Every creative knows the value of a well put together portfolio.

But what really makes a good portfolio of work? Each industry is different. Each art is different. Various creative endeavors will require a vast array of samples. For Voice Actors, our Voice Over Demo is one of our most important creative assets.

However, in this new era of media, one cannot rely solely on audio voice over demo reels. A professional voice over reel MUST be accompanied by a professional Voice Over Visual Demo. A compilation of professionally produced voice over demo examples and visuals.

Watch this professional voice over demo reel to view pro voice over showreel samples and examples.

My pro voice over demo showcases commercial voice over samples. A fresh voice over mix of urban and Poetic qualities and sounds. Having been the voice of The Kansas City Chiefs, Credit Karma, Nintendo Switch, T-Mobile Customer Service/Telephony and numerous other national advertising campaigns, I wanted to make sure my voice demo reflected a solid range of vocal qualities and acting samples.

My Voice Over Demo Reel samples recent clients and award winning spec-commercials like Wendy’s and Under Armour.

Well known in the industry as the premier voice for connecting with college students and millennials, one of my favorite pieces of work was done for The University of Nebraska Lincoln. It is a motivating, poetic and urban commercial for high school graduates and young adults.  You can hear it at the opening of my commercial demo. This spot has gotten me more repeat clients and auditions than anything I’ve done in the past 5 years. Clients love the poetic cadence and feel of this spot. It is definitely one of my signature sounds.

However, every voice actor must explore the limits of his/her emotional boundaries to keep things interesting and fresh. For me, the 5th spot on my demo, the spec commercial for Acura, is a great example. The Acura voice needed to be sexy. Very sexy. Michael B Jordan sexy to be exact. A smooth and precise voice that cuts through the fast-paced visuals. This spot was mature sounding with a sultry African American voice. To say it was outside my wheelhouse, in the beginning, would be an understatement. I’m not that guy. I keep my sexy voice inside. But, challenging myself to go outside my comfort zone and perform a more mature and sexy voice, really allowed me to explore my acting abilities.

One last thing every Voice Over Demo Reel should do is sound authentic. Real to your sound. Your feel and your personality. When I first started my career, I wasted lots of money on a voice over show reel that was sub-par. It didn’t sound like me because I still hadn’t found ME! Finding your sound takes time, it takes listening. My goal for my visual voice demo was to showcase vocal range, without losing any authenticity.

Through the creative processes of working on 4 Custom spec commercials (Acura, Wendy’s, Under Armour and Boys and Girls Club) I was able to gain insight and perspective into the wants/needs of the client. From dissecting every line in the copy, to choosing impactful music and sound effects- working with pro voice over talent and tech expert Tim Tippets (VO Tech Guru), I was able to release a voice over reel that has created many new opportunities for me. Further establishing me as “The Voice of Millennials. Cool. Urban. A College Sound.”

Demo Created by: Kabir Singh and Tim Tippets (tim@timtippets.com)

A spec spot created for demo purposes only.

A compilation of KabirsVoice Clients and a few spec spots created for demo purposes only (Acura, Wendy’s, Boys & Girls Club, Under Armour).

Watch this professional voice over demo reel to view pro voice over showreel samples and examples from KabirsVoice.com.

This Wendy’s spec commercial is a funny and clever twist for a classic fast food sandwich. Traditionally Wendy’s has been using the sweet red headed lady in their national commercials. Although wholesome, the team and I felt like that the company needed some edge. Some more personality so that it can cater to the rising millennial and urban demographic.

This spot is snarky, cool, rye, humorous, edgy and trendy. The voice over injects sparks of fun and personality.  The voice over recording session took about 2 hours. The creative director, Tim Tippets, came up with the edgy rock music and sourced some awesome b-roll footage that inspired me to play around in the vocal booth. Exploring various sounds from guy next door and college sound to serious dad and mature adult, we finally discovered a character that added just the right amount of sarcasm and smile.

Voice Over recordings should be an intimate experience. When exploring a character and his/her cadence, an actor must be free. While writing this spec spot for Wendy’s, the team and I tried many different ways to express just how spicy Wendy’s Ghost Pepper Sandwich can really be. After discovering a little bit of my inner Samuel L. Jackson, “Mutha Fucking…Ghost Pepper” was the best I could do. Hesitant at first, after adding some cool music and sound effects and creating a script that got the ad message out clearly, it all wrapped up quite nicely.

View a professional voice over recording. Tap here to watch this pro voice over demo recording for Wendy's.

Don’t be afraid to have fun and create for “Demonstration Only” portfolio pieces. If you have a vision for a character and want to create an idea/sound that can possibly spark the interest of the next Marketing Director at Wendy’s- you gotta put your creative soul out there in best effort. Do your due diligence and honor the company’s main marketing message and do so with respect and dignity.

When you watch this pro voice over recording for Wendy’s try to see if you can catch the subtleties in the character’s tone, personality and energy. The next time you’re in the booth and feel constricted vocally, start thinking of companies familiar to you and have some fun by creating a spec script and spot. This Wendy’s character was a cool, hip and trendy guy. He was a “bro” without being too “bro-ish.” Creating this character and working on both the creative and branding process from step 1 allowed me to focus on a specific type of industry (fast food) and really provide my clients with a pro sample of my acting abilities. This Wendy’s spec spot may not be TV family friendly, but it sure did make me very hungry!

Demo Created by: Kabir Singh and Tim Tippets (tim@timtippets.com)
A spec spot created for demo purposes only.

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This Acura spec commercial is a smooth and sexy voice that reflects Acura’s precision crafted performance. The Acura voice needed to be sexy. Very sexy. Michael B Jordan sexy to be exact. A smooth and precise voice that cuts through the fast-paced visuals. This spot was mature sounding with a sultry sexy African American (sounding) voice. To say it was outside my wheelhouse, in the beginning, would be an understatement. I’m not that guy. I keep my sexy voice inside. But, challenging myself to go outside my comfort zone and perform a more mature and sexy voice, really allowed me to explore my acting abilities.

The character and sound in this Acura voice over can best be described as: smooth, cool, jazzy, sultry, classy, upscale and relaxed. Michael B Jordan is a celebrity black voice actor and top African American Male voice over talent. He is the current voice of Acura. I get referenced a lot for his sound alike in my auditions. To embody that flavor and cadence can be challenging at times. The main challenge is to sound like him, without sounding exactly like him. To still be real. To still be Kabir.

Discover a demo sample from Kabir Singh, one of the top African American, black accented male voice over actors online.

When exploring my range as an urban voice actor for hire- I do my best to respect and honor the culture of the African American and Black voice over community. Having been raised in Los Angeles, I became a product of my environment. An interesting way for an Indian born American to pick up an urban accent with flavor and swag. But being a urban or what some casting agents might define as a “black voice over talent”  has to be approached with respect. With respect and honor to some of the best African American and black voice over actors, such as Morgan Freeman and Dennis Haysbert, I practice being myself more than being or sounding like anyone else

As a male voice over artist, I have to sometimes speak to a female audience. It can be a very intimate experience. To be in front of the microphone and speak sexually but respectfully to a script. While doing this spec Acura spot I really had to sexualize the words and make it sound authentic. I referenced some old Acura spots and studied the company’s recent branding efforts. Acura is very stylish. In other words, they have lots of industry Swag! They are very sexy. This commercial allowed me to explore that sexy side and use it in my arsenal for future VO work. It’s a tool. A type of attitude an actor can bring to a scene and enhance its flavor instantly. Can it sell a 45-thousand-dollar car? I’ll let you decide!

Demo Created by: Kabir Singh and Tim Tippets (tim@timtippets.com)
A spec spot created for demo purposes only.

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This Boys & Girls Club of America spec commercial is the voice of a big brother, a mentor and counselor that motivates and guides the youth in his/her community. Its message needed to be delivered with tender authority and love.

I grow up in the suburbs of Los Angeles, California. The after school programs were not funded, the environment was challenging, and a healthy upbringing was far away for many teens in my community. Non profits such as The Boys & Girls Club of America, provided support and nurturing to many kids I knew, including myself. The passion of compassion and the love of self were some of the teachings I learned from my experience with The Boys & Girls Club of America.

When creating this spec commercial, I did so with my heart and soul. I reflected on the lessons, the challenges, the beauty and struggles of my childhood. I knew that the voice over needed to have a few key traits, such as it needed to sound: thoughtful, calm yet inspiring, mentor like, caring, urban relatable, and spoken with conviction. But beyond all that, it needed to be REAL. In order to really connect with our youth, the “Voice Actor” needed to NOT act. I channeled that feeling and attitude rather quickly. It was second nature to be reflective on my childhood.

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To be the ‘best voice over artist” and “top voice actor online” is not of concern to me on a daily basis. I don’t care about these things. I only care about 1 thing. Being real. What is it to be real? How can one pursue being the best voice actor or top voice talent but not really practice acting? Your auditions are practice and they will serve you well. But to act well- you must be real.

I am no expert at acting. To be honest, I don’t think I’m that good. I suck at being characters. I suck at using my “imagination” gene. However, the one thing that I can say I am learning to master, is being real. Being Kabir and no one else. As I have matured in voice acting and life, I have learned that authenticity trumps all. Being “yourself” is where the power lies. The main reason I am considered one of the industry’s top voice actors is because I am mastering, with humility, on how to be myself.

Being real is all that mattered to me in this voice over for Boys & Girls Club America. It wasn’t about being the best or top voice actor, it was about relating to those teens that thirst for a dream. Those teens that get neglected and never really build up their confidence. I loved this spot. I love companies like the Boys & Girls Club of America and I hope one day I can become their go-to Voice Actor- that’s my dream.

Demo Created by: Kabir Singh and Tim Tippets (tim@timtippets.com)
A spec spot created for demo purposes only.

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I love motivating students. A lot of my voice over projects request a college sound. A voice over that is: raw, real, urban, passionate, and African American (sound/dialect). This Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine voice over voice is cool, confident and mature with a touch of poetic flavor and swag. The LECOM marketing director wrote, directed and produced this piece. When I first read the script and talked to the director, I feel in love with the energy and pace of this spot. It’s fast paced and effective.

There are only a select few of produced voice over projects that I would consider “good enough” to submit to the prestigious Voice Arts Awards. This LECOM voice over spot was one of them. It felt great to be nominated for “Best Voice Over- Regional Broadcast Television” in 2017. To hear the commercial on big screen and in an auditorium was a really cool feeling.

View a top professional voice over sample for LECOM.

I wasn’t always a “motivated” guy. I lacked inspiration in many parts of my life. I loved poetry though. Poetry has always been my passion and close to my heart. My vocal cadence can be described, by many, as poetic. The slow rhythmic feel adds an interesting texture to most voice over projects. While in the booth for the LECOM voice over project, I remember breaking down the script like it was a poem, finding the stanzas and marking the inflections as best fit my voice style. The slow build in energy, pace and attitude draws the listener in before exploding into a fast pace and motivating speech. The poetry is heard in the spirit of the speaker. I had to make sure I didn’t sound “like a poet” but actually BE a poet.

I really enjoyed working on this project. One of the most fascinating things to me was Eric Nicastro. He did an excellent job writing, producing and directing this voice over project. He chose the perfect music, allowed me to be creative in the booth, wrote a great script and was awesome to work with. Much love to this guy, a true creative professional. The LECOM project is on my list of top 10 for sure. It was my first nominated voice over projects and allowed me to build a great new relationship with an awesome client. One great voice over lesson I learned was to: go with your instinct when you feel the inspiration strike. From the moment I saw the script, I knew what/how I needed to do in the booth. My first instinct was my first take and that’s the which was eventually used.

VO: Kabir Singh

Client: Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine

Director/Producer: Eric Nicastro (enicastro@lecom.edu)


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This professional voice over for Under Armour is a motivating, urban driven and athlete focused spec commercial. It’s raw energy with a “in your face” attitude. As a professional voice talent I have to dig deep into the stylization of a project. I have to consider the pace and inflection independently and cohesively at the same time. For the Under Armour voice, I knew that in order to inspire highly inspired athletes, I would need to go beyond even their level of energy. The pace at which I performed would dictate that.

I wasn’t always good at “motivating.” In fact, I spent most of my teenage years as an unmotivated, fat and lazy kid. I never worked out, even when I tried, I wouldn’t push myself. I needed motivation. I starved for it, without knowing I was hungry for it. Fast forward a few years and now at 31 years old, I motivate myself and others around me daily. I have more motivating and inspiring days then I do bad ones. Sometimes there are those exceptional days where I actually do feel like an Under Armour athlete. It may only last a few hours, but it feels great. I harness those feelings and emotions and saves them.

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Having a “professional voice” will only take you so far in this career. Offering voice over services online will only be as entertaining as your auditions are. But where do you find the true excitement and adventure? In emotions and thoughts. Life is my Netflix. The good, the bad, the right and the wrong. I try to harness all these observations and experiences in life and use them in my “toolbox of acting”. While in the booth recording this voice over for Under Armour’s spec commercial, I physically made myself feel like an athlete. Sweating and physically performing athletic moves in my confined space. That is what guided my performance in this spot.

As a professional voice over artist, allow yourself to grow- mentally, physically, spiritually and intellectually. Be motivated and inspired daily. Live by the mentality of an Under Armour Athlete. To do so, one must realize that our biggest enemy is often ourselves. We stop ourselves from our own growth in life. We bury our inner athlete. It took me many years to even discover my inner athlete and now I do my best to nurture him daily. That inner fire is the fuel we all crave from time to time and thus, when privileged enough to experience it, we must honor it.

Demo Created by: Kabir Singh and Tim Tippets (tim@timtippets.com)
A spec spot created for demo purposes only.

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Disclaimer: This Digital Asset is owned by the NBA. This sample is for Voice Over Actor Commercial Demo purposes only. 

When you connect a director who has years of experience and know-how, with a professional voice actor, you bring out the best in each other. This is one of my favorite pieces of work. The performance was brought out of me as a result of great direction. So I give the director the credit. This spot had a lot of texture, character, and personality. The visuals along with the build in music, really amplify the voice overs effectiveness.

This urban voice is: raw, gritty, poetic, wise, real and assuring. As an urban voice over actor and talent, I’ve learned to control and effectively use my range of “urban voice over.” To be urban but not too “urban”. Or vice versa, to be less formal and more “hood/urban”. Every voice actor should have a range. A range that reflects their character and dialect. One should be able to effectively switch between their given vocal ranges.

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As an urban male voice over, were often called to bring out that natural grit and “throaty” texture to a commercial. To accomplish this, I get really intimate with my 416 Sennheiser Microphone. Standing about 1 inch away (maximum) form my microphone and delivering the opening lines with a slow and poetic cadence.  This technique allows for a “natural grit” sound. The control of pace and energy will allow the intimacy to build and can be heard in the voice over throughout.

The NBA’s Memphis Grizzlies are a poetically passionate team. Their “hometown” feel and blue collar style is imperative to their states identity. Pat Stage (the director) has been working the with Memphis Grizzlies for years. His direction included some great background information on the hard work ethic and preservation of each athlete on the team. His final thought being that, most Memphis residents are the same way. That was the key direction that allowed me to sound relatable and real. This voice over project is one of my favorite pieces of work. I will forever be grateful to be a part of it. The script was written in an elegant poetic format and it brought out the inner poet in me.

This urban voice over commercial played throughout the city of Memphis. It was broadcasted on television, radio, and at the games. It was one of my early “wins” in my career as an urban male radio voice actor.

VO: Kabir Singh
Client: NBA Memphis Grizzlies
Director/Producer: Pat Stage (www.linkedin.com/in/patstage/)

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There are a lot of male voice actors in this industry. I remember when I first started to pursue this art, I didn’t know which voice over genre I would really fit into. What was “my voice”?  Which demographic would relate to me? I studied other male voice over talent and went through the vast “rolodex” of online profiles and demos. I studied American male voice actors and European ones, trying to get an idea of how other male voice over artists sounded. After a few years of practicing, studying, discovering and training I can confidently say that I have found my voice and place in this industry.

The Liberty University project was a national campaign entitled “We Are Champions”. The voice over and visuals were urban, raw, real, energetic and diverse. The VO sounds like a natural leader with an authoritative and mature tone. Liberty University takes pride in being a Christian College that empowers students on their journey to a higher education. The director of the spot (Caleb) was great to work with. He was able to bring out the edginess that the character needed. The pacing was crucial in achieving this.

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When in pursuit of becoming a top American male voice over talent, one must have an authentic vocal identity. A well thought-out and truthful TAG line can help brand a talents vocal identity. My tagline is “The Voice of Millennials-Cool, Urban and a College Sound.” Over the years, I have done many voice over projects for colleges and universities all throughout the united states, Liberty University’s recent campaign was very well received by faculty and students. So much so, they invited me back for future spots. Working on projects that encourage authenticity over “acting”, is a great experience to be a part of. It didn’t matter if I was a white or black voice actor, a young or old voice actor or an inexperienced one- at the end of the day, what got me this job was that I was able to use my voice and be myself. This is the key to success in voice overs. I will be forever grateful for this project as it has allowed me to further discover and harness my true vocal identity.

Work on discovering your authentic voice. It is your greatest asset and will serve you very well in your career. It may take many steps, deviations and failures to get there, but once discovered, your only goal should be to master your authenticity. This mastery will guide you in your learning and education of your art.

VO: Kabir Singh

Client: Liberty University

Director/Producer: Caleb Atkins (cjatkins@liberty.edu)

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True and Better by Dan Stevers was a “viral” modern Christian Church motion background video created in 2013. The voice over can best be described as: reflective, warm, calm, caring, passionate and real. It has been over 5 years since the release of this video and I still get church media clients who reference it. Many churches’ pay for digital rights and use the video during their service. True and Better launched my “worship voice over” career. Over the years, I have come to cherish this genre in audio/video production and appreciate its art.

Performing voice over for worship backgrounds can be challenging. Often they require a build in pace, energy and vocal “aggression.” Motion worship requires a voice actor to really connect with the gospel and to be able to share these biblical stories with love and purity. To prepare for these types of reads, I like to listen to the music bed the director is considering. The music helps guide the poetic cadence of each line and simplifies the transitions from one stanza to the next. I have done many Christian motion backgrounds and worship graphics over the years, each one is unique. Some videos are soft and story like, others are empowering and of “preacher” like energy. My favorite is a soft to loud build in energy and volume. The climax being at the very end, right before ending the piece softly and intimately.

Discover this professional voice over that can be applied to easy christmas, christian, church, modern worship media motion powerpoint backgrounds videos.

True and Better is beautiful piece. I had the opportunity to hear it live in a mega church and it was magical. The words, by Dan Stevers, captured church member’s hearts and minds and lifted their spirits for Easter service. I loving doing voice overs for church and worship groups. It allows me to connect with my spiritual side. It allows me to share a message of hope and love. In the industry, I have become branded as the go to urban voiceover actor for worship media and church videos. With a poetic sound, I do my best to deliver the message carefully and elegantly- complementing the motion graphics and backgrounds.

VO: Kabir Singh
Client: Dan Stevers
Director/Producer: https://www.danstevers.com/

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Disclaimer: This Digital Asset is owned by Nintendo. This sample is for Voice Over Actor Commercial Demo purposes only.

I don’t take any job for granted. When I first started out in my career, I would audition for hours a day and never book a single job. I didn’t expect to, but I practiced with the intent to. I remember booking my first voice over job around 2013. It was for $172. It took me 1.5 years of auditioning to book 1 job. When I found out, I sat down in the offices of my corporate employer and shed some happy tears. That one job gave me hope. It made me believe in myself to a level that’s indescribable. It reminded me of the days my mom and sister would beg me not to quit my comfy corporate job for “acting” thus fueling my desire to continue pursuing my goals.

Watch this demo of professional commercial voice over actor Kabir Singh.

I’ve been poor most of my life. My father passed away when I was really young, so my mom was a single mother with, no education, immigrant from India and responsible for 3 children. She spoke no English. At times, I remember being so poor that we would have to share three .99 cent chicken sandwiches from Burger King amongst a family of 5 members. I only share this in hopes to shed some light on the humility I must try to seek every day. As I become more successful I have to recall these moments so I never take any moment for granted in my life. Although I played it, I was never able to afford my own Super Nintendo as a kid. I would see other kids playing with Nintendo games, such as Super Mario Brothers, and I would pretend I didn’t care. When I booked this Nintendo commercial, I went on E-bay and bought over 100 games and an old school Super Nintendo game console. I remember playing it for hours on the first night- I was almost 30 years old.

This national commercial for Nintendo has been one the highlights of my career. It has changed my perspective on what my abilities as a voice actor are. It has elevated my relationship with my agency and clients. The commercial is targeted towards teens and young adults. The voice of Nintendo needed to be: friendly, energetic, a gamer, natural, hip and full of life. In my experience with commercial voice over – this was a creative opportunity I had yet to explore. It has allowed me to elevate my perceived value in this industry in many professional aspects. Voicing for the most popular Nintendo games including Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

VO: Kabir Singh

Client: Nintendo

Agency: VOX, Inc. VO Agent Los Angeles

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