microphone during session I just had to be my authentic self and remember my informal self-bit more. But, a voice actor should not get it confused– informal does not mean disrespectful or immature. Informal just means a little bit looser. As a voice talent, it is our job to dance on the line of formality and informality while delivering structured copy. Lucky for me, it’s very easy to relate to college students because I’m not too far from being one.

Temple University college voice over video demo from professional actor Kabir Singh

In most commercial voiceover projects authenticity is required. A voice actor or actress must be authentic within their given boundaries. As the Temple University voiceover hired for this spot, I reflected on my experience as a prideful college student not too long ago. The sense of pride that only builds through experience. Once I was able to harness the feeling that resembled what I was searching for and matched what the producers envisioned– then I would practice the cadence and rhythm of the script. I remember for this voiceover project timing was crucial because they had to alter the copy as it was too long to begin with. They wanted a 60 second voice over commercial, but head enough words for a two-minute commercial. As a Voice actor adjusting our pace is crucial but we are limited within our scope. Once the voice acting portion of the script was finalized, the direction and collaboration just came naturally.

The Temple University voiceover project was one of those projects that helped me discover and harness one of my “signatures voices”- the college voice sound. I would market my voice as the millennial voice, college voice, University voice, student pride voice, and authentic Voice for many years to come.

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Christian and church worship voiceover work is very popular during the months of December through May. Holidays like Christmas along with the Easter weekend produce some of the most valuable content for churches around the country. Christian voiceover and church voiceover projects usually require a few specific vocal traits. The voice must be honest, loving, warm, and sometimes very sentimental. The Christian voiceover actor must convey empathy at all times. When I get hired to do a voiceover project for a church or worship house, I first start by figuring out at want amplitude my voice should be. If the script requires a certain sentimental voice or softer voice over than my volume and amplitude must reflect intimacy. Proper microphone technique is crucial for Christian voiceover projects. For the Christ the King voiceover project – I had to reflect and hone in on my sentimental and softer attitudes in my life in order to relate to script.

What does the sentimental read require? How does an actor approach “sentimental and vulnerable” copy? Whether your project is for church voiceover or a public service announcement for cancer research–the sentimental approach can be achieved through reflection of moments in your life that may shed a “tear”. The sentimental read requires an intimate volume on microphone and an honest reflection from the actor. Vulnerability is key to being sentimental. How vulnerable can an actor be in their softer hidden spirits? Being sentimental requires an understanding of happiness, empathy, reflection, meditation, and honesty. In the end what it requires is an honest heart.

Christian church "Christ the King" voice over artist talent video demo and actor for hire

As a male voice actor, it can be challenging to reach certain sentimental levels. But, one of the keys is to embrace all the other times in your life in which being sentimental or showing vulnerability is required. It’s the training and practice of our emotions. Once you build up a history of being sentimental or vulnerable it becomes natural and it shows on microphone. You have to study off the mic in order to be present on the mic.

When performing a script or copy that requires a sentimental and loving approach, do not make the mistake of taking being sentimental as meaning the same as sadness or tears. Sometimes there’s a fine line between “sentimental” and “depressing”. It is an actor’s job to dance on that line gracefully. In voiceover work one must learn to dance gracefully within their emotions. On the microphone the beauty is all you have is your voice and no other stimuli. Sure the words will encourage and guide you- but sometimes they don’t. In church and worship voiceover projects they often do. The key to remember when dancing gracefully within your emotions is to never be attached to any of them.

Enjoy the microphone- it tells no lies.

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