I have done thousands of commercials for colleges and universities all across the country. College voice over and a millennial sound is my bread and butter in terms of voice over income. However, there are always a few college voice over commercials that stand out above the rest. Franklin & Marshall College is one of those colleges that takes a lot of pride in their historic stature. Pride. Pride is the one word I kept hearing during our live voice over session. The creative directors needed the voice to have a sense of dignified pride. But, not as teacher or authority figure, rather, as a student. The typical college voice can be skewed in many directions. Some spots make the voice too laid back or cool, some make them way too enthusiastic. My point of comfort is the inspired student- the student who has a purpose. This purpose reflects in the sound and energy of their voice.

Franklin and Marshall College had a great team of creatives that allowed me to bring a poetic and spoken word quality to the read. They provided me with the music bed ahead of time so I could vibe to its cadence. Once I reviewed the script with the music playing under, it was a lyrical spoken word piece and no longer just a “regular” commercial. “Spirit” is vital to prideful college voice over projects. To have the right spirit, a talent must find that place inside of them that accesses the door to the most exciting time they can reflect on. Along with having the right spirit, the college voice must now also sound like the authentic voice that everyone can relate to.


Franklin and Marshall (Lancaster, PA) college voice over from professional voice actor Kabir Singh


The Franklin & Marshall College voice over project is a great example of what happens when the right elements of a production come together and a vision is clearly executed. The right music plays a big role in this. Often times, I have seen creatives ruin spots because of the wrong music bed. In this case, it was perfect. Everything from the tempo to the hook, the music bed is vital for the voice over talents judgment of tone and pace.

This commercial voice over was one of my favorites and definitely one to remember. Much love to the historic Franklin & Marshall College, and thank you for working with me.

Kabir Singh

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How do you show love? How do you receive love? I’ve often thought about these questions as I’ve grown into a young man. I didn’t really have a relationship with love when I was growing up. I didn’t understand love. I would often hear people say “be love” or “it’s all about love” but if you have never known love, this is a distant practice. I have come to believe that love is too beautiful to not practice daily, and to love authentically, one must practice daily. Whenever life presents the moment- shine your light of love. Show love to those around you by small gestures of kindness or empathy. We must be love if we seek to understand love.

Love can be expressed in many ways. So can hate. Love trumps hate and I believe love will always trump hate. Hate is all around us, like love, it too is a daily practice. Once people begin to hate, they hate everything from small things to big things. In the end, hate is reflected inwards. Just like love, hate is an inner journey to the soul and just like love, hate is very powerful.


love is too beautiful and will always trump hate its all about understanding love show as much as you can be shine your light of love


When I was younger, I hated everything. I hated myself, I hated people, I hated nice people, I hated nice things… the story of hate goes on. It wasn’t until I reflected on the countless moments of someone showing love to me, that I began my journey to becoming more loving. Ego is the shield of love. Ego makes us love less and hate more. Ego disguises itself as love only to leave you there standing naked in sorrow. In order to be love, one must be egoless. Becoming egoless is a journey we all must aspire to travel, and the beauty is, it is a journey that never ends.

If you find yourself, like me, lost in between hate and love, don’t be afraid. The journey takes time and the mirror of the soul will break often. Love daily and love authentically.

Love trumps hate and always will.

Kabir Singh

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When a client requests an “athletic sound” the voice talent will have to access their inner athlete. But, no two athletes are alike. A football voice over project requires a talent to have a certain level of gravitas and courage. A certain energy and quiet intensity to their voice over. During my Kansas City Chiefs Voice Over session, I had to find that inner athlete and be consistent with his delivery. NFL voice overs range in their creative approach. Some production companies like the soft intimate voice over reads, while others like to start soft and build in intensity, eventually climaxing, before falling back down toward the end. It is the job of the voice over artist to flow with that pace and cadence to the directors liking. Sports voice over actors tend to sound too much like an announcer. Nowadays, clients seem to be eager to be searching for the “poetic voice” instead. Some of the best NFL voice over spots have a beautiful build in pace and energy. The Kansas City Chiefs voice over creative director did a great job in building and balancing my pace and energy, allowing me to sound consistently motivated throughout the read.

Voice talent for hire should always do some due diligence of their own prior to a voice over session. This includes studying a few YouTube clips of the client and learning about their customers. In this case, football voice over commercials were easily found online and I spent a few hours learning what worked and what didn’t. NFL voice over projects are some of my favorite ones to do because of the level of gravitas they require. Who motivates the motivated athletes? Who rallies the crowd? Who inspires the inner beast in all of us? That’s the football voice over actor’s job and if he/she sounds weak or timid, it will certainly not sound authentic.


Kabir Singh: Kansas City Chiefs NFL pro football sports voice over actor and talent for hire


The sports voice over actor must sound fearless, excited, hungry, real, raw and authentic all at the same time. Game day is never over. The athlete never sleeps. Winning is the motivation and losing is the enemy. NFL voice over projects are becoming ever-so more creative, popular and raw and the only way to deliver the message is head on!

Kabir Singh

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I am still learning how to play this game. I’m not really use to awards and recognitions so receiving the award for outstanding spoken word performance took me by surprise. SOVAS and the voice arts awards are becoming industry leaders in the areas of voice over conference and talent recognition. The 2018 Voice Arts Awards, held at the Warner Brothers Studio was a great experience for me to be a part of. Having been nominated in the past for outstanding spoken word performance and commercial voice over, this year was truly highlighted with the 30 seconds I got to speak on stage after the announcement decision was made.

The Society of Voice Arts and Sciences honored many great people this year, including: Van Jones and Sigourney Weaver.  My first time on stage was my chance to showcase myself in front of my colleagues and show my appreciation for the countless people that have helped me travel this journey thus far. Voice Arts Awards or not, I am and will always be indebted to people like: J Michael Collins, Tim Tippets, Bill Holmes, Marc Cashman along with my team of agents across the country who played a vital role in helping me grow various aspects of my business. SOVAS taught me not to take people like these for granted. It taught me to appreciate my small victories in a battlefield of many losses. I am grateful for the voice arts awards for curating an atmosphere and community in which we all come together and appreciate the human voice.

Kabir Singh: winner of the 2018 Voice Arts Outstanding Spoken Word Performance Award from the Society of Voice Arts and Sciences (SOVAS)

The award for outstanding spoken word and performance was given to me for The Mastery Of Skills (https://youtu.be/0tVA2qDMCeo)

It is a poem/motivational piece on the process of inner growth and the mastery of a skill. The journey never ends and the learning is only beginning.

It’s a beautiful thing.

Kabir Singh.

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I’ve become passionate about mentoring kids. Youth mentoring and speaking is one of the driving forces in my life. I often find myself either discussing poetry or philosophy in some way or form at these events. Performing poetry for kids and children at a Montessori school was an insightful and unique experience. When such young children are looking at you and waiting for your voice- you get overwhelmed with a sense of responsibility.  You essentially becoming a children’s mentor. My method of mentoring children was through a spoken word poem I performed called Choices.

My goal was to teach children that they all have choices. Choices to smile, choices is to be happy, choices to do homework and choices to express themselves and be who they are.  At first the poem was geared towards young adults but I chose to adjust the words so that it’s more fitting for poems for elementary students. Watching them recite the course to the poem as I was reading it and get excited was a unique experience for me. It made me realize the tenderness of their age. Mentoring kids and mentoring children will become my focus for the next few years as I grow my art and create content for all ages.


Youth mentoring - Learn the best short, easy rhyming children's poems for young kids and elementary students to recite in simple English


I think it’s imperative to teach our children about the choices that they have and will always have. I know when I was younger I used to take my choices for granted. As I’ve gotten older I’ve learned to appreciate the power of each choice I make.

Mentoring children through my art of poetry allowed them to feel free in expressing their art even a tender age of two or three years old.  It was beautiful to watch. I even encouraged some parents to create simple poems for kids so that they can recite them to their children. Easy poems for kids that they can follow and learn about cadence, attitude, and energy.  Poems for young children will allow them to observe the human voice and the art of writing at the same time.

You don’t have to rhyme words to be a poet. You don’t have to be a certain age to be a poet. You just have to be able to express a little bit of your thoughts and emotions. Teaching our children at a young age the art of poetry will allow them to always embrace a creative side as they get older.

Speaker and Poet: Kabir Singh

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When I was younger I was a silent salesman.  Every job that I had involved selling a product or service- but when I communicated with customers I was silent in my authenticity. I was just like every other salesman out there, nothing unique or special about my method. We’ve all experienced a great salesman- because they don’t come off as an “oil slick” salesman. Over the years I’ve discovered and worked on my authentic communication skills. Communication skills cannot be taken for granted in any industry or marketplace. It is a skill that needs to be developed over time through a journey of mistakes. Business communication is crucial in every industry no matter what one may be selling.

I had the pleasure of speaking at First Broker Reality-  an established real estate company educating and training young entrepreneurs in Pomona California. Vulnerability was the topic that I chose to speak about. Vulnerability in sales. Authenticity and vulnerability go together when you are practicing your communication skills. Whether it’s corporate speak, motivational speaking, or sales communication–there has to be a beautiful balance of authenticity and vulnerability.

I wanted to dive deeper into the question of how to improve communication skills and business communication skills by asking and discussing personal thresholds of authenticity and vulnerability amongst the participants.  Fear became an overwhelming discussion point. The fear of rejection, the fear of failure, the fear of being misunderstood and the fear of success are all restrictions on authenticity and vulnerability in the business environment.


corporate motivational speaker Kabir Singh on how to develop and improve your business sales communication skills with First Broker Realty


I never thought of myself as a sales motivational speaker or a business speaker. But as I’ve grown my voice over business I’ve inspired a few people in my discussions of healthy habits for proper business communication. It’s much deeper than just corporate speak. Business communication skills require a deeper understanding of the human voice and emotions than most of us tend to think about.  As a corporate speaker I have to communicate differently than I would if I was speaking at an event in the hood. You can speak differently and communicate authentically at the same time. But one must recognize the environment and respect its parameters when speaking.

If you are a young entrepreneur who is looking to improve your communication skills don’t start by asking how to improve your communication skills. Start by asking how to become more authentic and more vulnerable. Longevity in any sales or corporate environment will eventually end at the core of your authenticity.  No matter what you’re selling the connection between the customer and the salesman is very personal and deep. It must be respected and honored. The communication only improves when the customer feels a sense of understanding and relatability in the transaction.

Be authentic. Be vulnerable. Get the sale.

Speaker: Kabir Singh

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Everyone has an inner voice and there is an art to discovering your inner voice. I’ve spent many years participating in activities that have helped guide me in discovering my unique inner voice. Activities such as: poetry, voice acting, working out/martial arts and self-improvement. I consider myself fortunate to have the opportunities and time to pursue this journey. Using art to communicate and express your truth is a liberating and insightful experience. I have learned that the more I get to know my inner voice, the more authentic I feel. The more authentic I feel the more enjoyable life gets. My communication through art comes in the form of voice acting, poetry and philosophy. Over many years of not knowing what I was consciously doing, I’ve become very aware of my inner voice and all its dimensions. The full spectrum of human emotion can be expressed and experienced once you know your inner voice.

What is the inner voice? The inner voice is you. All of you. Your: love, sadness, empathy, lust, demons, angels and everything else that makes up your spirit and mind. How you express your inner voice is where the magic comes in. No two people are alike, thus, each has their own unique voice and method when communicating through their unique art.

Speaking the inner voice of love - learn how to find and listen to your inner voice using art as communication and expression with Share Necessities

While speaking at a Share Necessities event in South Central Los Angeles, I focused on using the voice- more specifically the inner voice of love, to improve one’s quality of communication. The few basic principles that make up your voice and how you express it (your tone) are building blocks of how your message gets delivered when you speak. How is your cadence? Are you speaking too fast? Too slow? How is your energy? Are you coming off sluggish or negative? Maybe you have too much energy for the occasion at hand? When delivering a message of love, we often notice a warmth and softness that translates into a wonderful energy. The opposite also may be true and all that eventually reflects in your voice and presence around people.

Finding your inner voice is a deep journey within. Discovering who you really are and using your art to communicate your truth is a transcendental experience. We often hear people say “I’m just not creative or I’m not an artist”- I smile with love and politely disagree with these people. I believe every human is an artist. We all may not be the next Mozart but we all have the ability to create. Even at the basic level, we all can create our own unique thoughts.

This speaking event at Share Necessities was a great experience for me as I start my journey of becoming a professional speaker. This non-profit reaches out to inner city residents of all ages and provides them with knowledge based activities like guided meditation, nutritional education and self-improvement workshops. They have a great heart. You can check them out here: https://www.share-necessities.org

Find and listen to your inner voice. Be brave on your journey and approach it with humility and grace. Much love.

Speaker: Kabir Singh

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I love voicing college and university voice over projects. One of the most important factors in voicing a project that targets teens and young adults is that you have to sound authentic. Real. Raw. There has to be a sense of relatability and conversational pace that the voice reflects. Inspiration is almost always a common theme that producers and writers strive to convey. To be able to inspire the listener. What is it about inspiration that’s so attractive? I have learned that not everyone can communicate inspiration authentically. It takes us years of practice to communicate inspiration to someone else. Many of these productions thirst for a voice over talent that can truly inspire the listener to be great.

In a sea full of attention grabbing commercials and advertisements how does a university standout among its competitors when delivering their message of inspiration? University of Dayton did a great job in producing their advertising campaign. The writers really focused on words that inspire. I remember in the voice over session for the University of Dayton, the directors and creative heads had me reflect on personal experiences of inspiration to bring out an authentic read. The Dayton voice over demo reflects an inspired individual connecting with inspiring young minds.


University of Dayton Ohio voice over actor video demo from Kabir Singh
The University of Dayton Ohio is truly a remarkable place. I visited the campus for the first time in 2018 and I fell in love with its spirit. The diversity on campus and its vast infrastructure was inspiring. Its history is rich and deep. I understood why there was such a strong connection among its alumni. Having voiced a few projects for colleges in the Midwest, the university of Dayton voice over project was among one of my favorites.

I have a great respect for many college and universities throughout this country because of the level of commitment to opportunities for young people. I always research the history and alumni network for each voice over project I get for a university or college. These details tell a great story and that story is vital to my understanding of the writer’s connection.

Kabir Singh

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Doing voice over projects for children’s toys was not something I expected during my early years in this business. Children’s voice overs require a super energy voice. Hexbug Ring Racer was a great project for me to work on because it expanded my vocal range and allowed me to tap into a very fun read. The Hexbug voice over session was an adventurous experience. Usually, I get hired to do very laid-back, and smooth poetic reads. So on a level of 1 to 10 I had to bring a level 10 right out the gates on the first take. Finding my kids energy voice was much easier with some great direction from the client.

The Hexbug Ring Racer is a really fun and high speed toy for children. The chaos of the commercial visuals mixed in with high intensity music, really required the heart of a child for the voice over. The type of spirit and energy that could bring a house down! Hexbug Ring Racer had a team of creatives that all had very childlike spirits. Full of energy and a special love for fun!


Hexbug Ring Racer voice over demo from professional voice actor Kabir Singh
When a voice actor displays an energetic voice over demo, it should reflect a consistent energy. A super energy voice that as soon as the listener hears it, they are sucked into the the storytelling. Infectious energy! The Hexbug voice over project allowed me to explore my inner child and reflect on the days I played with toy cars and racers!

It’s all about the energy!

Kabir Singh

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When you first start your journey has a voice over actor, you never really know what genre of voice overs you will enjoy the most. Over the many years of being a professional voice over talent I have fallen in love with doing voice over projects for churches and worship houses. More specifically Christian voice over projects. Many worship voice over projects utilize motion graphics to beautifully display Christ’s messages to their congregation. Depending on the specific Christian holiday, whether it be Christmas or Palm Sunday, the message can be delivered in various intensities and inflections. Church worship voice over requires a certain reflection of empathy and warmth in the voice when delivering the message. As a church voice over talent I have delivered very sensitive and soft-spoken voice over projects as well as empowering and preacher like style projects.

My worship voice over demo and church voice over demo reel is a collection of varied projects that display a range of emotions and energies. A Christian voice over actor must display authenticity when delivering messages that require powerful emotions. I love exploring those emotions because it requires me to be more sensitive and spiritual than I normally am.


christian church worship voice over talent video demo reel and actor for hire

I have worked with many mega churches throughout the United States and the amount of dedication and love the content writers put into the work is amazing. Their conviction in their beliefs and creative approaches to their stories allows me as a church voice over talent to fully explore the poetics in my voice. The cadence that delivers a poetic tone which inspires hundreds if not thousands of churchgoers on a beautiful Sunday morning is a powerful experience.

I have worked with many of the great producers and motion graphic developers form Worship House Media (https://www.worshiphousemedia.com) and each project requires me to explore my spirituality. Worship and Christian voice over projects have one thing in common– The love of Christ. It’s at the heart of every message and every project. That message must be conveyed authentically, emotionally and respectfully.

I am forever grateful for every Christian voice over project I receive. For every church and congregation along with their pastors that have helped me along this journey. I love doing voice over projects that require this much intensity and emotions.

Kabir Singh

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